Plug for the side injector hole.

When the injector is in central location, the hole available for the side injector is plugged with a dummy injector that has the details shown in Fig. 1.


Figure 1: Dummy injector details


Hydrogen Engine Specs with GM Head

Date : 11/13/2009
Measurements by: Victor M. Salazar
Variable Value Comments
Vchamber [cc] 45.25 Chamber volume measured on: 09-04-2008
Dliner [mm] 92 Liner diameter
S [mm] 85 Stroke
Vdisp [cc] 565.05 Displacement volume
Lcr [mm] 166.67 connecting rod length
Piston pin offset [mm] 1.57
Dw [mm] 65 piston window diameter
Piston with low ring pack (High Crevice)
L [mm] 26.20 Top land crevice height
h [mm] 1.24 piston-pent roof clearance
Dp [mm] 91.15 Piston diameter
Vsquish [cc] 8.27 Squish volume
Vcrevice [cc] 3.20 Crevice volume
CR 10.96 Compression ratio
Piston high ring pack (Low Crevice)
L [mm] 6.47 Top land crevice height
h [mm] 1.68 piston-pent roof clearance
Dp [mm] 91.30 Piston diameter
Vsquish [cc] 11.14 Squish volume
Vcrevice [cc] 0.65 Crevice volume
CR 10.91 Compression ratio