The following table gives information regarding the current whereabouts of various injectors used in Spray A and Spray B experiments.

History regarding the prior location and use of each injector are provided.

NameInjector Serial #TypeHole(s)DiameterCurrent LocationExperimentsFinish dateNext institutionPast/current
experimental history
Spray A210370KS 1.5 Diesel1-hole0.090 mmSandiaSoot, PIVOct 2015- 210370
Spray A210675KS 1.5 Diesel1-hole0.090 mmCMT-Apr 2014Argonne210675
Spray A210677KS 1.5 Diesel1-hole0.090 mmSandianot functional--210677
Spray A210679KS 1.5 Diesel1-hole0.090 mmGA-Technot functional currently--210679
Spray A678_603-01KS 1.5 Diesel1-hole0.090 mmMTUSootJun 2015-678_603-01
Spray A375020KS 1.5 Diesel1-hole0.090 mmSandiaDFI-2Jun 2016-375020
Spray A102-01KS 1.5 Diesel1-hole0.090 mmGA-TechROI, ROMJun 2015-102-01
Spray A375447KS 1.5 Diesel1-hole0.090 mmGA-TechROI, ROM, spA stdJun 2015-375447
Spray A0785-102-01KS 1.5 Diesel1-hole0.090 mmSandiaSootDBI, HS-OH*, lum--0785-102-01
Spray A0766-603-04KS 1.5 Diesel1-hole0.090 mmSandiaSootDBI, HS-OH*, lum--0766-603-04
Spray A306-12KS 1.5 Diesel1-hole0.090 mmIFPEnNot in use--306-12
Spray A306-14KS 1.5 Diesel1-hole0.090 mmP' - PoitiersStandardization Tests - etc2017-306-14
Spray A306-15KS 1.5 Diesel1-hole0.090 mmIFPEnMFR Measurements / MicroscopyJuly 2016-306-15
Spray A306-16KS 1.5 Diesel1-hole0.090 mmPrisme - OrleansStandard tests - etc2017-306-16
Spray A306-17KS 1.5 Diesel1-hole0.090 mmCORIA - RuenStandard tests -etc2017-306-17
Spray A306-19KS 1.5 Diesel1-hole0.090 mmIFPEnNot in use--306-19
Spray A306-20KS 1.5 Diesel1-hole0.090 mmIFPEnNot in use--306-20
Spray A306-21KS 1.5 Diesel1-hole0.090 mmIFPEnNot in use--306-21
Spray A306-22KS 1.5 Diesel1-hole0.090 mmIFPEnExperiments Laser Assisted Ignition2017-306-22
Spray A306-23KS 1.5 Diesel1-hole0.090 mmIFPEnNot in use--306-23
Spray B211198KS 1.5 Diesel3-hole0.090 mmto IFPENROI, spA stdJun 2017Orlean 211198
Spray B211199KS 1.5 Diesel3-hole0.090 mmSandia, engineLiquid length, Vapor penetratrion, Lift-off length, ignition delayApr 2017-211199
Spray B211200KS 1.5 Diesel3-hole0.090 mmCMTspA stdJan 2017available211200
Spray B211201KS 1.5 Diesel3-hole0.090 mmto Duisburg-EssenspA std, LDMJun 2017available211201
TCTCInjKS 1.5 DieselTC-Sandia Temp--TCInj
Spray C210034K = 0 diesel1-hole0.20 mm CMTROI--210034
Spray C210037K = 0 diesel1-hole0.20 mm CMTROIFeb 2015Sandia210037
Spray C210044K = 0 diesel1-hole0.20 mm CMTROI--210044
Spray C210105K = 0 diesel1-hole0.20 mm CMTROI--210105
Spray D 209103KS 1.5 Diesel1-hole0.186 mmCMT ROI --209103
Spray D209104KS 1.5 Diesel1-hole0.186 mmSandia Soot --209104
Spray D209133KS 1.5 Diesel1-hole0.186 mmGeorgia TechDroplet--209133
Spray D209134KS 1.5 Diesel1-hole0.186 mmSandia Soot Feb 2015Sandia209134
Spray D209135KS 1.5 Diesel1-hole0.186 mmCMTROI--209135

Gasoline Injector Whereabouts
Gasoline Injector History

Experiment references:

LOL: Lift-off length

LL : Liquid length

LDM : Liquid length

OM : Long-distance microscopy high-speed imaging

PC : Phase-contrast of the needle motion

Rad : Fuel mass X-ray radiography

PIV : Mixing field (Particle Image Velocimetry)

MV : microscopic visualization

ROI : Hydraulics (rate of injection and momentum)

Vap : Vapor penetration

Tom : X-ray tomography

spA std : standard Spray A experiments: LL, LOL, Vap, etc.

Temp : Nozzle sac temperature