Brief Definition of Data

The first eight columns of the returned data are nominal search parameters.

Description of data columns:
  1. noxycon – Nominal Ambient Oxygen Concentration [%], O2
    Mole fraction of ambient oxygen in the vessel. Used for simulating the use of EGR or creating an inert (0% O2) environment. Concentrations of other major species (N2, CO2, H2O) .
  2. ntemp – Nominal Ambient Temperature [K], Ta
    Gas temperature of the core region of the vessel. Uniformity of core temperature.
  3. ndensity – Nominal Ambient Density [kg/m3], ρa
    Gas density of the core region of the vessel.
  4. norif – Nozzle Size or Orifice Diameter [mm], d
    Smallest diameter of injector nozzle. Detailed description of injector tips and orifice flow coefficients.
  5. nsernum – Serial Number
    Injector Serial Number.
  6. ninjpres – Nominal Injection Pressure Difference [MPa], DPinj
    Difference between fuel injector pressure and ambient gas pressure.
  7. ninjdur – Nominal Injector Duration
    Fuel properties.
  8. nfuelt – Fuel Type
    Fuel type.
  9. nfueltemp – Nominal Fuel Temperature [K], Tfl
    Nominal Fuel Temperature.
  10. ninst – Institution
    Name of the institution that recorded select data.
  11. fileBaseName – File Base Name
    Experimental naming structure plus fuel type, fuel temperature, and injector duration.
  12. date – Date
    Date experiment was performed.
  13. readme – Readme
    All readme, description of dataset.
  14. refs – References
    List references to data/experiment.
  15. oxycon – Actual Oxygen Concentration [%],
    Actual ambient oxygen mole fraction.
  16. oxyconU – Actual Oxygen Concentration Uncertainty[%],
    Actual ambient oxygen mole fraction uncertainty.
  17. ambComp – Ambient Components[%],
    Actual mole fraction for all species, major and minor species.
  18. ambCompU – Ambient Components Uncertainty[%],
    Uncertainty for all species mole fraction, major and minor species.
  19. MW – Ambient Molecular Weight [K]
    Ambient molecular weight.
  20. Ta – Ambient Temperature at Ignition [K]
    Actual mean ambient core temperature at start of injection.
  21. TaS – Ambient Temperature at Ignition Standard Deviation [K]
    Actual ambient core temperature Standard Deviation.
  22. TaU – Ambient Temperature at Ignition Uncertainty [K]
    Actual mean ambient core temperature Uncertainty.
  23. Ta_ai – Ambient Temperature After Ignition [K]
    Calculated ambient temperature after ignition and premixed burn compress unmixed ambient gases. Although the difference from the ambient temperature at start of ignition is typically small, this temperature is useful for evaluation of ambient temperature for diagnostics performed after ignition such as lift-off length or soot measurements. Further description.
  24. Tbulk – Bulk Temperature [K], Tb
    Mass-averaged bulk temperature (Tb) determined from the real-gas equation of state (P = Z · R · ρ · Tb /MW), where ρ is constant for a given experiment and P is pressure. Detailed description
  25. dens – Actual Ambient Density [kg/m3]
    Actual ambient density.
  26. densS – Ambient Density After Ignition Standard Deviation [kg/m3],
    Actual ambient density Standard deviation.
  27. densU – Ambient Density After Ignition Uncertainty [kg/m3],
    Actual mean ambient density Uncertainty.
  28. dens_ai – Ambient Density After Ignition [kg/m3],
    Calculated ambient density after ignition and premixed burn compress unmixed ambient gases. Used as density for quasi-steady lift-off prediction for example.
  29. densbulk – Bulk Density [kg/m3], ρb
    Mass-averaged bulk density. The initial density of combustion vessel charge, prior to preburn and diesel injection. Bulk density is constant for a given experimental simulation.
  30. ambP – Ambient Pressure [MPa], P
    Mean ambient pressure.
  31. Z – Ambient Compressibility Factor , Z
  32. ZU – Ambient Compressibility Factor Uncertainty
    Compressibility factor at time of injection Uncertainty.
  33. ambVelocity – Ambient Mean Velocity [m/s]
    Ambient mean velocity, could be link to spatially-resolved text file.
  34. ambVelocityU – Ambient Mean Velocity Uncertainty [m/s]
    Ambient mean velocity Uncertainty.
  35. ambVelTurbulence – Ambient Velocity Turbulence [m/s]
    Ambient velocity turbulence intensity; file.
  36. ambVelTurbulenceU – Ambient Velocity Turbulence Uncertainty [m/s]
    Ambient velocity turbulence intensity Uncertainty; file.
  37. vessGeom – Vessel Geometry
    Dimensions of vessel; could be 3d solid model, etc…
  38. injP – Actual Mean Injection Pressure [MPa]
    Actual mean injection pressure. Absolute, not pressure difference.
