The following table is a complete collection of talks and presentations that were recorded since ECN1. Please use the built-in search function on the top-right corner of the table to find what you’re looking for.

MeetingDateLinksStart TimeTopicPresenterGroup
ECN 1.013-May-11Link#0Overview of Spray AGilles BruneauxIFPEN
ECN 1.013-May-11Link#0Vessel TemperatureMaarten MeijerTU/e
ECN 1.013-May-11Link#0Ambient CompositionJaclyn NesbittMTU
ECN 1.013-May-11Link#0Nozzle and Injector TemperatureLouis-Marie MalbecIFPEN
ECN 1.013-May-11Link#0Nozzle GeometryAlan KastengrenArgonne
ECN 1.013-May-11Link#0Hydraulic CharacterizationRaul PayriCMT
ECN 1.013-May-11Link#0Liquid LengthCaroline GenzaleGeorgia Institute of Technology
ECN 1.013-May-11Link#0Vapor PenetrationTim BazynCaterpillar
ECN 1.013-May-11Link#0CombustionLyle PickettSandia
ECN 1.013-May-11Link#0Spray ASibendu SomArgonne
ECN 1.013-May-11Link#0Baseline n-heptaneEvatt HawkesUNSW
ECN 1.525-Jan-12Link0:00:45Ignition and lift-off sub-groupEvatt HawkesUNSW
ECN 1.525-Jan-12Link0:05:35Ignition and lift-off length groupMichele BardiCMT
ECN 1.525-Jan-12Link0:22:12Spray A and Spray B combustion as a function of ambient temperatureLyle PickettSandia
ECN 1.525-Jan-12Link0:47:02Preparation for ECN2Evatt HawkesUNSW
ECN 1.525-Jan-12Link0:56:29Spray A Soot Formation for Seven Different FuelsSanghoon KookUNSW
ECN 1.525-Jan-12Link1:25:36Soot formation modeling of n-Heptane spraysMichele BollaETH
ECN 1.525-Jan-12Link1:43:21Soot Data Collection NeedsDan HaworthPenn State
ECN 1.525-Jan-12Link1:51:54Soot MeasurementsEmre CenkerIFPEN/DUE
ECN 1.525-Jan-12Link2:01:48ECN websiteLyle PickettSandia
ECN 1.526-Jan-12Link0:00:00Gasoline SprayScott ParrishGM
ECN 1.526-Jan-12Link0:36:17Engines for the Engine Combustion NetworkSebastian KaiserUDE
ECN 1.526-Jan-12Link1:14:07Chamber Upgrade for Spray A/B of ECNMaung Maung AyeRWTH Aachen University
ECN 1.526-Jan-12Link1:28:13Boundary condition experimentationMaarten MeijerTU/e
ECN 1.526-Jan-12Link1:49:22Logistics for ECN2Gilles BruneauxIFPEN
ECN 2.07-Sep-12Link#0Overall SummaryN/AN/A
ECN 2.07-Sep-12Link#0Introduction PresentationN/AN/A
ECN 2.07-Sep-12Link0:00:32Engine FlowsSebastian KaiserDuisburg-Essen
ECN 2.07-Sep-12Link#0Engine Flows SummaryN/AN/A
ECN 2.07-Sep-12Link1:06:07Generating CFD Nozzle Geometries from Experimental Measurements: Spray A InjectorsCaroline GenzaleGeorgia Institute of Technology
ECN 2.07-Sep-12Link1:21:19Internal Injector ModelingDavid SchmidtUMass-Amherst
ECN 2.07-Sep-12Link#0Internal Nozzle Flow: Summary and PresentationN/AN/A
ECN 2.07-Sep-12Link1:45:50Internal FlowMarco ArientiSandia
ECN 2.07-Sep-12Link0:09:40Spray Development and Vaporization SessionJulien ManinSandia
ECN 2.07-Sep-12Link#0Spray Development and Vaporization Summary pdfN/AN/A
ECN 2.07-Sep-12LinkN/ASpray Development and Vaporization: Presentation zip fileN/AN/A
ECN 2.07-Sep-12Link0:00:00Mixing and VelocityLouis-Marie MalbecIFPEN
ECN 2.07-Sep-12Link#0Mixing and Velocity Summary pdfLouis-Marie Malbec/Gianluca D'EriccoIFPEN/Politecnico di Milano-Italy
ECN 2.07-Sep-12LinkN/AMixing and Velocity: Presentation zip fileN/AN/A
ECN 2.07-Sep-12Link1:34:46Gasoline SpraysScott ParrishGM
ECN 2.07-Sep-12Link#0Gasoline Sprays: Summary and presentationN/AN/A
ECN 2.08-Sep-12Link0:00:20SootEmre CenkerDuisburg-Essen/IFPEN
ECN 2.08-Sep-12Link#0Soot: Summary and presentationN/AN/A
ECN 2.08-Sep-12Link0:00:00Ignition and Lift-off LengthMichele BardiCMT
ECN 2.08-Sep-12Link#0Ignition and Lift-off Length Summary pdfN/AN/A
ECN 2.08-Sep-12LinkN/AIgnition and Lift-off Length: Presentation zip fileN/AN/A
ECN 2.08-Sep-12Link0:00:00Soot and Future DirectionsN/AN/A
ECN 2.08-Sep-12Link#0Future Plans PresentationN/AN/A
ECN 2.325-Mar-13Link0:00:00Presentation of the agendaRaul PayriCMT
ECN 2.325-Mar-13Link0:01:45ESRF geometry experimentsPeter HutchinsInfineum
ECN 2.325-Mar-13Link0:12:00High-speed schlieren visualization of the Lift-off LengthFrancisco BriceñoCMT
ECN 2.325-Mar-13Link0:26:35Lift-off length and ignition delay databaseMichele BardiCMT
ECN 2.325-Mar-13Link0:39:20Ambient temperature characterization at Spray AMaarten MeijerSandia
ECN 2.325-Mar-13Link0:53:00PIV measurementsLouis-MarieIFPEN
ECN 2.325-Mar-13Link1:05:30Soot Particle sizingEmre CenkerIFPEN
ECN 2.325-Mar-13Link1:14:30Extinction-based imaging of soot process over a range of diesel operating conditionsScott SkeenSandia
ECN 2.325-Mar-13Link1:32:50Single-hole diesel injector activity at IM/MTULuigi AlloccaMTU/Instituto Motori
ECN 2.325-Mar-13Link1:41:55Spray B hydraulic measurementsJuan Pablo VieraCMT
ECN 2.325-Mar-13Link1:53:30ECN measurement campaign TU/eMaarten MeijerTU/e
ECN 2.325-Mar-13Link2:04:40KAIST ECN chamber setup/planChoongsik BaeKAIST
ECN 2.325-Mar-13Link2:13:10New chamberLuigi AlloccaMTU/Instituto Motori
ECN 2.325-Mar-13Link2:19:30Spray A nozzle simulations accounting for needle transienceSibendu SomArgonne
ECN 2.325-Mar-13Link2:26:35Spray development and vaporization modetingJose Manuel PastorCMT
ECN 2.325-Mar-13Link2:34:40Soot modeling paperMichele BollaETH Zurich
ECN 2.325-Mar-13Link2:44:00Preliminary ECN3 University of Michigan meeting PlanDavid ReussUniversity of Michigan
ECN 2.325-Mar-13Link2:47:42ECN3 technical plan/GDI statusLyle M. PickettSandia
ECN 2.325-Mar-13Link3:07:25Spray B and spray A injectors distributionLyle M. PickettSandia
ECN 2.411-Jun-13Link0:00:00Introduction: ECN2.4 mechanicsGilles BruneauxArgonne
ECN 2.411-Jun-13Link0:14:49High Energy Tomographic Imaging of Fuel Injector Deposits and ECN Fuel Injector Geometry MappingPeter HutchinsInfineum
ECN 2.411-Jun-13Link0:24:06Spray A.2 characterizationLouis-Marie MalbecSandia/IFPEN
ECN 2.411-Jun-13Link0:34:12Overview of Three IC Engine Data Sets Available for PostingDavid ReussUniversity of Michigan
ECN 2.411-Jun-13Link0:44:40ECN3 Survey Google SheetSibendu SomArgonne
ECN 2.411-Jun-13Link0:55:57ECN Spray A PIV measurementsRaul PayriCMT
ECN 2.411-Jun-13Link1:07:14Ballistic Imaging in the Spray Formation Region at Spray A ConditionsMark LinneAvancez
ECN 2.411-Jun-13Link1:15:50Ramping rate of injection effects on Spray A penetrationLyle PickettSandia
ECN 2.411-Jun-13Link1:26:42Constant Volume Chamber (CVC) for Fuel Spray StudiesJoshua LaceyUniversity of Melbourne
ECN 2.411-Jun-13Link1:32:08Modeling Spray A and H (FGM)Bart SomersTU/e
ECN 2.411-Jun-13Link1:41:41A Study of Grid Resolution and SGS Models for LES under Non-reacting Spray ConditionsSibendu SomArgonne
ECN 2.56-Aug-13Link0:00:00Spray experiments and data access plans leading up to ECN3Lyle PickettSandia
ECN 2.56-Aug-13Link0:13:20Analysis of Spray A from modelled results using the TPDF methodEvatt HawkesUNSW/argonne
ECN 2.56-Aug-13Link0:34:00X-Ray phase contrast Investigation of ECN Spray B injectorsAlan KastengrenArgonne
ECN 2.56-Aug-13Link0:50:00Droplets in turbulence, imaging jet breakup using phosphorescent dyeDennis van der VoortTU/e
ECN 2.56-Aug-13Link1:03:30Gas temperature Measurements in MTU Combustion VesselAnqi ZhangMTU/Instituto Motori
ECN 2.56-Aug-13Link1:18:00Diffused back lighting standarization considerationsScott SkeenSandia
ECN 2.56-Aug-13Link1:28:35Modeling Spray A internal flow with compresible HRMFoamMaryam MoulaiUMass-Amherst
ECN 2.56-Aug-13Link1:41:00Gasoline Spray SessionScott ParrishGM
ECN 2.61-Oct-13Link0:00:30Comparison of near-field structure of Spray A using light-based optical microscopy and x-ray radiographyLyle PickettSandia
ECN 2.61-Oct-13Link0:21:00Soot particle sizing using LII imaging and TEMEmre CenkerIFPEN
ECN 2.61-Oct-13Link0:52:45Coupled nozzle flow and spray simulations of Spray A: validation against x-ray radiography dataQinghuan XueArgonne
ECN 2.61-Oct-13Link1:03:50Turbulence -Chemistry interactions in Spray H and Spray A flamesDan HaworthPenn St.
