37 spray C 5p05um 0745 37SprayC_wireframe
X-ray tomography of nozzle 210037. 2D axis-symmetric wireframe
Central cross-section of injector 5.05 μm per pixel. wire frame hole and sac radius vs x (.csv)
Use for analysis of needle and upstream flow passages wire frame needle radius vs x (.csv)
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Specifications for Spray C are as follows:

Specifications for Spray C injectors of the Engine Combustion Network
Common rail fuel injector Bosch 3-22
Fuel injector nominal diameter 0.20 mm
Nozzle K factor K=0
Nozzle shaping 5% hydro-erosion
Mini-sac volume
Flow with 10 MPa pressure drop 200 cc/min
Number of holes 1 (single hole)
Hole angular position
Orifice orientation relative to injector axis


Injector Serial # Surface file .stl Microscopy exit diameter
Orifice exit picture Sac and hole mean radius vs axial position
Needle mean radius vs axial position (with 0.4 mm lift)
210037 stl (165 MB) 0.208 nozzle exit hole radius vs x (.csv) needle radius vs x (.csv)