Request for Experimental and Modeling Contributions


Experimental and modeling teams have defined target conditions that will be the focus of activity for the upcoming ECN2 Workshop (7-8 Sept. 2012). To date, we show that 19 different modeling groups and 8 different experimental groups (see spreadsheet) intend to offer contributions in the subject of diesel spray combustion. This research will highlight Spray A and Spray H conditions and variants, and a summary of findings in each subtopic will be presented during ECN2 (see program). Gasoline and engine flow sessions will also be held but similar targets have not yet been defined. The proceedings from ECN1 demonstrate how submitted data may be compared, although the range of conditions explored and quantities compared was quite limited for ECN1.

Guidelines for experimental and modeling submissions

To aid collection of modeling and experimental data, session coordinators have outlined the target conditions, quantities to be compared, spatial position and timing, format of submitted results, and deadlines (July 30 to Aug 15) for submissions. The guidelines for submissions in each topic can be downloaded below.

Boundary conditions sufficient to describe each target case should be available by referencing the online data archive. Experimentalists with data submissions should use this same web database to share and archive data, following the formats recommended by the above guidelines and the “Spray A Standards” for experimental method and processing. Modeling results will also be post-processed according to these guidelines and consistent with computational method comparison standards.