Details of the Thermal Distribution in the Combustion Vessel for Spray A

Figure shows the average gas temperature at various positions in the “core” region of the vessel, relative to predictions based on a single relationship between Tcore and Tbulk (i.e., using only the measured pressure to predict Tcore). Along the axis of the spray, the gas temperature is uniform within 1%, except for a measurement point in the boundary layer only 1 mm in front of the injector tip. Temperature is also uniform along the same horizontal plane (y = 0, z = ±15 mm) outside of the spray. The most significant variation is in the vertical direction (y = ±15 mm, z = 0) where the temperature varies by ± 4% for a vertical change of ± 15 mm. This vertical stratification is obviously caused by buoyancy effects. Please see Meijer 2012 for more details.

Figure Average gas temperature in the “core” region of the combustion vessel at Spray A conditions, 0% O2

Schlieren and broadband chemiluminescence movies of the premixed combustion and cooldown processes, along with temperature measurements throughout these events, are described in Pickett SAE 2010-01-2106 and Maes 2020 (in review).