This page contains liquid/vapor data under six different ECN Spray G (AV67-028) conditions (G1, G2, G3, G2-cold, G3-cold, and G3-double).

Vapor penetration measurements from Manin 2015 were previously posted to the ECN primary Spray G dataset, but were found to be in error. This data can be found here, but we do not recommend their use.

Data analyzed by high-speed extinction and schlieren imaging with a shutter speed of 67,200fps and a resolution of 512 by 512 (extinction:0.1908mm/pixel, schlieren: 0.213mm/pixel).

Liquid (liquid_data_2e-3_thr and liquid_data_2e-4_thr)/vapor (vapor_data) penetration and width data for iso-octane (ic8) and 3-component surrogate fuel (E00 n-pentane 36%, iso-octane 46%, n-undecane 18% (v/v)) is available.

Liquid was characterized by projected liquid volume (PLV) threshold of 0.2e-3 mm^3liquid/mm^2 and 2e-3 mm^3liquid/mm^2.

Local (not projected) liquid volume fraction (LVF) at 12 different planes (YZ (X=0), XY (Z=2, 5, 8, 10, 12, 15, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60mm)) enabled by Sandia 3D-CT is available.

In-chamber temperature data under G1 condition is available here.

Data provided by Joonsik Hwang ( and Lyle Pickett ( Please contact the authors for any questions or comments.

Please cite: J Hwang et al “Spatio-temporal identification of plume dynamics using Engine Combustion Network Spray G injector by 3D computed tomography” submitted to Fuel for iso-octane (iC8) G2 and G3 data. Link to paper. Link to auxiliary data.

Please refer to the powerpoint tutorial for detailed data structure and example codes (zip file) for plotting.

NameFuel TypeFuel Temperature [K]Ambient Temperature [K]Ambient Density [kg/m^3]Absolute Ambient Pressure [kPa] (using N2)Injection Pressure [MPa]Hydraulic Duration [ms]Liquid Data3D Liquid DataVapor Data
G1IC83635733.5600200.78Zip FileZip FileZip File
G2IC83633330.550200.78Zip FileZip FileZip File
G3IC83633331.01100200.78Zip FileZip FileZip File
G2-coldIC82932930.5750200.78Zip FileZip FileZip File
G3-coldIC82932931.15100200.78Zip FileZip FileZip File
G3-doubleIC83633331.01100200.462 / 0.9 (dwell) / 0.327Zip FileZip FileZip File
G1E003635733.5600200.78Zip FileZip FileZip File
G2E003633330.550200.78Zip FileZip FileZip File
G3E003633331.01100200.78Zip FileZip FileZip File
G2-coldE002932930.5750200.78Zip FileZip FileZip File
G3-coldE002932931.15100200.78Zip FileZip FileZip File
G3-doubleE003633331.01100200.462 / 0.9 (dwell) / 0.327Zip FileZip FileZip File
G1PACE-203635733.5600200.783D LVF XY plane Matlab File
G2-cold-doublePACE-202932930.5750200.74/0.86ms/0.863D LVF XY plane Matlab File