This page contains liquid/vapor data under six different ECN Spray G (AV67-028) conditions (G1, G2, G3, G2-cold, G3-cold, and G3-double).

Vapor penetration measurements from Manin 2015 were previously posted to the ECN primary Spray G dataset, but were found to be in error. This data can be found here, but we do not recommend their use.

Data analyzed by high-speed extinction and schlieren imaging with a shutter speed of 67,200fps and a resolution of 512 by 512 (extinction:0.1908mm/pixel, schlieren: 0.213mm/pixel).

Liquid (liquid_data_2e-3_thr and liquid_data_2e-4_thr)/vapor (vapor_data) penetration and width data for iso-octane (ic8) and 3-component surrogate fuel (E00 n-pentane 36%, iso-octane 46%, n-undecane 18% (v/v)) is available.

Liquid was characterized by projected liquid volume (PLV) threshold of 0.2e-3 mm^3liquid/mm^2 and 2e-3 mm^3liquid/mm^2.

Local (not projected) liquid volume fraction (LVF) at 12 different planes (YZ (X=0), XY (Z=2, 5, 8, 10, 12, 15, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60mm)) enabled by Sandia 3D-CT is available.

In-chamber temperature data under G1 condition is available here.

Data provided by Joonsik Hwang ( and Lyle Pickett ( Please contact the authors for any questions or comments.

Please cite: J Hwang et al “Spatio-temporal identification of plume dynamics using Engine Combustion Network Spray G injector by 3D computed tomography” submitted to Fuel for iso-octane (iC8) G2 and G3 data. Link to paper. Link to auxiliary data.

Please refer to the tutorial for detailed data structure and example codes for plotting.

NameFuel TypeFuel Temperature [K]Ambient Temperature [K]Ambient Density [kg/m^3]Absolute Ambient Pressure [kPa] (using N2)Injection Pressure [MPa]Hydraulic Duration [ms]Liquid Data3D Liquid DataVapor Data
G1IC83635733.5600200.78Zip FileZip FileZip File
G2IC83633330.550200.78Zip FileZip FileZip File
G3IC83633331.01100200.78Zip FileZip FileZip File
G2-coldIC82932930.5750200.78Zip FileZip FileZip File
G3-coldIC82932931.15100200.78Zip FileZip FileZip File
G3-doubleIC83633331.01100200.462 / 0.9 (dwell) / 0.327Zip FileZip FileZip File
G1E003635733.5600200.78Zip FileZip FileZip File
G2E003633330.550200.78Zip FileZip FileZip File
G3E003633331.01100200.78Zip FileZip FileZip File
G2-coldE002932930.5750200.78Zip FileZip FileZip File
G3-coldE002932931.15100200.78Zip FileZip FileZip File
G3-doubleE003633331.01100200.462 / 0.9 (dwell) / 0.327Zip FileZip FileZip File