Movies corresponding to the paper by Fabien Tagliante et al. entitled “The role of cool-flame fluctuations in high-pressure spray flames, studied using high-speed optical diagnostics and Large-Eddy Simulations” 

Fig. 1. Comparison of the temporal evolution of the low- and high-temperature flame between the planar laser-induced fluorescence (355-nm excitation) experiments and LES. The color scale shows CH2O PLIF intensity (left) and CH2O mass fraction in a slice through the center of the injector (right). The magenta iso-line indicates the flame boundary from OH* chemiluminescence in the experiments and from projected OH* in the simulation. The black and white iso-lines in the LES show respectively PHI = 1 and YOH = 2e-10.4 in the plane. LES/PLIF movie
Fig. 3. Formaldehyde (CH2O) and OH mass downstream of 15 mm, binned by equivalence ratio from 0 to 10 with a bin size of 0.17. The symbols show the average mass of CH2O (right y-axis) and OH (left y-axis) extracted in each bin sample and colored by the average temperature. The shaded regions show the standard deviation with CH2O in blue and OH in orange. OH & CH2O evolution