1. noxycon – Nominal Ambient Oxygen Concentration [%], O2
    Mole fraction of ambient oxygen in the vessel. Used for simulating the use of EGR or creating an inert (0% O2) environment. Concentrations of other major species (N2, CO2, H2O) .
  2. ntemp – Nominal Ambient Temperature [K], Ta
    Gas temperature of the core region of the vessel. Uniformity of core temperature.
  3. ndensity – Nominal Ambient Density [kg/m3], ρa
    Gas density of the core region of the vessel.
  4. norif – Nozzle Size or Orifice Diameter [mm], d
    Smallest diameter of injector nozzle. Detailed description of injector tips and orifice flow coefficients.
  5. nsernum – Nominal Serial Number
    Serial number.
  6. nborif – Nominal Number of Orifices
    Number of orifices.
  7. ninjpres – Nominal Injection Pressure Difference [MPa], DPinj
    Difference between fuel injector pressure and ambient gas pressure.
  8. ninjdur – Nominal Injector Duration [ms]
    Injection duration is actual hydraulic injection and not electronic command to injector.
  9. nfuelt – Fuel Type
    Fuel type. Fuel properties.
  10. nfueltemp – Nominal Fuel Temperature [K], Tfl
    Nominal Fuel Temperature.
  11. ninst – Institution
    Name of the institution that recorded select data.
  12. fileBaseName – File Base Name
    Experimental naming structure plus fuel type, fuel temperature, and injector duration.
  13. date – Date
    Date experiment was performed.
  14. readme – Readme
  15. refs – References
    List references to data/experiment.
  16. keywords – Keywords
    Keywords in categories such as Evidence of Specific Physics, Diagnostics, etc.
  17. oxycon – Actual Oxygen Concentration [%],
    Actual ambient oxygen mole fraction.
  18. oxyconU – Actual Oxygen Concentration Uncertainty [%],
    Actual ambient oxygen mole fraction uncertainty.
  19. ambComp – Ambient Components [%],
    Actual mole fraction for all species, major and minor species.
  20. ambCompU – Ambient Components Uncertainty [%],
    Uncertainty for all species mole fraction, major and minor species.
  21. MW – Ambient Molecular Weight [K]
    Ambient molecular weight.
  22. Ta – Ambient Temperature at Ignition [K]
    Actual mean ambient core temperature at start of injection.
  23. TaS – Ambient Temperature at Ignition Standard Deviation [K]
    Actual ambient core temperature Standard Deviation.
  24. TaU – Ambient Temperature at Ignition Uncertainty [K]
    Actual mean ambient core temperature Uncertainty.
  25. Tbulk – Bulk Temperature [K], Tb
    Mass-averaged bulk temperature (Tb) determined from the real-gas equation of state (P = Z &middot R &middot &#961 &middot Tb /MW), where &#961 is constant for a given experiment and P is pressure. Detailed description.
  26. dens – Actual Ambient Density [kg/m3]
    Actual ambient density.
  27. densS – Ambient Density After Ignition Standard Deviation [kg/m3],
    Actual ambient density Standard deviation.
  28. densU – Ambient Density After Ignition Uncertainty [kg/m3],
    Actual mean ambient density Uncertainty.
  29. densbulk – Bulk Density [kg/m3], ρb
    Mass-averaged bulk density. The initial density of combustion vessel charge, prior to preburn and diesel injection. Bulk density is constant for a given experimental simulation.
  30. ambP – Ambient Pressure [MPa], P
    Mean ambient pressure.
  31. Z – Ambient Compressibility Factor , Z
  32. ZU – Ambient Compressibility Factor Uncertainty
    Compressibility factor at time of injection Uncertainty.
  33. ambVelocity – Ambient Mean Velocity [m/s]
    Ambient mean velocity, could be link to spatially-resolved text file.
  34. ambVelocityU – Ambient Mean Velocity Uncertainty [m/s]
    Ambient mean velocity Uncertainty.
  35. ambVelTurbulence – Ambient Velocity Turbulence [m/s]
    Ambient velocity turbulence intensity; file.
  36. ambVelTurbulenceU – Ambient Velocity Turbulence Uncertainty [m/s]
    Ambient velocity turbulence intensity Uncertainty; file.
  37. vessGeom – Vessel Geometry
    Dimensions of vessel; could be 3d solid model, etc…
  38. injP – Actual Mean Injection Pressure [MPa]
    Actual mean injection pressure. Absolute, not pressure difference.
