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Experimental conditions such as ambient temperature, ambient density, injection pressure, nozzle size, fuel, etc. were varied for a given experimental diagnostic. As there are many different combinations of variables, a search utility was developed to quickly display the data of interest. As you select the experimental condition or diagnostic, the search utility will dynamically show what data is available for those selections.

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Spray A: Detailed description of Spray A conditions or click here for SprayA data


Recent Changes to Database

8-10-2018. Added new Spray B data and G15, G33, G50, G50A, and MD fuels.

9-26-2017. Fixed problem of specifying parameters in the URL. Pages giving pre-selected parameters now able to work.

8-16-2012. New mixing data has been posted for Spray A and Spray H conditions. Time-resolved soot KL is available to download.

5-30-2012. Needle lift measurements and movies made available from Argonne National Laboratory.

4-11-2012. Database updated with several new Spray A variants added. The optical extinction coefficient used to convert the extinction data to soot volume fraction HAS BEEN CHANGED to a value of ke = 8.7, based on convergence in the literature towards this value. The old value used was ke = 4.9. This change reduces soot volume fraction according to the ratio 4.9/8.7. Further information.

2-6-2012. Database and .csv file (see link above) updated with more soot fraction volume data. The search utility now allows to search by injector number as well as orifice size. Moved reference field up to be more visible. Renamed “notes” to “readme” to further emphasize this field’s importance. Fixed some references and links.

7-1-2011. Database and .csv file updated with Spray A data from CAT. Fixed some bugs regarding displaying two of the same experiments from a single institution.

6-17-2011. Database and .csv file updated with Spray A data from CMT. Modified definition of high-speed movies to include scale in [mm]. Moved the “notes” field up to be more visible. Moved “institution” options from check boxes to the selection table.

1-12-2011. Database and .csv file updated. Added IFP New Energy Spray A data. Added new Pressure Rise data requirements. Moved some less relevant fields to the end of the data table. Updated old data with new calculations (work still needs to be done). Added specific roi information for the baseline n-heptane condition. Added nozzle geometry files for some data.

6-17-2010. Database and .csv file updated. Added several fields to the database. Updated design. Added ability to view only specific data categories. Added different view when only one unique condition was returned

8-8-2007. Database and .csv file updated.

5-8-2007. Ambient pressure and gas compressibility factor included.

2-26-2007. Data re-processed so that start of injection is defined as the first mass leaving the nozzle, rather than when the spray crosses the laser at 7 mm. This change shifts time by approximately 0.050-0.100 ms.

2-26-2007. Estimates for injection duration and mass injection included in database.

2-26-2007. Bulk temperature and density included. See ambient conditions.