Spray A Parametric Variation

Well defined parametric variation about the Spray A conditions is useful for more deliberate model validation and cross checking between experimental facilities. The table below lists exact conditions that should have research priority, with rankings to indicate the preferred order for this research. The priority for varying a given parameter (e.g. Ambient Temperature) is listed at the top row, while the priority for the VALUE of this parameter is listed from top to bottom. For example, Spray A (the row in bold) is still priority #1. The row below Spray A is NOT a new set of experimental conditions–only the priority #2 values for a given parameter.


Recommended experiment type (column) and value (row) about Spray A conditions

Exp. Priority51427336
 OxygenTemperature [K]Density [kg/m3]Inj. Pressure [bar]FuelActual Inj. Duration [ms]Energizing schedule [ms]Nozzle
Spray A standard0% 15%90022.81500n-dodecane1.50.7950.090 mm, axial hole
221%80015.21000n-heptane42.53-hole, 145 angle, Spray B
313%10007.650077% n-dodecane, 23% m-xylene0.5/0.5 dwell/0.50.355/0.645 dwell/0.6550.2 mm Spray C
419%120045.6200050% n-dodecane, 50% iso-octane0.3/0.5 dwell/1.20.245/0.570 dwell/0.655

Multiple injection conditions are indicated by: injection duration #1/dwell between injections/injection duration #2. Under (3), an approximate solenoid energizing schedule is given to achieve the actual injection durations listed.

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