CameraPhantom v7.1Phantom v7.1Phantom v7.1Phantom v7.1
Lens f, f/#50 mm, f/1.250 mm, f/1.250 mm, f/1.285 mm, f/2.8
Filter center, fwhm<600nm<600nm532 nm, 0° inc. mirror450 nm, 50nm
Lighting532 nm CW laser side illuminationXe arc lamp450 nm LED
Frame period [µs]505021.2526.25
Exp. time [µs]4646210
Movie: Play or right-click to download mpgLuminositySchlieren
DescriptionMie-scatter and combustion chemiluminescence and soot luminosity are visible. Mie-scatter luminosity is out of focus because of the low f/# needed to simultaneously collect combustion luminosity. Soot luminosity background is dynamically corrected.With laser off only combustion chemiluminescence and soot luminosity are visible. Flame clearly exists at the injector after the end of injection, and soot luminosity forms from poorly mixed, but vaporized, fuel (no Mie-scatter is visible there is no laser illumination).Schlieren movie obtained simultaneously with Mie-scatter movie. Flame border overlaid. Schlieren movie shown with and without corrections for background schlieren effects from the ambient. Soot luminosity adds to the schlieren light because of broadband light collection.Schlieren movie obtained simultaneously with luminosity movie. Flame border overlaid. Soot luminosity now not visible in schlieren because of bandpass filtering.
ReferencesSAE 2010-01-2106SAE 2012-01-1239Pickett, 2010; Pickett, 2009;SAE 2012-01-1239
Mie-scatter 012Luminosity 035Schlieren 012Schlieren 035