Movies from this page correspond to this paper by J. Hwang et al entitled “Spatio-temporal identification of plume dynamics using Engine Combustion Network (ECN) Spray G injector by 3D computed tomography”

Boundary of liquid spray at Y-Z plane ambient condition comparison Fig. 11
LVF at Z=30mm G2 condition ic8 Fig. 13(a)_G2
LVF at Z=30mm G3 condition ic8 Fig. 13(a)_G3
LVF at Z=30mm G3HT condition ic8 Fig. 13(a) G3HT
Averaged LVF at Z=30mm G2/G3/G3HT Fig. 13(b)
Boundary of liquid spray at Y-Z plane fuel comparison under G2 condition Fig. 15
LVF at Z=30mm ic8 G2 condition Fig. 17(a) ic8
LVF at Z=30mm di-isobutylene G2 condition Fig. 17(a) di-isobutylene
LVF at Z=30mm olefinic G2 condition Fig. 17(a) olefinic
LVF at Z=30mm e30 G2 condition Fig. 17(a) e30
Averaged LVF at Z=30mm fuel comparison Fig. 17(b)
3D LVF spray ic8 Fig. 18 ic8
3D LVF spray di-isobutylene Fig. 18 di-isobutylene
3D LVF spray olefinic Fig. 18 olefinic
3D LVF spray e30 Fig. 18 e30