ECN 2.61-Oct-13Link0:44:10Modeling Spray AMaryam MoulaiUMass-Amherst
ECN 2.61-Oct-13Link1:12:30DICOM: A 1D Spray ModelJose Maria GarciaCMT
ECN 2.61-Oct-13Link1:31:35ECN topic planningLyle PickettSandia
ECN 2.61-Oct-13Link1:44:40Spray B progressChongsik BaeKAIST
ECN 2.73-Dec-13Link0:00:00ECN3 Preparation Meeting: Topic 2: Mixing/chemistry interactionJose M. Garcia-OliverCMT
ECN 2.73-Dec-13Link0:58:16ECN3 Topic 3: Coupled Nozzle Flow and Spray Simulations: Guidelines and DeadlinesChawki HabchiIFPEN
ECN 2.73-Dec-13Link1:09:00Parametric Studies: Guidance on Experiments and Simulations to be PerformedAlessandro MontanaroCNR
ECN 2.73-Dec-13Link1:23:13ECN3 Topic 1 Session 4c: An attempt to understand the relation between spray and combustionYuanjiang PeiArgonne
ECN 2.73-Dec-13Link1:28:44ECN3 Signup ProcessGilles BruneauxArgonne
ECN 2.73-Dec-13Link1:30:46Gasoline Spray (Spray G) ECN3 PlanningScott ParrishGM
ECN 2.73-Dec-13Link1:41:48ECN3 Engine Flow and Combustion TopicsDavid ReussUniversity of Michigan
ECN 2.84-Feb-14Link0:00:30Plans for ECN3Lyle M. PickettSandia
ECN 2.84-Feb-14Link0:17:44Combined POD of LES and PIV Measurements identifying sources of In-cylinder CCVDave ReussMichigan
ECN 2.84-Feb-14Link0:32:37Decoupling LES from Large-Error-Simulation (LES)Satbir SinghCarnegie Mellon
ECN 2.84-Feb-14Link0:43:28Spray G rate and duration of injectionScott ParrishGM
ECN 2.84-Feb-14Link0:57:30OH/formaldehyde LIF measurementsHubert Baya TodaIFPEN
ECN 2.84-Feb-14Link1:10:09High speed OH* measurements at spray A conditionsMaarten MeijerTU/e
ECN 2.84-Feb-14Link1:18:55Spray A radiationScott SkeenSandia
ECN 2.84-Feb-14Link1:33:19LES of Spray A: mesh resolution and droplet breakupArmin WehrfritzAalto
ECN 2.84-Feb-14Link1:46:08On the Validation of Global and Local Spray Behavior in Modeled Vaporizing DieselGina MagnottiGeorgia Tech.
ECN 2.84-Feb-14Link1:57:45Spray A RIF modelingYuanjiang PeiArgonne
ECN 3.04-Apr-14Link#0Overall SummaryLyle Pickett/Gilles Bruneaux/Raul PayriSandia/IFPEN/CMT
ECN 3.04-Apr-14Link0:00:00Introduction/Diesel 1.1-1.2Lyle Pickett/Gilles Bruneaux/Raul PayriSandia/IFPEN/CMT
ECN 3.04-Apr-14Link#0Introduction presentationLyle Pickett/Gilles Bruneaux/Raul PayriSandia/IFPEN/CMT
ECN 3.05-Apr-14Link2:45:00Future plansLyle Pickett/Gilles Bruneaux/Raul PayriSandia/IFPEN/CMT
ECN 3.05-Apr-14Link#0Future Plans PresentationLyle Pickett/Gilles Bruneaux/Raul PayriSandia/IFPEN/CMT
ECN 3.04-Apr-14Link0:00:00Topic 1.3: Evaporative spray and parametric studiesTommaso Lucchini/Alessandro MontanaroPolitecnico di Milano-Italy/CNR
ECN 3.04-Apr-14Link0:46:30Topic 1 SynthesisSibendu SomArgonne
ECN 3.04-Apr-14Link#0Intro & Synthesis of Topic 1Sibendu SomArgonne
ECN 3.04-Apr-14Link0:34:50Topic 1.1: Internal Flow ExperimentChris Powell/David SchmidtArgonne/UMass-Amherst
ECN 3.04-Apr-14Link#0Topic 1.1: Internal Flow Experimental PresentationChris Powell/David SchmidtArgonne/UMass-Amherst
ECN 3.04-Apr-14Link1:06:00Topic 1.1: Internal Flow ModelingChris Powell/David SchmidtArgonne/UMass-Amherst
ECN 3.04-Apr-14Link#0Topic 1.1: Internal Flow Modeling PresentationChris Powell/David SchmidtArgonne/UMass-Amherst
ECN 3.04-Apr-14Link1:34:00Topic 1.2: Near Nozzle ExperimentAlan Kastengren/Qingluan Xue/Julien Manin/Chawki HabchiArgonne/Sandia/IFPEN
ECN 3.04-Apr-14Link#0Topic 1.2: Near Nozzle Experimental PresentationAlan Kastengren/Qingluan Xue/Julien Manin/Chawki HabchiArgonne/Sandia/IFPEN
ECN 3.04-Apr-14Link2:04:00Topic 1.2: Near Nozzle ModelingAlan Kastengren/Qingluan Xue/Julien Manin/Chawki HabchiArgonne/Sandia/IFPEN
ECN 3.04-Apr-14Link#0Topic 1.2: Near Nozzle Modeling PresentationAlan Kastengren/Qingluan Xue/Julien Manin/Chawki HabchiArgonne/Sandia/IFPEN
ECN 3.04-Apr-14Link0:00:00Topic 1.3: Evaporation and ParametricsTommaso Lucchini/Alessandro MontanaroPolitecnico di Milano-Italy/CNR
ECN 3.04-Apr-14Link#0Topic 1.3: Evaporation and Parametrics PresentationTommaso Lucchini/Alessandro MontanaroPolitecnico di Milano-Italy/CNR
ECN 3.04-Apr-14Link#0Diesel Topic 2: Mixing/Chemistry Interactions IntroductionJose M. Garcia-OliverCMT
ECN 3.04-Apr-14Link#0Topic 2 synthesisJose M. Garcia-OliverCMT
ECN 3.04-Apr-14Link0:57:00Topic 2 synthesisJose M. Garcia-OliverCMT
ECN 3.04-Apr-14Link#0Topic 2.1: Combustion Indicators PresentationGianluca D'Errico/Olawole Kuti/SY Lee/Michele BardiPolitecnico di Milano-Italy/KAUST/MTU/ETH-Zurich
ECN 3.04-Apr-14Link0:06:00Topic 2.1: Combustion Indicators ExperimentGianluca D'Errico/Olawole Kuti/SY Lee/Michele BardiPolitecnico di Milano-Italy/KAUST/MTU/ETH-Zurich
ECN 3.04-Apr-14Link0:33:00Topic 2.1: Combustion Indicators ModelingGianluca D'Errico/Olawole Kuti/SY Lee/Michele BardiPolitecnico di Milano-Italy/KAUST/MTU/ETH-Zurich
ECN 3.04-Apr-14Link0:58:00Topic 2.2: Flame Structure ExperimentBart Somers/Hubert Baya-Toda/Evatt Hawkes/Louis-Marie Malbec/Maarten Meijer/Yuri WrightTU/e/IFPEN/UNSW/ETH-Zurich
ECN 3.04-Apr-14Link#0Topic 2.2: Flame Structure Experimental PresentationBart Somers/Hubert Baya-Toda/Evatt Hawkes/Louis-Marie Malbec/Maarten Meijer/Yuri WrightTU/e/IFPEN/UNSW/ETH-Zurich
ECN 3.04-Apr-14Link1:12:18Topic 2.2: Flame Structure ModelingBart Somers/Hubert Baya-Toda/Evatt Hawkes/Louis-Marie Malbec/Maarten Meijer/Yuri WrightTU/e/IFPEN/UNSW/ETH-Zurich
ECN 3.04-Apr-14Link#0Topic 2.2: Flame Structure Modeling PresentationBart Somers/Hubert Baya-Toda/Evatt Hawkes/Louis-Marie Malbec/Maarten Meijer/Yuri WrightTU/e/IFPEN/UNSW/ETH-Zurich
ECN 3.04-Apr-14Link0:00:00Topic 2.3: Soot Field ExperimentScott Skeen/Michele BollaSandia/ETH-Zurich
ECN 3.04-Apr-14Link0:27:00Topic 2.3: Soot Field ModelingScott Skeen/Michele BollaSandia/ETH-Zurich
ECN 3.04-Apr-14Link#0Topic 2.3: Soot Field PresentationScott Skeen/Michele BollaSandia/ETH-Zurich
ECN 3.05-Apr-14Link0:00:00Bridging the gap: How Spray Details Affect CombustionYuanjiang Pei/Sibendu Som/Jose M. Garcia-OliverArgonne/CMT
ECN 3.05-Apr-14Link#0Bridging the gap: How Spray Details Affect Combustion PresentationYuanjiang Pei/Sibendu Som/Jose M. Garcia-OliverArgonne/CMT
ECN 3.05-Apr-14Link#0Topic 3: Spray G Gasoline Direct-Injection IntroductionScott ParrishGM
ECN 3.05-Apr-14Link#0Topic 3: Spray G Gasoline Direct-Injection DiscussionScott ParrishGM
ECN 3.05-Apr-14Link0:00:00Topic 3: Spray G Gasoline Direct-Injection Spray GScott ParrishGM
ECN 3.05-Apr-14Link#03.1: Injector Geometry PresentationYongjin Jung/Peter HutchinsKAIST/Infineum/ESRF
ECN 3.05-Apr-14Link0:17:003.1: Injector Geometry Spray GYongjin Jung/Peter HutchinsKAIST/Infineum/ESRF
ECN 3.05-Apr-14Link0:26:403.2: Rate of Injection Spray GRaul Payri/Scott ParrishCMT/GM
ECN 3.05-Apr-14Link#03.2: Rate of Injection PresentationRaul Payri/Scott ParrishCMT/GM
ECN 3.05-Apr-14Link0:42:003.3: Spray Visualization Spray GJulien Manin/Gilles Bruneaux/Scott Parrish/Luigi Allocca/Josh LaceySandia/IFPEN/GM/IM/Melbourne
ECN 3.05-Apr-14Link#03.3: Spray Visualization PresentationJulien Manin/Gilles Bruneaux/Scott Parrish/Luigi Allocca/Josh LaceySandia/IFPEN/GM/IM/Melbourne
ECN 3.05-Apr-14Link1:21:003.4: Drop Size Measurements Spray GScott ParrishGM
ECN 3.05-Apr-14Link#03.4: Drop Size Measurements PresentationScott ParrishGM
ECN 3.05-Apr-14Link1:34:303.5: Internal Flow Modeling Spray GRon GroverGM
ECN 3.05-Apr-14Link#03.5: Internal Flow Modeling PresentationRon GroverGM
ECN 3.05-Apr-14Link1:52:103.6: Spray Modeling Spray GNoah Van Dam/Tommasso Lucchini/Sibendu SomUW/Politecnico di Milano-Italy/Argonne
ECN 3.05-Apr-14Link#03.6: Spray Modeling PresentationNoah Van Dam/Tommasso Lucchini/Sibendu SomUW/Politecnico di Milano-Italy/Argonne
ECN 3.05-Apr-14Link#0Topic 4: Engine Flows and Combustion IntroductionDavid ReussUM
ECN 3.05-Apr-14Link#0Topic 4: Engine Flows and Combustion DiscussionDavid ReussUM
ECN 3.05-Apr-14Link0:41:00Topic 4: Engine Flows and Combustion EnginesDavid ReussUM
ECN 3.05-Apr-14Link0:45:45Topic 4.1: Measurements EnginesBrian PetersonTU Darmstadt
ECN 3.05-Apr-14Link#0Topic 4.1: Measurements PresentationBrian PetersonTU Darmstadt
ECN 3.05-Apr-14Link1:21:30Topic 4.2: Simulations (LES, RANS) EnginesCecile PeraIFPEN
ECN 3.05-Apr-14Link#0Topic 4.2: Simulations (LES, RANS) PresentationCecile PeraIFPEN
ECN 3.05-Apr-14Link0:00:00Topic 4.3: Benchmarking: Comparisons, Analysis, and Validation EnginesDavid ReussUM
ECN 3.05-Apr-14Link#0Topic 4.3: Benchmarking: Comparisons, Analysis, and Validation PresentationDavid ReussUM
