Time-resolved mixing data for Spray A has been acquired using pulse-burst Rayleigh scattering at 100 kHz. The data has been presented by Julien Manin et al. at ECN6. A paper describing the dataset can be found here: Manin et al.. Datasets for a cut plane through the center of the jet in a region important for ignition are available to download below, stored in single-precision binary Matlab format. Variables include fuel-ambient ratio by number (NFA), temperature, and axial (X), and cross-stream (Y) coordinates. An ensemble-average of 11 injections is provided, as well as instantaneous single-injection data.

 Ensemble-average F/A ratio by number.

Single-injection instantaneous F/A ratio by number.

MWf = 170.338; MWa = 28.679; % Molecular weight of fuel (n-dodecane) and ambient

FA = MWf/MWa*NFA; %Fuel-Ambient ratio by mass

Z =  FA./(FA+1); %mixture fraction