ECN3 – Request for Experimental and Modeling Contributions


Experimental and modeling teams have defined target conditions that will be the focus of activity for the upcoming ECN3 Workshop (4-5 Apr. 2014). This research will highlight topics in diesel and gasoline spray combustion, as well as engine flows and combustion (see objectives and program for ECN3). Past proceedings from ECN workshops demonstrate how submitted data may be compared with strong experimental and modeling collaboration on key topic areas.

Guidelines for experimental and modeling submissions

To aid collection of modeling and experimental data, session coordinators have outlined the target conditions, quantities to be compared, spatial position and timing, format of submitted results, and deadlines for submissions. The guidelines for submissions in each topic can be downloaded below.

  • Diesel Spray Topic 1: Internal nozzle flow to spray development and vaporization guidelines.
  • Diesel Combustion Topic 2: Mixing/chemistry interaction guidelines.
  • Gasoline Spray G guidelines.
  • Engine Flow and Combustion guidelines.

Boundary conditions sufficient to describe each target case should be available by referencing the online data archive or by directly contacting session organizers. Experimentalists with data submissions are required to internally and externally review for quality and uncertainty. They may use the web database to share and archive data, following the formats recommended by the above guidelines and the examples and tutorials for ECN data archiving. Modeling results will also be post-processed according to the guidelines above and consistent with the computational method comparison standards.