ECN 3.05-Apr-14Link0:25:30Topic 4.4: SI Engine Simulation EnginesCecile PeraIFPEN
ECN 3.05-Apr-14Link#0Topic 4.4: SI Engine Simulation PresentationCecile PeraIFPEN
ECN 3.13-Jul-14Link0:00:00Transcritical Mixing Layers in ECN Spray A and Realistic Diesel ConditionsZachary FalgoutIFPEN
ECN 3.13-Jul-14Link0:09:272D Soot absorption experimentsNicholas DronniouIFPEN
ECN 3.13-Jul-14Link0:34:25Spray B in enginesLouie-Marie MalbecSandia
ECN 3.13-Jul-14Link0:59:28Spray B experiment Penetration, vaporization, ignition and lift-off stablizationYongjin JungKAIST
ECN 3.13-Jul-14Link1:23:30Single cylinder optical engine benchEzio MancarusoCNR
ECN 3.13-Jul-14Link1:35:02Introducing new injectors Spray C & DLyle PickettSandia
ECN 3.13-Jul-14Link1:41:30Requirements for using injectorsLyle PickettSandia
ECN 3.24-Sep-14Link0:00:15Spray C & Spray D Internal GeometryLyle M. PickettSandia
ECN 3.24-Sep-14Link0:15:25Immediate plansLyle M. PickettSandia
ECN 3.24-Sep-14Link0:18:05Multiple injection case ECN4Lyle M. PickettSandia
ECN 3.24-Sep-14Link0:37:49Measuring transient entrainment rates of a confined vaporizing diesel jetW. Ethan EagleSandia
ECN 3.24-Sep-14Link0:55:54Comparing entrainment in reacting and non-reacting casesLouie-Marie MalbecIFPEN
ECN 3.24-Sep-14Link1:08:42Topic 5: CombustionJose M Garcia-OliverCMT
ECN 3.24-Sep-14Link1:15:48Guidance on Experiments and Simulations to be PreformedSibendu SomArgonne
ECN 3.24-Sep-14Link1:23:01Reactions that lead to ignitionEvatt HawkesUNSW
ECN 3.24-Sep-14Link1:29:17Topic 6 GuidelinesLyle M. PickettSandia
ECN 3.24-Sep-14Link1:35:15Topic 7 : Spray B in enginesLouie-Marie MalbecIFPEN
ECN 3.24-Sep-14Link1:46:19Topic 8: Spray G Nozzle Geometry and Internal Nozzle FlowChris PowellArgonne
ECN 3.24-Sep-14Link1:52:54Topic 9: Evaporative Spray GRaul Payri & Daniel VaquerizoCMT
ECN 3.24-Sep-14Link1:58:09Topic 10: Spray G in EnginesWei Zeng & Brian PetersonSandia
ECN 3.32-Oct-14Link0:00:18Meeting startLyle M. PickettSandia
ECN 3.32-Oct-14Link0:03:41TU/e UpdatesNoud MaaesTU/e
ECN 3.32-Oct-14Link0:20:29Influence of combustion models on the flame structure based on Spray A from SandiaBart SomersTU/e
ECN 3.32-Oct-14Link0:41:27Topic 5: Reacting jet penetration and volumetic expansionJose M Garcia-OliverCMT
ECN 3.32-Oct-14Link1:07:40Internal and near-nozzle Flow in multi-hole gasoline injector under flashing and non-flashing conditionsMaryam MoulaiUMA
ECN 3.32-Oct-14Link1:18:50Spray A: internal and external flowMarco ArientiSandia
ECN 3.32-Oct-14Link1:35:37Comparison of Spray G xray tomography and optical microscopyLyle M. PickettSandia
ECN 3.46-Nov-14Link0:01:17A novel approach to assess spray models using joint visible and xray extinction measurementsGina MagnottiGA Tech
ECN 3.46-Nov-14Link0:16:24Liquid and vapor jet penetration with a variable spreading angleYongjin JungKAIST
ECN 3.46-Nov-14Link0:35:46A novel approach to assess spray models using joint visible and xray extinction measurementsGina MagnottiGA Tech
ECN 3.46-Nov-14Link0:49:42Testing of avaliable chemical mechanisms for dodecaneAlessio FrassoldatiPolitecnico di Milano-Italy
ECN 3.46-Nov-14Link1:06:30Closed homogeneous reactor evaluation of n-dodecane mechanismsScott SkeenSandia
ECN 3.46-Nov-14Link1:17:13Combustion recession after end of injection in Diesel SpraysBenjamin KnoxGA Tech
ECN 3.54-Dec-14Link0:00:00Spray G internal geometryJulien ManinSandia
ECN 3.54-Dec-14Link0:16:44Topic 7: Spray B in engines vapor penetration: LIF vs SchlierenLouis-Marie MalbecSandia
ECN 3.54-Dec-14Link0:32:13Visualization of ignition processes in high-pressure sprays with multiple injections of n-dodecaneScott SkeenSandia
ECN 3.54-Dec-14Link1:16:55Spray C and Spray D injector distribution and short term workRaul PayriCMT
ECN 3.54-Dec-14Link1:22:33Current and planned injector locationsScott ParrishGM
ECN 3.54-Dec-14Link2:06:25ECN nozzle ball assemblyLyle M. PickettSandia
ECN 3.65-Feb-15Link0:00:00IntroductionLyle PickettSandia
ECN 3.65-Feb-15Link0:05:04Transition to "miscible mixing" near Spray A operating conditionsCyril CruaBrighton
ECN 3.65-Feb-15Link0:36:13Spray C&D hydraulic measurementsRaul PayriCMT
ECN 3.65-Feb-15Link0:56:40Nozzle flow characterization of ECN InjectorsBen KnoxGA Tech
ECN 3.65-Feb-15Link1:11:02Spray G liquid/vapor characterisationJoshua LaceyMelbourne
ECN 3.65-Feb-15Link1:35:35Investigation of the mixing process and the fuel mass concentration fields for Spray GLama ItaniIFPEN
ECN 3.65-Feb-15Link2:01:05ECN Spray G Nozzle Meshing in GridProSamuel JamesGrid Pro
ECN 3.65-Feb-15Link2:52:49Concluding statementsLyle PickettSandia
ECN 3.75-Mar-15Link0:00:00Near Nozzle Flow UpdatesSibendu SomArgonne
ECN 3.75-Mar-15Link0:10:54Evaporative Diesel SprayCaroline GenzaleGeorgia Tech
ECN 3.75-Mar-15Link0:21:20CombustionJose M Garcia-OliverCMT-UPVLC
ECN 3.75-Mar-15Link0:32:43Topic 4 Combustion, LOL Flame StructureRaul PayriCMT
ECN 3.75-Mar-15Link0:34:20Topic 4 ContinuedScott SkeenSandia
ECN 3.75-Mar-15Link0:45:53Topic 7: Spray B in enginesLouis-Marie MalbecIFPEN/Sandia
ECN 3.75-Mar-15Link0:57:34Topic 8: Spray G Nozzle geometry and Internal Nozzle flowChris PowellArgonne
ECN 3.75-Mar-15Link1:08:16Topic 9: Evaporative Spray GDaniel Vaquerizo SanchezUPV
ECN 3.75-Mar-15Link1:17:49Topic 10: Spray G in enginesBrian PetersonTU Darmstadt
ECN 3.75-Mar-15Link1:27:00Discussion & AnnouncementsN/AN/A
ECN 3.97-May-15Link0:00:00General InformationLyle PickettSandia
ECN 3.97-May-15Link0:04:07Spray C & D measurementsRaul PayriCMT
ECN 3.97-May-15Link0:19:11Sub-grid Scale Momentum coupling applied to Spray AFederico PeriniUniversity of Wisconsin
ECN 3.97-May-15Link0:34:34Internal Nozzle Flow Simulations: Spray B vs Spray AQinglaun XueArgonne
ECN 3.97-May-15Link0:44:59Extinction imaging of Spray C and Spray DFredrik WestlyeDTU
ECN 3.97-May-15Link0:55:37Large Eddy Simulation of a Reacting Spray Flame with Multiple Realizations under Compression Ignition Engine ConditionsYuanjiang PeiArgonne
ECN 3.97-May-15Link1:13:38Rate of momentum. Evaporative & Internal Flow for Spray GDaniel Vaquerizo SanchezUPV
ECN 3.97-May-15Link1:24:23Spray G Liquid and Vapor characterization at different Ambient ConditionsAlessandro MontanaroIstituto Motori
ECN 3.97-May-15Link1:35:52Temperature and mixing measurments of Spray GLama ItaniIFPEN
ECN 3.97-May-15Link1:51:57X-ray Measurements of ECN Spray GDaniel DukeArgonne
ECN 3.97-May-15Link2:03:26Concluding StatementsLyle PickettSandia
ECN 3.104-Jun-15Link0:00:00Presentation of the agenda and webex connectionRaul PayriCMT
ECN 3.104-Jun-15Link0:00:56Topic 3: Spray B Results of evaporative experimentsAlberto Viera SotilloUPV
ECN 3.104-Jun-15Link0:18:07Topic 5: CombustionJose M Garcia-OliverCMT-UPVLC
ECN 3.104-Jun-15Link0:24:52Topic 5 & 6: Predictive Simulations of Spray Combustion & EmissionsChitral NaikANSYS
ECN 3.104-Jun-15Link0:52:35Topic 7: Spray B in enginesLouis-Marie MalbecIFPEN/Sandia
ECN 3.104-Jun-15Link1:02:37Topic 8: Flash BoilingKaushik SahaArgonne
ECN 3.104-Jun-15Link1:22:20Concluding Statements & RemindersN/AN/A
ECN 3.1130-Jun-15Link0:00:00AgendaGilles BruneauxIFPEN
ECN 3.1130-Jun-15Link0:07:42Topic 2: Primary atomization (near-nozzle flow)Cyril CruaUniversity of Brighton
ECN 3.1130-Jun-15Link0:27:39Topic 1: Internal Nozzle Flow for Cavitating Spray CSaeed JahangirianANSYS
ECN 3.1130-Jun-15Link0:46:10Topic 2: Spray A primary atomization Modelling under sub-critical conditions using an Eulerian-Eulerian Two-Fluid Model coupled to a Lagrangian-Eulerian approachChaouki HabchiIFPEN
ECN 3.1130-Jun-15Link1:03:28Topic 1: Modeling of spray C/D internal and near nozzle flowMichele BattistoniUniversity of Perugia
ECN 3.1130-Jun-15Link1:15:50Topic 3: Evaporative diesel spray (aka ECN France project)Michele Bardi & Gilles BruneauxIFPEN
ECN 3.1130-Jun-15Link1:30:01Topic 8: VOF-LES injector internal flow and spray primary breakup studyBizhan BefruiDELPHI
ECN 3.1130-Jun-15Link1:50:07Concluding statementsGilles BruneauxIFPEN
ECN 4.05-Sep-15Link0:00:00ECN4 IntroLyle Pickett/Gilles Bruneaux/Raul PayriSandia/IFPEN/CMT
ECN 4.05-Sep-15Link#0Introduction presentationLyle Pickett/Gilles Bruneaux/Raul PayriSandia/IFPEN/CMT
ECN 4.05-Sep-15Link0:00:00Spray G Gasoline Direct-Injection IntroScott ParrishGM
ECN 4.05-Sep-15Link#0Spray G Gasoline Direct-Injection Intro PresentationScott ParrishGM
