X-ray tomography of nozzle 209134  
Central cross-section of injector 2D axis-symmetric wireframe
5.05 μm per pixel wire frame hole and sac radius vs x (.csv)
Use for analysis of needle and upstream flow passages wire frame needle radius vs x (.csv)
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Specifications for Spray D injectors of the Engine Combustion Network
Common rail fuel injector
Fuel injector nominal nozzle outlet diameter 0.18 mm
Nozzle K factor KS1.5
Nozzle shaping
Mini-sac volume
Discharge coefficient at 10 MPa pressure drop
Number of holes 1 (single hole)
Hole angular position
Orifice orientation relative to injector axis


Injector Serial # Surface file .stl Microscopy exit diameter [μm] Orifice exit picture Orifice exit boundary .txt [μm] Needle mean radius vs axial position (with 0.4 mm lift) [mm]
209134 stl (177 MB) 0.186 nozzle exit hole radius vs x (.csv) needle radius vs x (.csv)