N-Dodecane; 15% O2; 21.8-23.8 kg/m3 Density; 1500 bar Injection Pressure; 90 C Fuel Temperature; 3.5 ms Injection Duration; Sandia CV; July 2020

See Tagliante et al 2022 for the experimental methodology.

High-speed 355-nm PLIF imaging provides a time-resolved measure of the presence of CH2O and PAHs around 3-4 rings in size. A sample movie is shown below.

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Below is a ensemble- and time-averaged quasi-steady image. The color scales are set to highlight the CH2O field, while allowing the signal from PAHs to saturate.

Ensemble-averaged Quasi-steady PLIF Image
Axial values (X, mm)Radial values (Y, mm)Intensity values (a.u.)

The ensemble-averaged spatiotemporal Ixt image shows the radially-integrated fluorescence field as a function of time and axial distance.

Average PLIF IXT
Time values (ms)Intensity values (a.u.)