ECN 4.05-Sep-15Link0:00:00Spray G Gasoline Direct-Injection ExperimentChris Powell/Daniel Duke/Ron GroverArgonne/GM
ECN 4.05-Sep-15Link#0Spray G Gasoline Direct-Injection Nozzle Geometry and near-nozzle experiments PresentationChris Powell/Daniel Duke/Ron GroverArgonne/GM
ECN 4.05-Sep-15Link0:00:00Spray G Gasoline Direct-Injection ModelingRon GroverGM
ECN 4.05-Sep-15Link#0Spray G Gasoline Direct-Injection Modeling PresentationRon GroverGM
ECN 4.05-Sep-15Link0:00:00Spray G Gasoline Direct-Injection LaceyJoshua Lacey/Daniel Vaquerizo SanchezMelbourne/CMT
ECN 4.05-Sep-15Link#0Spray G Gasoline Direct-Injection Lacey PresentationJoshua Lacey/Daniel Vaquerizo SanchezMelbourne/CMT
ECN 4.05-Sep-15Link0:00:00Spray G Gasoline Direct-Injection MixingLama Itani/Lyle PickettIFPEN/Sandia
ECN 4.05-Sep-15Link#0Spray G Gasoline Direct-Injection Mixing PresentationLama Itani/Lyle PickettIFPEN/Sandia
ECN 4.05-Sep-15Link0:00:00Spray G Gasoline Direct-Injection SummaryN/AN/A
ECN 4.05-Sep-15Link#0Spray G Gasoline Direct-Injection Summary PresentationN/AN/A
ECN 4.05-Sep-15Link0:00:00Non-Reactive Diesel Spray ArientiMarco ArientiSandia
ECN 4.05-Sep-15Link#0Non-Reactive Diesel Spray Internal nozzle flow PresentationMarco ArientiSandia
ECN 4.05-Sep-15Link0:00:00Non-Reactive Diesel Spray CruaCyril CruaBrighton
ECN 4.05-Sep-15Link#0Non-Reactive Diesel Spray Droplet and liquid size measurements PresentationCyril CruaBrighton
ECN 4.05-Sep-15Link0:00:00Non-Reactive Diesel Spray SomSibendu SomArgonne
ECN 4.05-Sep-15Link#0Non-Reactive Diesel Spray Near-nozzle mixing PresentationSibendu SomArgonne
ECN 4.05-Sep-15Link0:00:00Non-Reactive Diesel Spray GenzaleCaroline GenzaleGeorgia Tech
ECN 4.05-Sep-15Link#0Non-Reactive Diesel Spray Vaporizing diesel spray: A and B PresentationCaroline GenzaleGeorgia Tech
ECN 4.05-Sep-15Link0:00:00Non-Reactive Diesel Spray WestlyeFredrick WestlyeTech. U. Denmark
ECN 4.05-Sep-15Link#0Non-Reactive Diesel Spray Experimental methodology for liquid penetration measurements: C and D PresentationFredrick WestlyeTech. U. Denmark
ECN 4.06-Sep-15Link0:00:00Diesel Combustion GarciaOliverJose Garcia-OliverCMT
ECN 4.06-Sep-15Link#0Diesel Combustion Reactive flow PresentationJose Garcia-OliverCMT
ECN 4.06-Sep-15Link0:00:00Diesel Combustion HawkesEvatt HawkesUNSW
ECN 4.06-Sep-15Link#0Diesel Combustion Ignition PresentationEvatt HawkesUNSW
ECN 4.06-Sep-15Link0:00:00Diesel Combustion SomersBart SomersTU/e
ECN 4.06-Sep-15Link#0Diesel Combustion Flame Development PresentationBart SomersTU/e
ECN 4.06-Sep-15Link0:00:00Diesel Combustion SkeenScott SkeenSandia
ECN 4.06-Sep-15Link#0Diesel Combustion Soot & Multiple Injections PresentationScott SkeenSandia
ECN 4.06-Sep-15Link0:00:00Diesel Combustion MalbecLouis-Marie MalbecIFPEN
ECN 4.06-Sep-15Link#0Diesel Combustion Spray B: test rigs vs. engines PresentationLouis-Marie MalbecIFPEN
ECN 4.06-Sep-15Link0:00:00Diesel Combustion Spray C CombustJose Garcia-OliverCMT
ECN 4.06-Sep-15Link#0Diesel Combustion Spray C and Spray D PresentationJose Garcia-OliverCMT
ECN 4.15-Nov-15Link0:00:00Neutron Imaging of Gasoline Fuel InjectorsTodd ToopsORNL
ECN 4.15-Nov-15Link0:13:07Spray G preliminary PIV results on inter-plume aerodynamics and plume collapsePanos SphicasSandia
ECN 4.15-Nov-15Link0:24:03Engine Spray B Sensitivity Analysis with a Propagation Approach to Uncertainty Quantification for ECNEthan EagleCRF
ECN 4.15-Nov-15Link0:38:58Spray B in Diesel Engines: Extensive Spray Combustion Simulations at Well Controlled Boundary ConditionsRaul PayriLib-ICE, ICE Group, Politecnico
ECN 4.23-Dec-15Link0:00:00X-ray Needle Lift and Tomography Measurements of ECN Spray GDaniel DukeArgonne
ECN 4.23-Dec-15Link0:21:41Characterization of a set of 10 new ECN Spray A injectorsGilles BruneauxIFPEN
ECN 4.34-Feb-16Link0:00:00IntroductionLyle PickettSandia
ECN 4.34-Feb-16Link0:05:05Large Eddy Simulation of n-dodecane spray flames using Flamelet Generated ManifoldsArmin WehrfritzAalto
ECN 4.34-Feb-16Link0:20:13Computing Statistical Averages from LES of Spray FlamesMuhsin AmeenArgonne
ECN 4.34-Feb-16Link0:37:22Eulerian Compressible LES of Spray AEd KnudsenBOSCH
ECN 4.34-Feb-16Link0:53:20Radiative heat transfer in Spray A simulationZongyu YueWisconsin
ECN 4.34-Feb-16Link1:12:21Soot Experiments and ModelingScott SkeenSandia
ECN 4.34-Feb-16Link1:14:40Development of a Novel Tabulated Flamelet Model for Non-Premixed FlamesPrithwish KunduArgonne
ECN 4.34-Feb-16Link1:34:09The effect of radiation heat transfer under ECN Spray A conditions using TPDFMichele BollaUNSW
ECN 4.34-Feb-16Link1:46:56Soot Experiments and ModelingScott SkeenSandia
ECN 4.43-Mar-16Link0:00:00Presentation of the agenda and checking webex connectionRaul PayriCMT
ECN 4.43-Mar-16Link0:03:02Presentation of new experimental hardware (high pressure vessel) for ECN activitiesChristine RousselleOrleansPRISME
ECN 4.43-Mar-16Link0:15:30Spray A & B: Spray axis angle fluctuationsAlberto VieraCMT
ECN 4.43-Mar-16Link0:36:51Tomography results for Spray GKatarzyna E. MatusikArgonne
ECN 4.43-Mar-16Link0:59:15Inter-plume aerodynamics for Spray G collapsePanos SphicasSandia
ECN 4.43-Mar-16Link1:17:55Simulations results for Spray G flashing and non-flashing injection including transient needle motionEli BaldwinMassachusetts-Amaherst
ECN 4.57-Apr-16Link0:00:00Presentation of the agenda and webex connection checkGilles BruneauxIFPEN
ECN 4.57-Apr-16Link0:01:49Penetration and combustion characterization: C and DFredrik Ree WestlyeDTU
ECN 4.57-Apr-16Link0:25:18Latest updates on the analysis of the flame structureNoud MaesTU/e
ECN 4.57-Apr-16Link0:46:14Latest updates on the analysis of the interaction between local flow and flame structureJose Maria Garcia OliverCMT
ECN 4.65-May-16Link0:00:00Understanding the transition to dense-jet dynamics near Spray A operating conditionsRainer N. DahmsSandia
ECN 4.65-May-16Link0:19:30Ignition and Lift-off Mechanisms in n-Dodecane Split Injection Spray-FlamesAhmed Abdul MoizArgonne
ECN 4.65-May-16Link0:37:31Scaling Combustion Recession After End-of-Injection in Diesel SpraysBenjamin KnoxGeorgia Institute of Technology
ECN 4.65-May-16Link0:55:30Application of an unsteady flamelet model in a RANS framework for Spray A simulationEduardo J. Perez-SanchezCMT
ECN 4.65-May-16Link1:11:38Characterization of Diesel Spray Models Using Visible and X-Ray Extinction MeasurementsGina M. MagnottiGeorgia Institute of Technology
ECN 4.65-May-16Link1:37:20The role of chemistry in predicting pressure-bassed ignition delay in constant volume combustion chamberOmid Samimi AbianehGeorgia Southern University
ECN 4.72-Jun-16Link0:00:00ECN4.7 mechanics and update on ECN5 calendarLyle PickettSandia
ECN 4.72-Jun-16Link0:07:06On the elusive scaling of Spray C and Spray D wireframe geometryLyle PickettSandia
ECN 4.72-Jun-16Link0:18:35Improved geometry accuracy of Spray C and Spray D using high-resolution x-ray CTDaniel Duke, Katie MatusikArgonne
ECN 4.72-Jun-16Link0:42:48Evaporative diesel spray guidelines for ECN5 (topic 3)Michele BardiIFPEN
ECN 4.72-Jun-16Link0:56:48Diesel combustion guidelines for ECN5 (topic 5)Jose M. Garcia-OliverCMT
ECN 4.72-Jun-16Link1:10:11Diesel emission (soot) guidelines for ECN5 (topic 6)Scott SkeenSandia
ECN 4.87-Jul-16Link0:00:00IntroductionRaul PayriCMT
ECN 4.87-Jul-16Link0:03:49Effects of Chemical Mechanism Choice on Predictions of Combustion Recession for Spray A in OpenFOAMDorrin JarrahbashiGeorgia Institute of Technology
ECN 4.87-Jul-16Link0:22:22An experimental and numerical comparison of chemical mechanisms for n-dodecane under ECN conditionsDario LopezCMT
ECN 4.87-Jul-16Link0:42:29Topic 7 - Spray BLouis-Marie MalbecIFPEN
ECN 4.87-Jul-16Link0:58:14Topic 1 - Proposals for ECN 5Marco ArientiSandia
ECN 4.87-Jul-16Link1:12:34Topic 2 - Primary atomization (near-nozzle flow)Michele BattistoniUniversity of Perugia
ECN 4.91-Sep-16Link0:00:00ECN4.9 mechanics and update on ECN5 calendarLyle PickettSandia
ECN 4.91-Sep-16Link0:01:23Application of Tabulated Flamelet Combustion Models to Low Temperature ConditionsPrithwish KunduArgonne
ECN 4.91-Sep-16Link0:24:49Spray G External Spray visualization and Spray Collapse description through penetration and morphology analysisDaniel VaquerizoCMT
ECN 4.91-Sep-16Link0:46:15ECN 4.9 Spray G collapse at elevated temperature with longer injection durationPanos SphicasImperial College
