The ECN is fueled by volunteer activity, supported by generous sponsoring institutions!

Principal Organizers

Lyle M. Pickett, Sandia National Laboratories

Gilles Bruneaux, IFP Energies nouvelles

Raúl Payri, CMT Motores Térmicos

Topic Organizers for ECN3

Sibendu Som, Argonne National Laboratory, Diesel Spray Topic 1: Internal nozzle flow to spray development and vaporization

Jose Maria Garcia, CMT Motores Térmicos, Diesel Combustion Topic 2: Mixing/chemistry interaction

Scott Parrish, General Motors R&D, Gasoline Sprays Topic 3: Spray G

Dave Reuss, Univ. of Michigan, Topic 4: Engine Flows and Combustion

Scientific Committee

Please see organization for ECN3.


Sponsoring Institutions

U.S. Department of Energy, Office of Vehicle Technologies EERE
French Ministry of Ecology, Energy, Sustainable Development and Sea (project CANDLE) ministry
IFP Energies Nouvelles IFPENVF_quadri
CMT-Motores Térmicos cmt
Sandia National Laboratories Sandia National Laboratories
Robert Bosch LLC, donation of injectors Bosch-brand
Delphi, donation of injectors delphi-brand