  39. injPS – Injection Pressure Standard Deviation [MPa]
    Injection pressure Standard deviation.
  40. injPU – Injection Pressure Uncertainty [MPa]
    Mean injection pressure Uncertainty.
  41. Tfuel – Actual Mean Fuel Temperature [K]
    Actual mean fuel temperature.
  42. TfuelS – Mean Fuel Temperature Standard Deviation [K]
    Fuel temperature Standard deviation.
  43. TfuelU – Mean Fuel Temperature Uncertainty [K]
    Mean fuel temperature Uncertainty.
  44. Tnozzle – Mean Nozzle Temperature [K]
    Mean nozzle temperature.
  45. TnozzleS – Mean Nozzle Temperature Standard Deviation [K]
    Nozzle temperature Standard deviation.
  46. TnozzleU – Mean Nozzle Temperature Uncertainty [K]
    Nozzle temperature Uncertainty.
  47. roi – Mean Mass Rate of Injection [mg/ms]
    Mean mass rate of injection versus time.
  48. injDur – Estimated Injection Duration [ms]
    Average injection duration determined by attenuation of HeNe laser positioned 7 mm in front of injector.
  49. injDurS – Injection Duration Standard Deviation [ms]
    Injection duration standard deviation.
  50. injDurU – Injection Duration Uncertainty [ms]
    Injection duration uncertainty.
  51. injMass – Estimated Injection Mass [mg]
    Injected mass estimated from measured injection duration, and using injector calibration. See Equation 4 from here. Injector opening and closing effects are included by subtracting 0.15 ms from the measured injection duration for use in Eq. 4.
  52. injMassS – Injection Mass Standard Deviation [mg]
    Injection mass Standard deviation.
  53. injMassU – Injection Mass Uncertainty [mg]
    Mean injection mass Uncertainty.
  54. Cd – Steady Flow Discharge Coefficient
    Discharge coefficient, steady flow.
  55. CdU – Steady Flow Discharge Coefficient Uncertainty
    Discharge coefficient Uncertainty.
  56. Ca – Steady Flow Are Contraction Coefficient
    Area contraction coefficient for steady flow.
  57. CaU – Area Contraction Coefficient Uncertainty
    Area contraction coeff Uncertainty.
  58. orifDiam – Actual Effective Nozzle Diameter [mm]
    Actual effective nozzle diameter.
  59. orifDiamU – Actual Nozzle Diameter Uncertainty [mm]
    Actual nozzle diameter Uncertainty.
  60. nozGeom – Actual Upstream Nozzle and Injector Geometry
    Actual upstream nozzle and injector geometry, K factor.
  61. needlePos – Needle Position vs Time [mm]
    Needle position vs time.
  62. needlePosU – Needle Position vs Time Uncertainty [mm]
    Needle position vs time Uncertainty.
  63. fuelprops – Fuel Properties
    Link to various fuel properties.
  64. liqlen – Liquid Length [mm]
    The maximum extent of liquid-phase spray penetration during injection.
  65. jetpen – Jet Penetration [mm]
    Text file giving the penetration distance of the jet/vapor boundary versus time. Detailed description.
  66. spreadAngle – Spread Angle[degrees]
    A text file called “spreadAngle.txt” could have SA versus time, description of definition/threshold for the angle, uncertainty, etc..
  67. mixing – Mixing
    2D data includes time ASI, F/A ratio, Uncertainty, Instantaneous images, whatever.
  68. pressCV – Pressure Rise [MPa]
    Text file giving: time relative to start of injection [ms], speed of sound corrected time relative to start of injection [ms], raw pressure rise data, smooth pressure rise data, pressure rise standard deviation, pressure rise uncertainty, absolute pressure, ROHR, and total heat release. Detailed description.
  69. velocity – Velocity
    Velocity and turbulence within spray.
  70. combSpecies – Combustion Species
    Mole or mass fraction of combustion products, radicals or intermediates. Planar images or other spatial distributions given as text files.
  71. liqVol – Liquid Volume
    Liquid volume fraction data, links.
  72. dropDia – Droplet Diameter [mm]
    Droplet diameter distribution vs time ASI.
  73. movie – High-Speed Movies
    Links to movies. Examples include chemiluminescence, soot, schlieren, shadowgraph, liquid scatter or extinction. Scale should be included. Preferred in [mm].
  74. AddFiles – Additional Files
    Additional data and description for a given condition.