ECN 4.91-Sep-16Link1:02:19ECN 4.9 Topic 7 - Spray B Preparations for Spray B engine experimentsMing ZhaoUniversity of Duisburg-Essen
ECN 4.91-Sep-16Link1:16:01Time-Resolved Planar Laser Rayleigh Scattering in Evaporative Diesel SpraysJulien ManinSandia
ECN 4.113-Nov-16Link#1ECN4.11 mechanics and update on ECN5 calendar/registrationGilles BruneauxIFPEN
ECN 4.113-Nov-16Link#3Educated injection rate for Spray C/DRaul PayriCMT
ECN 4.113-Nov-16Link#19Multi-component vapor-liquid equilibrium model and application to ECN Spray AJan MatheisTUM
ECN 4.113-Nov-16Link#37Lift-off and soot characterization of Spray C and DNoud MaesIFPEN / TUE
ECN 4.113-Nov-16Link#54Study of ECN-spray A under inert and reacting conditions in a Rapid Compression MachineBen-Houidi, Sotton, Strozzi, and BellenouePPRIME Institute
ECN 4.113-Nov-16Link#68On- and Off-Resonant CH2O Imaging and Transient Flame Development in Multiple InjectionsNoud MaesTU/e
ECN 4.113-Nov-16Link#88Soot and spectral radiation modeling for Spray ADan HaworthPSU
ECN 4.121-Dec-16Link0:00:00ECN4.12 mechanics and update on ECN5 calendarLyle PickettSandia
ECN 4.121-Dec-16Link0:04:44ECN4.12 - Spray and Nozzle Tomography of 8 Nominally Duplicate Spray G InjectorsKatie MatusikArgonne
ECN 4.121-Dec-16Link0:13:40Numerical modelling of spray and combustion processes using the Euler Eulerian multiphase approachZvonimir PetranovicUniversity of Zagreb
ECN 4.121-Dec-16Link0:27:07Standardization of Inversion TransformationsNoud MaesTU/e
ECN 4.121-Dec-16Link0:43:21Preparations for Spray G Experiments at University of IllinoisWayne ChangUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
ECN 4.121-Dec-16Link0:51:45Understanding the ignition mechanism for Spray ARainer DahmsSandia
ECN 4.132-Feb-17Link0:00:00Presentation of the agendaRaul PayriCMT
ECN 4.132-Feb-17Link0:05:00Neutron Imaging of Intra-nozzle Fluid Dynamics in Fuel InjectorsTodd ToopsORNL
ECN 4.132-Feb-17Link0:18:42Study of ECN-spray A under inert and reacting conditions in a Rapid Compression Machine - Analysis of discrepanciesMoez Ben-HouidiPPRIME Institute
ECN 4.132-Feb-17Link0:43:45Topic 1/2/3 - topics' agendaMichele BattistoniUniversity of Perugia
ECN 4.132-Feb-17Link0:51:35Topic 3Michele BardiIFPEN
ECN 4.132-Feb-17Link1:01:40ECN5 logistics, preliminary agenda, and different topics that will be covered in Detroit each day including social activitiesRaul PayriCMT
ECN 4.142-Mar-17Link0:00:00ECN4.14 mechanics and update on ECN5 calendarLyle PickettSandia
ECN 4.142-Mar-17Link0:04:11ECN5: Topic 6 SOOTScott SkeenSandia
ECN 4.142-Mar-17Link0:12:47Soot formation with and without water vapor in the charge gasSushant PandurangiETH zurich
ECN 4.142-Mar-17Link0:27:11Diesel Spray Penetration into a Non-quiescent EnvironmentTiemin XuanCMT
ECN 5.031-Mar-17Link#0Overall SummaryN/AN/A
ECN 5.031-Mar-17Link0:00:00ECN5 IntroLyle Pickett/Gilles Bruneaux/Raul PayriSandia/IFPEN/CMT
ECN 5.031-Mar-17Link#0Introduction PresentationLyle Pickett/Gilles Bruneaux/Raul PayriSandia/IFPEN/CMT
ECN 5.031-Mar-17Link0:11:30Non-Reactive Diesel Spray ArientiMarco ArientiSandia
ECN 5.031-Mar-17Link#0Non-Reactive Diesel Spray Internal nozzle flow PresentationMarco ArientiSandia
ECN 5.031-Mar-17Link0:40:50Non-Reactive Diesel Spray BattistoniMichele BattistoniPerugia
ECN 5.031-Mar-17Link#0Non-Reactive Diesel Spray Near-nozzle mixing PresentationMichele BattistoniPerugia
ECN 5.031-Mar-17Link0:24:20Non-Reactive Diesel Spray BardiMichele BardiIFPEN
ECN 5.031-Mar-17Link#0Non-Reactive Diesel Spray Spray mixing and evaporation PresentationMichele BardiIFPEN
ECN 5.031-Mar-17Link0:00:30Non-Reactive Diesel Spray ManinJulien ManinSandia/Artium
ECN 5.031-Mar-17Link#0Non-Reactive Diesel Spray High-speed mixing measurements PresentationJulien ManinSandia/Artium
ECN 5.031-Mar-17Link0:00:00Diesel Combustion GarciaOliverJose Garcia-OliverCMT
ECN 5.031-Mar-17Link#0Diesel Combustion Combustion Introduction PresentationJose Garcia-OliverCMT
ECN 5.031-Mar-17Link0:52:00Diesel Combustion HawkesEvatt HawkesUNSW
ECN 5.031-Mar-17Link#0Diesel Combustion SprayCD Experiment PresentationEvatt HawkesUNSW
ECN 5.031-Mar-17Link1:30:30Diesel Combustion SomersBart SomersTU/e
ECN 5.031-Mar-17Link#0Diesel Combustion Topic #4 Hawkes Chemistry PresentationBart SomersTU/e
ECN 5.031-Mar-17Link0:00:00Diesel Combustion MaesNoud MaesTU/e
ECN 5.031-Mar-17Link#0Diesel Combustion Topic #5 Somers Flame Structure PresentationNoud MaesTU/e
ECN 5.031-Mar-17Link0:10:00Diesel Combustion SkeenScott SkeenSandia
ECN 5.031-Mar-17Link#0Diesel Combustion Topic #6 SootScott SkeenSandia
ECN 5.031-Mar-17Link1:00:00Diesel Combustion MalbecLouis-Marie MalbecIFPEN
ECN 5.031-Mar-17Link#0Diesel Combustion Spray B PresentationLouis-Marie MalbecIFPEN
ECN 5.01-Apr-17Link0:00:00Spray G IntroScott ParrishGM
ECN 5.01-Apr-17Link#0Spray G Intro PresentationScott ParrishGM
ECN 5.01-Apr-17Link0:11:56Nozzle geometry and near-nozzle experimentsKatie MatusikArgonne
ECN 5.01-Apr-17Link0:55:20Internal and near-nozzle flow modelingDavid SchmidtUMass-Amherst
ECN 5.01-Apr-17Link#0Internal and near-nozzle flow modeling PresentationDavid SchmidtUMass-Amherst
ECN 5.01-Apr-17Link0:02:20Liquid and Vapor Spray; Visualization Experiments and ModelingDaniel VaquerizoCMT
ECN 5.01-Apr-17Link#0Liquid and Vapor Spray; Visualization Experiments and Modeling PresentationDaniel VaquerizoCMT
ECN 5.01-Apr-17Link0:38:50Liquid and Vapor velocity measurements in Spray GPanos SphicasImperial College
ECN 5.01-Apr-17Link#0Liquid and Vapor velocity measurements in Spray G PresentationPanos SphicasImperial College
ECN 5.01-Apr-17Link0:54:02Spray G Lagrangian ModelingLyle PickettSandia
ECN 5.01-Apr-17Link#0Spray G Lagrangian Modeling PresentationLyle PickettSandia
ECN 5.01-Apr-17Link#0Future Direction: Multiple InjectionsScott ParrishGM
ECN 5.01-Apr-17Link#0Future Direction: Flash BoilingJoshua LaceyMelbourne
ECN 5.01-Apr-17Link#0ECN Standardization Quantitative Extinction ImagingFredrik WestlyeDTU
ECN 5.01-Apr-17Link#0ECN Standardization Experimental Temperature/Velocity ControlMoez Ben Houidi/Koji Yasutomi/Russ FitzgeraldPPRIME Institute/Hino/Caterpillar
ECN 5.11-Jun-17Link0:00:00Quantification of Sauter Mean Diameter in Diesel Sprays using Scattering-Absorption Extinction MeasurementsGabrielle MartinezArgonne
ECN 5.11-Jun-17Link0:15:35Effect of Fuel Injection Strategy on the Formation of Particles in a Disi Engine Fueled with ButanolAdrian IrimescuCNR
ECN 5.11-Jun-17Link0:32:43Impact over wall of a Spray GMichela CostaCNR
ECN 5.11-Jun-17Link0:52:55Modeling the Influence of Nozzle-Generated Turbulence on Diesel SpraysGina MagnottiArgonne
ECN 5.11-Jun-17Link1:13:28A Large Eddy Simulation of the n-heptane Spray ASimon Gallot-LavalleeImperial College, London
ECN 5.33-Aug-17Link0:00:00ECN5.3 mechanics and update on ECN6 calendarLyle PickettSandia
ECN 5.33-Aug-17Link0:03:40Analytical Modeling of Diesel Spray Penetration after the End-of-InjectionLong LiuHarbin Engineering University
ECN 5.33-Aug-17Link0:29:32Application of a Novel MMC Mixing Model to ECN Spray AAchinta VarnaUNSW
ECN 5.33-Aug-17Link0:48:45The transition to dense fluid mixing and atomization suppression at Spray A conditions and beyondJoshua LaceyUniversity of Melbourne
ECN 5.33-Aug-17Link1:08:26Multiple mapping conditioning simulations of a high-pressure n-dodecane reacting jetFatemeh SalehiUniversity of Sydney
ECN 5.33-Aug-17Link1:30:26Test bench setup and first measurements for Spray B in a light-duty optical engineMing ZhaoUniversity of Duisberg Essen
ECN 5.47-Sep-17Link0:00:00Implementation of Detailed Chemistry Mechanisms for Low Temperature Combustion SimulationsPrithwish KunduArgonne
ECN 5.47-Sep-17Link0:20:13Experimental Estimation of Mixture Fractions at the Ignition SiteLouis-Marie MalbecIFPEN
ECN 5.47-Sep-17Link0:40:45Gasoline injector spray collapse when varying injection duration or number of injectionsLyle PickettSandia
ECN 5.55-Oct-17Link0:00:00ECN-related research at the University of OxfordJoseph CammOxford University
ECN 5.62-Nov-17Link0:01:59Searching For and Referencing Past Presentations on the ECN WebsiteLyle PickettSandia
ECN 5.62-Nov-17Link0:09:33Soot Temperature Characterization of Spray A Flames by Combined Extinction and RadiationTiemin XuanCMT
