Various groups have contributed data at the standard Spray G operating condition. While not being inclusive to all of this effort, several of the key datasets used for ECN workshops and CFD modeling comparison are listed here. The injector is AV67-028 unless otherwise stated.


Description of datasetInstitutionPrimary contact or referenceLink to files
Measured needle motion (x-ray phase contrast)ArgonneChris PowellArgonne needle lift
Rate of injection (tube method)GMScott ParrishROI with 680 us command
Vapor axial penetration (schlieren)SandiaLyle Pickett
SAE 2015-01-1894
Vapor penetration
Droplet size and velocity at z = 15 mm (phase-doppler interferometry, Inj #16)GMScott Parrish
Droplet phase-doppler data
Gas velocity at z = 15 mm, y = 0 (PIV)SandiaPanos Sphicas
SAE 2017-01-0837
Centerline gas velocity
Near field radiographyArgonneChris Powell
Spray G ANL box

The following data for Spray G liquid length was collected, but was not processed according to the ECN standard for liquid penetration length because of beam-steering artifacts. Please use this data with caution, and state how the data was processed. We anticipate new data without beam-steering artifacts and defined according to projected liquid volume will be available soon.

Liquid-phase penetration length measurements using DBI for the gasoline Spray G condition are available to download as documented by Manin et al., SAE 2015-01-1894. The liquid penetration was defined as that with an optical thickness of 0.6 in this work.