One-dimensional control-volume jet model: Data files are available to download below. The code was developed using Matlab scripts, but an Excel spreadsheet is also provided for steady injection rate approximations. Users should begin by opening CVjetInstructions.pptx, which provides an example for the baseline n-heptane condition. Download Musculus and Kattke model .zip file.

Set of Matlab code used for image processing of high-speed schlieren movies to derive vapor jet penetration and spreading angle. Included is a GUI with multiple options (schlierenFuelJets.m), and a standalone (non GUI) script (aviVSD.m). Current recommendation is to use aviVSD.m with examples given in procSchlieren.m. Video processing code to determine the jet penetration and spreading angle is available here.

A sample powerpoint presentation and templates for making your own slides can be found here.