ECN 5.62-Nov-17Link0:28:04Quantitative LIF Imaging of Multicomponent Fuel Evaporation at Spray G ConditionMatthieu CordierIFPEN
ECN 5.78-Dec-17Link0:04:00Welcome and ECN 5.7 mechanicsScott SkeenSandia
ECN 5.78-Dec-17Link0:05:12Fuel temperature in a Diesel InjectorPedro MartiCMT
ECN 5.78-Dec-17Link0:25:53ELSA of Spray AShaoping QuanConvergent Science
ECN 5.78-Dec-17Link0:44:46Spray G flash boilingWayne ChangUniversity of Illinois
ECN 5.78-Dec-17Link1:00:07Hot Spray C and DShane DalyOregon State University
ECN 5.78-Dec-17Link1:18:21Asymmetry of Spray C cavitationBrandon SforzoANL
ECN 5.81-Feb-18Link0:00:00Welcome and ECN 5.8 mechanicsGilles BruneauxIFPEN
ECN 5.81-Feb-18Link0:02:53Topic 1-3: Towards ECN6Michele BattistoniPerugia University
ECN 5.81-Feb-18Link0:18:33Spray G Lagrangian ModelingDavide ParediPolitecnico di Milano-Italy
ECN 5.81-Feb-18Link0:33:25Modeling Dynamic Coupling of Nozzle Flow and Spray for Spray GKaushik SahaArgonne
ECN 5.81-Feb-18Link0:55:31LES Stochastic Field Modelling of Cavitation in Spray G2Boxiong ChenChalmers University
ECN 5.91-Mar-18Link0:00:00Presentation of the Agenda and Description of ECN6 Inscription LinkRaul PayriUPV
ECN 5.91-Mar-18Link0:06:21Ducted Fuel Injection: A New Approach for Lowering Soot Emissions from Direct-Injection EnginesChuck MuellerSandia
ECN 5.91-Mar-18Link0:21:16Experimental Characterization of Diesel and Gasoline SpraysCarlo CoratellaUniversity of Burmingham
ECN 5.91-Mar-18Link0:38:06Update on Neutron Diagnostics of Transportation TechnologiesMartin WissinkORNL
ECN 5.91-Mar-18Link0:53:02Preliminary Spray A Simulations with Detailed Chemical MechanismsNick KillingsworthLLNL
ECN 5.91-Mar-18Link1:07:21Spray Characterization at Start of Injection for a Gasoline Direct InjectorZongyu YueANL
ECN 5.91-Mar-18Link1:21:31Development of a Transient Spray Cone Angle Correlation for CFD Simulations at Diesel Engine ConditionsMeng TangMTU
ECN 5.91-Mar-18Link1:38:45Liquid Extinction Analysis Compared to CFDLyle PickettSandia
ECN 5.104-Apr-18Link0:00:00IntroductionLyle PickettSandia
ECN 5.104-Apr-18Link0:04:45Investigating the Spray Combustion Characteristics of Multi-Component Diesel Surrogate FuelsKoji YasutomiSandia
ECN 5.104-Apr-18Link0:26:54Mixture Fraction Measurements of Spray D using High-Speed Extinction Imaging with C70 Fullerene DopingShane DalyOregon State University
ECN 5.104-Apr-18Link0:42:39SJTU Capabilities for ECN Spray ResearchXuesong (Sean) LiShanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU)
ECN 5.104-Apr-18Link0:55:00Direct Numerical Simulation of a Spatially Developing Jet Flame under Spray A ConditionsDeepak DalakotiUniversity of New South Wales (UNSW)
ECN 5.113-May-18Link0:00:00Presentation of the Agenda and Description of ECN6 Inscription LinkRaul PayriUniversitat Politencia de Valencia
ECN 5.113-May-18Link0:01:16ECN6 Unified guidelines for Topics 4-5-6-7-8 - Diesel CombustionJose Maria Garcia-OliverUPV
ECN 5.113-May-18Link0:18:55Comparison of Transient Diesel Spray Breakup Between Two CFD CodesLouis NicholsonOxford University
ECN 5.113-May-18Link0:33:39Simulation of ECN Sprays with an LES Turbulent Dispersion ModelHongjiang LiWISC
ECN 5.113-May-18Link0:46:29A Coupled Design of Experiment Approach with RANS for High Pressure Spray Injection ModellingDaniel NsikaneRicardo Innovation/University of Brighton
ECN 5.113-May-18Link1:05:53Numerical Study of the Cone Angle Effect on Spray "A" Ignition DelayS. Hadi SeyediWayne State
ECN 5.113-May-18Link1:21:25Effect of Nozzle Geometry on Diesel Spray and Combustion: Experimental and Modeling InvestigationKhanh CungSouthwest Research Institute
ECN 5.127-Jun-18Link0:00:00Presentation of the Agenda and Description of ECN6 Inscription LinkGilles BruneauxIFPEN
ECN 5.127-Jun-18Link0:02:40Spray G in Optical Accessible IC EnginePatrick KranzUniversity of Duisburg-Essen
ECN 5.127-Jun-18Link0:22:00Comparison of LOL determination methodologies in Spray A ConfigurationChristine RoussellePRISME
ECN 5.135-Jul-18Link0:00:00IntroductionLyle PickettSandia
ECN 5.135-Jul-18Link0:02:51Gasoline Spray (Spray G) Droplet Sizing under Flash-boiling G2 ConditinosXuesong "Sean" LiShanghai Jiao Tong University
ECN 5.135-Jul-18Link0:19:42Atomization of Spray B with dodecane and xME FuelsYakup KayaRWTH Aachen University
ECN 5.135-Jul-18Link0:35:16High-Fidelity LES of Reacting Spray AMathis BodeRWTH Aachen University
ECN 5.135-Jul-18Link0:50:48Methodology and Experimental Uncertainty of Spray B Measurements in University of Duisburg-EssenMing ZhaoUniversity of Duisburg-Essen
ECN 5.135-Jul-18Link1:20:38Effects of Engine Speed on Spray GLuis GutierrezUniversity of Michigan
ECN 5.135-Jul-18Link1:39:42DNS of a turbulent, self-igniting n-dodecane jetGiulio BorghesiSandia
ECN 5.135-Jul-18Link2:07:24International Journal of Engine Research - Call for PapersTodd FanslerUniversity of Wisconsin
ECN 5.135-Jul-18Link2:10:08Closing Comments about the Plan for ECN6Lyle PickettSandia
ECN 6.010-Sep-18Link0:00:00ECN6 Introduction PresentationLyle Pickett, Gilles Bruneaux, Raul PayriSandia, IFPEN, CMT
ECN 6.010-Sep-18Link0:32:52X-Ray Diagnostics of ECN Spray GChristopher PowellANL
ECN 6.010-Sep-18Link0:58:00Internal and Near-Nozzle Flow Gasoline SprayDavid SchmidtUmass
ECN 6.010-Sep-18Link1:55:48Evaporative Spray G (External, Plume Interaction, Flash Boiling)Tommaso Lucchini/Alessandro MontanaroPolitecnico di Milano
ECN 6.010-Sep-18Link3:01:32Spray G in EnginesJoaquin De la MorenaCMT
ECN 6.010-Sep-18Link0:00:45Diesel Internal and Near-Nozzle Flows; Presentation 1Mathis BodeAachen University
ECN 6.010-Sep-18Link0:26:13Diesel Internal and Near-Nozzle Flows; Presentation 2Mathis BodeAachen University
ECN 6.010-Sep-18Link1:01:26Primary Atomization (Near-Nozzle Mixing)Michele BattistoniUniversity of Perugia
ECN 6.011-Sep-18Link0:00:00Topic Flame StructureLouis-Marie MalbecIFPEN
ECN 6.011-Sep-18Link0:57:16Diesel Combustion - Heat ReleaseJose M Garcia-OliverCMT
ECN 6.011-Sep-18Link0:00:00Spray B in EnginesLouis-Marie MalbecIFPEN
ECN 6.011-Sep-18Link0:30:31Emissions: SootScott SkeenSandia
ECN 6.18-Nov-18Link (Audio Only)0:00:00A conceptual model of the flame stabilization mechanisms for a lifted Diesel-type flame based on Direct Numerical Simulation and experimentsFabien TaglianteIFPEN
ECN 6.18-Nov-18Link (Audio Only)0:14:37Preparation for Spray D study at KAUSTJianguo DuKAUST
ECN 6.18-Nov-18Link (Audio Only)0:25:31The Role of Linear Stability in Primary Atomization using High Fidelity Spray A SimulationsMario TrujilloUniversity of Wisconsin—Madison
ECN 6.18-Nov-18Link (Audio Only)0:43:50After ECN6, how to archive selected experimental and modeling data?Lyle PickettSandia
ECN 6.18-Nov-18Link (Audio Only)1:08:14Presentation of a Special issue related to ECN topic on International Journal of Engine ResearchRaul PayriUPV
ECN 6.26-Dec-18Link0:00:40Cavitation sources for Spray DKoji YasutomiHino Motors
ECN 6.26-Dec-18Link0:18:50Comparison of Spray C & D reacting experimental dataNoud MaesTU/e
ECN 6.26-Dec-18Link0:30:59Presentation of Agenda for "CFD-archive" ECN committee meetingLyle PickettSandia
ECN 6.26-Dec-18Link0:39:24Discussion items for "CFD-archive" ECN committee meetingMathis BodeAachen University
ECN 6.37-Feb-19Link0:06:50Development of limited-view tomography for measurement of Spray-G plume direction and liquid volume fractionLukas WeissErlangen-Nuremberg
ECN 6.37-Feb-19Link0:24:43Spatially and temporally resolved liquid volume fraction at G2 and G3 conditions with different fuelsJoonsik HwangSandia
ECN 6.37-Feb-19Link0:42:42New Denso Supplied ECN "Spray A" InjectorsScott SkeenSandia
ECN 6.37-Feb-19Link0:49:50Detailed soot modeling of the Spray A injectorTyler StricklandUniversity of Wisconsin—Madison
ECN 6.37-Feb-19Link1:05:19Sharp-interface simulation of Spray G primary atomization for iso-octance and an oxygenated fuel blendMarco ArientiSandia
ECN 6.47-Mar-19Link0:02:04Gasoline-like fuel compression ignition under near Spray A conditionsMark ZhaiUNSW
ECN 6.47-Mar-19Link0:19:50Diesel Injector (Spray A and C/D) Elasticity Effects on Start of InjectionKoji YasutomiHino Motors
ECN 6.47-Mar-19Link0:48:09Numerical Studies on Spray A/D Ignition and Flame StabilizationLeonardo PachanoCMT
ECN 6.54-Apr-19Link0:01:58Towards ECN7 Detroit area (exact location to be defined)Gilles BruneauxIFPEN
