Experimental and modeling activity under the Engine Combustion Network (ECN) has expanded significantly over the last several years. In an effort to coordinate future research related to engine spray combustion, ECN met for its first workshop. ECN1 was held May 13-14, 2011 in Ventura, California, several days prior to the ILASS 2011 Conference. 53 participants from 14 countries attended the workshop, while 16 more accessed the live presentations via webcast.

The workshop addressed experimental and modeling activities at two conditions that have received significant attention: the “Spray A” and “baseline n-heptane” conditions. Multiple laboratories have prepared their facilities to operate at Spray A conditions and have completed characterization measurements of the spray. In addition, over 10 different groups have performed CFD simulations of Spray A and baseline n-heptane conditions. Organizers gathered experimental and modeling results at these conditions and provided side-by-side comparison at the workshop, including a summary and some recommendations for future practices.

Proceedings from the workshop are available to download below. The proceedings include a summary abstract followed by the presentation. When movies were used in the presentation, a .zip file has been made to allow delivery of all of the information.


Results of the ECN Workshop proceedings are contributed in the spirit of open scientific collaboration. Some results represent completed work, while others are from work in progress. Readers should keep this in mind when reviewing these materials. It is inappropriate to quote or reference specific results from these proceedings without first checking with the individual author(s) for permission and for the latest information of results and references.

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Overview and Summary

Download .pdf


Experimental Effort Presentations

Overview of Spray A
Gilles Bruneaux, IFPEN

Vessel Temperature – Maarten Meijer, Eindhoven

Ambient Composition – Jaclyn Nesbitt, MTU

Nozzle and Injector Temperature – Louis-Marie Malbec, IFPEN

Nozzle Geometry – Alan Kastengren, Argonne

Hydraulic Characterization – Raul Payri, CMT

Liquid Length – Caroline Genzale, GaTech

Vapor Penetration: summary pdf, presentation zip file – Tim Bazyn, Caterpillar

Combustion: summary pdf, presentation zip file – Lyle Pickett, Sandia


Computational Effort Presentations

Spray A – Sibendu Som, Argonne

Baseline n-heptane – Evatt Hawkes, UNSW


Future Directions

Download .pdf



Financial sponsorship for all meeting costs was provided by the French Ministry of Ecology, Energy, Sustainable Development and Sea under project CANDLE. We are grateful for their support, which permitted a no-cost registration for all attendees! Sponsorship of research by contributing members is also gratefully acknowledged.

ECN1 organizing committee: Lyle Pickett, Sandia National Laboratories; Gilles Bruneaux, IFP Energies nouvelles.