ECN 6.54-Apr-19Link0:13:303D Imaging of Spray C #37 Using X-Ray Micro-CTAniket TekawadeANL
ECN 6.62-May-19Link0:01:48CFD Analysis of Heat Release in ECN-Type VesselsJose M. Garcia-OliverCMT
ECN 6.62-May-19Link0:20:42Effects of the Ambient and Injection Conditions on the Spray Structure and Evaporation of the ECN Spray GAlessandro MontanaroInstituto Motori
ECN 6.62-May-19Link0:39:25Real-Fluid Injection Modeling and LES Simulation of the ECN Spray A Injector Using a Fully Compressible Two-Phase Flow ApproachSongzhi YangIFPEN
ECN 6.62-May-19Link0:57:07Modeling Sub-Grid Scale Energy Dissipation Rate in Large-Eddy Spray SimulationsHongjiang LiUniversity of Wisconsin-Madison
ECN 6.62-May-19Link1:13:21An Investigation of Soot Evolution in High-Pressure Spray CombustionKhaled Mosharraf MukutMarquette University
ECN 6.62-May-19Link1:30:06Presentation of ECN7 to be held in Detrait in April 2020Raul PayriUPV
ECN 6.76-Jun-19Link0:02:08Imaging of tip wetting at Spray G2 conditionsJoonsik HwangSandia
ECN 6.76-Jun-19Link0:16:14Les Studies of Split-Injection for Spray AWanhui ZhaoTianjin University
ECN 6.811-Jul-19Link0:02:51Effect of residual gases on soot production of SPRAY A conditionsChetan PatelUniversity of Orleans
ECN 6.811-Jul-19Link0:26:25Effect of diagnostics on ignition delay measurements for ECN Spray BMing ZhaoUniversity of Duisburg-Essen
ECN 6.811-Jul-19Link0:42:38A multispectral, extinction-based diagnostic for high-pressure spray field quantificationFarzad PoursadeghGeorgia Institute of Technology
ECN 6.811-Jul-19Link1:01:52Spray break-up/propogation of synthetic fuels for CI-EnginesMathis BodeInstitute for Combustion Technology
ECN 6.811-Jul-19Link1:17:02Examination of diesel-spray combustion in supercritical ambient fluid using large-eddy simulationsWai Tong ChungStanford University
ECN 6.95-Sep-19Link0:03:57Multi-component Fuel Spray Modeling for Vaporization and Flash BoilingAndy Yan and Suya GaoUniversity of Illinois
ECN 6.95-Sep-19Link0:25:04In-Nozzle Flow Large Eddy Simulations of ECN Spray C Under Realistic Operating Conditions with N-Dodecane and Iso-Octane FuelsHengjie GuoArgonne
ECN 6.95-Sep-19Link0:43:26Modeling Spray A with non-spherical dropletsTuan M. NguyenSandia
ECN 6.95-Sep-19Link0:57:35An update on Spray G measurements in a constant flow vesselJoonsik HwangSandia
ECN 6.95-Sep-19Link1:13:58The Effect of Chemical Kinetic Mechanism Size on CFD Simulations of ECN Spray ANick KillingsworthLLNL
ECN 6.95-Sep-19Link1:31:42DNS of Spray A multi-injection mixing and ignitionMartin RiethSandia
ECN 6.117-Nov-19Link0:01:52Validation measurements of OptiVeP with ECN DSALukas WeissErlangen-Nuremberg
ECN 6.117-Nov-19Link0:15:02Virtual Diagnostics - How to compare experiments and simulationsChristian HasseTech. U. Denmark
ECN 6.117-Nov-19Link0:41:13Re-assessment of Spray G penetration measurementJoonsik HwangSandia
ECN 6.125-Dec-19Link0:02:54Two-Phase Flow and Turbulence Models Parameter Sensitivity Analysis and Optimization using "Spray A" as reference caseDamien Aubagnac-KarkarIFPEN
ECN 6.125-Dec-19Link0:22:19Topic 10: A Newborn Topic; UpdatesMichele BardiIFPEN
ECN 6.125-Dec-19Link0:28:54Spray Impingement Experiments - Wall DesignLyle PickettSandia
ECN 6.125-Dec-19Link0:33:41Development of Quantitave Experimental Diagnostics for the Characterization of Pool Fires at Engine-Like ConditionsMichele BardiIFPEN
ECN 6.125-Dec-19Link0:43:25Simultaneous High-Speed Formaldehyde PLIF and Schlieren Imaging of Spray AHyung Sub SimSandia
ECN 6.136-Feb-20Davidovic's Presentation-LES of Spray A using the Hybrid Method of Moments Soot ModelM. DavidovicRWTH Aachen University
ECN 6.136-Feb-20Tagliante's Presentation-Evaluation of hybrid LLNL 65 species mechanism including formaldehyde and OH*, and lift-off length definitionFabien TaglianteSandia
ECN 6.136-Feb-20Battistoni's Presentation-Simulations of fuel spray transients in single (spray A & C/D-like) and multi-hole (spray B) injectorsMichele BattistoniUniversity of Perugia
ECN 6.145-Mar-20Link0:02:50CFD Predicted Characteristics of Two-Pulse Injection Jet Interactions [Evaporating-only (non-combusting) jets]Randy HesselUniversity of Wisconsin
ECN 6.145-Mar-20Link0:16:46A New Wireframe Geometry for Spray D Internal Flow CalculationsLyle PickettSandia
ECN 6.145-Mar-20Link0:29:28Thermal Effects in Diesel Injection: Application for the Spray-D InjectorFoivos KoukouvinisSandia
ECN 6.145-Mar-20Link0:46:16High-speed formaldehyde and PAH imaging of Spray C and DNoud MaesSandia
ECN 6.145-Mar-20Link1:02:13Spray G experiments with E00 3-component fuelJoonsik HwangSandia
ECN 6.145-Mar-20Link1:20:48Preliminary Examination of Spray G - Wall Impingement with X-Ray Diagnostics and CFDBrandon SforzoArgonne
ECN 6.145-Mar-20Link1:39:17Development of Quantitative Experimental Diagnostics for the Characterization of Pool Fires at Engine-Line ConditionsKamal ShwayIFPEN
ECN 6.157-May-20Link0:03:28Importance of LES subgrid modeling in a spray combustion and its effect on soot modelingHesheng BaoTU/e
ECN 6.157-May-20Link0:22:05The Effect of Chemical Kinetic Mechanism on CFD Simulations of ECN Spray ANick KillingsworthLLNL
ECN 6.157-May-20Link0:46:54High-speed Formaldehyde and High-Temperature Reaction Structure of Spray A using PRF80Hyung Sub SimSandia
ECN 6.157-May-20Link1:02:53Experimental characterization of gas temperature at Spray A conditionsNoud MaesSandia
ECN 6.157-May-20Link1:21:42Considerations for the temperature stratification in a pre-burn constant-volume cumbustion chamber: Impact of stratified initial gas temperature on predicted auto-ignition delay and flame stabilization of Spray AFabien TaglianteSandia
ECN 7.0.110-Jun-20Link0:00:12ECN7 Introduction PresentationLyle Pickett, Gilles Bruneaux, Raul PayriSandia, IFPEN, CMT
ECN 7.0.110-Jun-20Link0:34:41Topic 7: Internal & Near-Nozzle FlowBrandon SforzoArgonne
ECN 7.0.110-Jun-20Link1:01:46Topic 8: Evaporative Spray G (external, plume interaction, flash boiling)Tommaso Lucchini/Louis-Marie MalbecPolitecnico di Milano
ECN 7.0.110-Jun-20Link1:29:40Topic 9: Spray G in EnginesBenjamin BohmTU Darmstadt
ECN 7.0.110-Jun-20Link1:52:42Topic 10: Spray G wall impact and combustionMichele BardiIFPEN
ECN 7.0.110-Jun-20Link2:22:50Gasoline Sprays Panel DiscussionLyle Pickett, Gilles Bruneaux, Raul PayriSandia, IFPEN, CMT
ECN 7.0.217-Jun-20Link0:00:08Diesel Sprays IntroductionLyle PickettSandia
ECN 7.0.217-Jun-20Link0:11:31Internal and Near-Nozzle Synchrotron X-Ray Diagnostics for Spray CAniket TekawadeArgonne
ECN 7.0.217-Jun-20Link0:28:11Topic 1: Diagnostics for injection transients and gas exchangeJulien ManinSandia
ECN 7.0.217-Jun-20Link0:50:48Gas exchange and thermal effects during fast transients: application for Spray C/DFoivos KoukouvinisSandia
ECN 7.0.217-Jun-20Link1:05:52Internal Flow and Near-Field of Spray C & DMichele BattistoniUniversity of Perugia
ECN 7.0.217-Jun-20Link1:21:40Near-Field Evaporation of Spray D Under Hot ConditionsMathis BodeAachen University
ECN 7.0.217-Jun-20Link1:35:03Mixing of Spray C & D Downstream of the Liquid LengthRuss FitzgeraldCaterpillar
ECN 7.0.217-Jun-20Link2:01:39Diesel Sprays Panel DiscussionLyle PickettSandia
ECN 7.0.325-Jun-20Link0:00:20Diesel Combustion IntroductionRaul PayriCMT
ECN 7.0.325-Jun-20Link0:11:32Fuel Effect on Compression IgnitionYuanjiang Pei, Emma ZhaoAramco Americas, Argonne
ECN 7.0.325-Jun-20Link0:41:27Ignition ChemistryNick KillingsworthLLNL
ECN 7.0.325-Jun-20Link1:11:31Flame Structure TopicLeonardo PachanoCMT
ECN 7.0.325-Jun-20Link1:40:09Topic 6: Soot-Soot-SootNoud MaesSandia
ECN 7.0.325-Jun-20Link2:10:29Diesel Combustion Panel Discussion
ECN 7.13-Nov-20Link0:00:08COVID-19 Recap and Future ECN8 GoalsLyle PickettSandia
ECN 7.13-Nov-20Link0:08:59Tabulated flamelet models for split injections of Spray ACody NunnoArgonne
ECN 7.13-Nov-20Link0:24:10Rate of Injection Characterization of ECN "Chicken Foot" InjectorsVictor MendozaCMT
ECN 7.13-Nov-20Link0:31:51Proposed Surrogate Fuel for Gasoline Spray and Combustion featuring Spray G MeasurementsFoivos KoukouvinisCity U
ECN 7.13-Nov-20Link0:44:36Experimental Progress on Spray A Liquid Penetration Measurements Using Quantative Extinction ImagingLyle PickettSandia
ECN 7.13-Nov-20Link1:04:21Corrected Distortion Modeling Effects on Spray A VaporizationTuan M. NguyenSandia
ECN 7.32-Feb-21Link0:04:18Image Processing of Vaporizing Sprays: A Curvature Based ApproachMaurizio LazzaroCNR
ECN 7.32-Feb-21Link0:24:15Numerical Investigation of the ECN Spray GGiovanni TretolaUniversity of Brighton
ECN 7.32-Feb-21Link0:46:20Internal Nozzle Flow Modeling of ECN Spray G Injector Using Surrogate FuelsMaria MartinezCMT
ECN 7.32-Feb-21Link1:08:47Spray Collapse Analysis Through MIE Frontal ViewAbian BautistaCMT
ECN 7.32-Feb-21Link1:28:22Measurement of Plume to Plume variations for Spray G with implications on CFD comparisonsLogan WhiteSandia
ECN 7.44-Mar-21Link0:01:40Using physics-informed enhanced super-resolution generative adversairal networks (PIESRGAN) for subfilter modeling of Spray AMathis BodeAachen University
ECN 7.44-Mar-21Link0:20:54NEK5000 Simulations of Spray A and GJuan Diego ColmenaresArgonne
ECN 7.44-Mar-21Link0:37:24Spray G and G2 Simulations using a thermally limited bubble growth modelMarco ArientiSandia
ECN 7.44-Mar-21Link0:55:01Fuel pyrolysis, PAH, and soot formation using Spray A-3 injectorKevin WanSandia
ECN 7.44-Mar-21Link1:10:47Application of an optimized mechanism to Spray A with Primary Reference FuelsJose Marie GarciaCMT
ECN 7.66-May-21Link0:00:14Investigation of the Engine Combustion Network Spray C Characteristics using Eulerian ModelMoaz AllehaibiKAUST
ECN 7.66-May-21Link0:19:11Large-Eddy Simulation of Tri-Fuel Combustion: Diesel Spray Assisted Ignition of Methanol-Hydrogen BlendsMahmoud GadallaAalto
ECN 7.66-May-21Link0:36:04ECN Spray G injector: numerical modelling of flash-boiling breakup and spray collapseFrancesco DuronioUDSDA, STEMS
ECN 7.66-May-21Link0:52:42ECN - Spray Chicken Foot Characterization/Momentum Flux MeasurementVictor MendozaCMT
ECN 7.66-May-21Link1:06:36Spray A, C, and D: an FGM-LES study with a LES-specific dispersion modeling approachHesheng BaoTU/e
ECN 7.66-May-21Link1:24:23Development of Heavy-Duty LPG Engine with Near-Diesel Engine EfficiencyBret WindomU.S. DOE, Argonne
ECN 7.66-May-21Link1:44:12Numerical investigation of the free and ducted fuel injection strategies fueled with n-dodecaneXinlei LiuKing Abdullah University of Science and Technology
ECN 7.74-Jun-21Link0:01:16ECN 8 Diesel Spray GuidelinesJose Maria Garcia, Michele Battistoni, Noud Maes, Yuanjiang Pei, Julien Manin-
ECN 7.74-Jun-21Link0:33:20Development of Quantitative Experimental Diagnostics for the Characterization of Pool Fires at Engine-Line ConditionsKamal ShwayIFPEN
ECN 7.74-Jun-21Link0:54:13Spray G Lagrangian Simulations Utilizing Injector Tip Geometry and Variable Mass Flow Rate Between PlumesTuan M. NguyenSandia
ECN 7.81-Jul-21Link0:01:30Spray Pyrolysis CFD Modeling: Preliminary AssessmentLeonardo Pachano, Damien Aubagnac-KarkarIFPEN
ECN 7.81-Jul-21Link0:19:50X-Ray Radiography of Spray B with Parametric VariationsAlan Kastengren, Christopher F. PowellArgonne
ECN 7.81-Jul-21Link0:42:00Development of a Merit Function, Applied to Spray G, Allowing Automated and Extensive Evaluation of CFD Results Against ExperimentsFabien Tagliante, Tuan Nguyen, Lyle Pickett, Logan WhiteSandia
ECN 7.107-Oct-21Link0:04:26End of Injection Studies of Spray G InjectorChinmoy MohapatraUMass-Amherst
ECN 7.107-Oct-21Link0:24:34Detailed Evaporation Modelling for Gasoline Direct Injection: Iso-Octane vs. E30Marco Arienti, Everett WenzelSandia
ECN 7.107-Oct-21Link0:41:12Spray D, Spray A-3, and Spray A Mixing Measurements via Rayleigh ScatteringKevin Wan, Julien ManinSandia
ECN 7.114-Nov-21Link0:02:30Shot to Shot Variations and Fuels Effect in a Constant Pressure Test Facility Using Synchronized Color Schlieren, OH* Chemiluminescence, and 2-Color PyrometryAjay K Agrawal, Joshua BittleUniversity of Alabama
ECN 7.114-Nov-21Link0:20:20Large-Eddy Simulations of OME Spray Flames at ECN Spray A Nominal ConditionsDaniel Mira, Anurag Surapaneni, Eduardo J. Perez-Sanchez, Ambrus Both, J.M. Pastor, J.M. Garcia-OliverBarcelona Supercomputing Center
ECN 7.114-Nov-21Link0:34:03Internal & Near-Nozzle Flow/Evaporative SpraysBrandon Sforzo, Tommaso LucchiniANL/CNR
ECN 7.114-Nov-21Link0:42:34Spray G in EnginesBenjamin BohmTu Darmstadt
ECN 7.114-Nov-21Link0:49:06Spray G Wall Impact and Combustion: Guidelines IntroductionMichele BardiIFPEN
ECN 7.133-Feb-22Link0:01:45ECN8 DetailsLyle PickettSandia
ECN 7.133-Feb-22Link0:11:35ECN CFD Data ArchiveTuan Nguyen, Fabien Tagliante, Nathan Prisbrey, Lyle Pickett, Tyler StricklandSandia
ECN 7.133-Feb-22Link0:23:35A New CVCC for High Pressures and DensitiesAkhmad Alhikami, Jianguo Du, Bassam Aljohani, Moez Houidi, Balaji Mohan, William RobertsKing Abdullah University of Science and Technology
ECN 7.133-Feb-22Link0:37:35The Influence of Unwanted Scattering Effects on DBI MeasurementsBastian LehnertErlangen-Nuremberg
ECN 7.133-Feb-22Link0:54:11Bulk Spray and Individual Plume Characterization of LPG and Iso-Octane Sprays at Engine-like ConditionsManav SharmaColorado State University
ECN 7.133-Feb-22Link1:07:16Numerical Modeling of Transcritical Liquid Break up at ECN Spray A ConditionsDorrin JarrahbashiTexas A&M
ECN 7.133-Feb-22Link1:24:45The Role of Cool-Flame Fluctuations in High-Pressure Spray Flames, Studied Using High-Speed Optical Diagnosticts and Large-Eddy SimulationsFabien Tagliante, Tuan Nguyen, Meghna Dhanji, Hyung Sim, Lyle Pickett, Julien Manin, Goutham Kukkadapu, Russell Whitesides, Kevin WanSandia
ECN 7.143-Mar-22Link0:03:00Spray A-3 Measurements Using OME3-5Kevin Wan, Julien Manin, Hyung Sub Sim, Noud Maes, Lyle PickettSandia
ECN 7.143-Mar-22Link0:19:37eSpray - Injection, Mixing and Autoignition of e-Fuels for CI EnginesFrederik WiesmannIFA
ECN 7.143-Mar-22Link0:33:30Injection, Mixing, and Autoignition of OME in the Optical Engine Using the Spray B InjectorEsra BauerDuisburg Essen
ECN 7.143-Mar-22Link0:52:54Towards Full Injector/Engine Simulations with Advanced Subfilter ModelsMathis BodeRWTH Aachen University
ECN 7.143-Mar-22Link1:08:50Spray A Double-Injection DNS and OME Flamelet AnalysisMartitn Rieth, Jackie Chen, Marc Day, Christian HasseSandia
ECN 7.143-Mar-22Link1:19:26Update of Sandia Experimental 3D Liquid Volume Fraction Spray G DataJoonsik Hwang, Logan White, Lyle Pickett, Zachary BuenSandia
ECN 7.143-Mar-22Link1:32:05High-Speed Laser-Induced Fluorescence Measurements of Fuel Film Thickness in Impinging GDI SpraysLogan White, Julien Manin, Lyle Pickett, Tuan NguyenSandia
ECN 8.01-Apr-22Link0:00:00ECN Achievements and FutureLyle Pickett, Gilles Bruneaux, Raul PayriSandia, IFPEN, CMT
ECN 8.01-Apr-22Link0:05:00Topic 1: Internal Flow and Near FieldMichele Battistoni, Moaz AllehaibiUniversity of Perugia, KAUST
ECN 8.01-Apr-22Link0:00:55Topic 2: Vaporizing SprayNoud MaesEindhoven University
ECN 8.01-Apr-22Link0:00:30Topic 3: Ignition and FlameJose Garcia-OliverCMT
ECN 8.01-Apr-22Link0:01:10Topic 4: Flame Morphology and EmissionsJulien Manin, Tuan Nguyen, Fabien TaglianteSandia
ECN 8.01-Apr-22Link0:00:25Research Presentation and Explanation of Oakland U LaboratoriesDan DelVescovoOakland University
ECN 8.01-Apr-22Link0:00:00Future Directions--
ECN 8.02-Apr-22Link0:08:48Topic 7: Gasoline Internal and Near Nozzle FlowsBrandon Sforzo, Hengjie GuoANL
ECN 8.02-Apr-22Link0:00:10Topic 8: Gasoline EvaporationTommaso Lucchini, Zachary Buen, Joonsik Hwang, Fabien Tagliante, Tuan NguyenPolitecnico di Milano, Sandia, Mississippi State University
ECN 8.02-Apr-22Link0:00:15Topic 9: Spray G in Gasoline EnginesBenjamin BohmTU Darmstadt
ECN 8.02-Apr-22Link0:00:00Topic 10: Spray Impingement and CombustionMichele Bardi, Logal White, Meghnaa Dhanji, Tuan NguyenIFPEN, Sandia
ECN 8.12-Jun-22Link0:01:30Summary of the Minutes of ECN8 WorkshopRaul PayriUPV
ECN 8.12-Jun-22Link0:11:06A New High-Pressure and High-Temperature Facility for Spray and Combustion DiagnosticsJeremy Manus, Wesley Boyette, Jeffrey SuttonOhio State University
ECN 8.12-Jun-22Link0:24:10Detailed Evaporation Modeling for Gasoline Direct Injection: Iso-Octane vs. E30Marco Arienti, Everett WenzelSandia
ECN 8.12-Jun-22Link0:43:55Investigation of Formaldehyde and PAH Behavior Using LES of N-dodecane and OMETuan Nguyen, Fabien Tagliante, Julien Manin, Lyle Pickett, Hyung-Sub Sim, Kevin Wan, Angela WuSandia
ECN 8.12-Jun-22Link1:01:16Updates on the Combined Experimental and CFD Studies of Transient Heat Transfer Trends of Fuel Sprays Impinging on a SurfaceMeghnaa Dhanji, Tuan Nguyen, Logan White, Lyle Pickett, Julien ManinSandia