  39. injPS – Injection Pressure Standard Deviation [MPa]
    Injection pressure Standard deviation.
  40. injPU – Injection Pressure Uncertainty [MPa]
    Mean injection pressure Uncertainty.
  41. Tfuel – Actual Mean Fuel Temperature [K]
    Actual mean fuel temperature.
  42. TfuelS – Mean Fuel Temperature Standard Deviation [K]
    Fuel temperature Standard deviation.
  43. TfuelU – Mean Fuel Temperature Uncertainty [K]
    Mean fuel temperature Uncertainty.
  44. Tnozzle – Mean Nozzle Temperature [K]
    Mean nozzle temperature.
  45. TnozzleS – Mean Nozzle Temperature Standard Deviation [K]
    Nozzle temperature Standard deviation.
  46. TnozzleU – Mean Nozzle Temperature Uncertainty [K]
    Nozzle temperature Uncertainty.
  47. roi – Mean Mass Rate of Injection [mg/ms]
    Mean mass rate of injection versus time.
  48. roiS – Rate of Injection Standard Deviation [mg/ms]
    Rate of injection Standard deviation vs time.
  49. roiU – Rate of Injection Uncertainty [mg/ms]
    Mean rate of injection Uncertainty vs time.
  50. injDur – Estimated Injection Duration [ms]
    Average injection duration determined by attenuation of HeNe laser positioned 7 mm in front of injector.
  51. injDurS – Injection Duration Standard Deviation [ms]
    Injection duration Standard deviation.
  52. injDurU – Injection Duration Uncertainty [ms]
    injection duration Uncertainty.
  53. injMass – Estimated Injection Mass [mg]
    Injected mass estimated from measured injection duration, and using injector calibration. See Equation 4 from here. Injector opening and closing effects are included by subtracting 0.15 ms from the measured injection duration for use in Eq. 4.
  54. injMassS – Injection Mass Standard Deviation [mg]
    Injection mass Standard deviation.
  55. injMassU – Injection Mass Uncertainty [mg]
    Mean injection mass Uncertainty.
  56. Cd – Steady Flow Discharge Coefficient
    Discharge coefficient, steady flow.
  57. CdU – Steady Flow Discharge Coefficient Uncertainty
    Discharge coefficient Uncertainty.
  58. Ca – Steady Flow Are Contraction Coefficient
    Area contraction coefficient for steady flow.
  59. CaU – Area Contraction Coefficient Uncertainty
    Area contraction coeff Uncertainty.
  60. orifDiam – Actual Effective Nozzle Diameter [mm]
    Actual effective nozzle diameter.
  61. orifDiamU – Actual Nozzle Diameter Uncertainty [mm]
    Actual nozzle diameter Uncertainty.
  62. nozGeom – Actual Upstream Nozzle and Injector Geometry
    Actual upstream nozzle and injector geometry, K factor.
  63. nozGeomU – Actual Upstream Nozzle Geometry Uncertainty
    Actual upstream nozzle geometry Uncertainty.
  64. needlePos – Needle Position vs Time [mm]
    Needle position vs time.
  65. needlePosU – Needle Position vs Time Uncertainty [mm]
    Needle position vs time Uncertainty.
  66. injlag – Injection Lag [ms]
    Time for spray to reach laser at 7mm. needed for past Sandia data.
  67. fuelprops – Fuel Properties
    Link to various fuel properties.
  68. liqlen – Liquid Length [mm]
    The maximum extent of liquid-phase spray penetration during injection. Description of liquid-length measurement.
  69. liqlenS – Liquid Length Standard Deviation [mm]
    Liquid length Standard deviation.
  70. liqlenU – Liquid Length Uncertainty [mm]
    Liquid length mean Uncertainty.
  71. liftoff – Lift-Off Length [mm]
    Axial distance from injector to location of high-temperature reaction. Description of lift-off length measurement.
  72. liftoffS – Liftoff Length Standard Deviation [mm]
    Liftoff length Standard deviation.
  73. liftoffU – Liftoff Length Uncertainty [mm]
    Liftoff length mean Uncertainty.
  74. igndly – Ignition Delay of Pressure Rise [ms]
    Time difference from start of injection, now defined as the time when spray first leaves the injector, until high-temperature (rather than first-stage) ignition and combustion (the premixed burn). Detailed description. Pressure threshold must be selected for each condition to ensure that the pressure rise corresponds to the start of high-T combustion, as this threshold is different for different rates of injection, ignition delays, cool flame heat release, and so forth.
  75. igndlyS – Ignition Delay Standard Deviation [ms]
    Ignition delay Standard deviation.
  76. igndlyU – Ignition Delay Uncertainty [ms]
    Ignition delay mean Uncertainty.
  77. igndlyL – Ignition Delay of High-Temperature Chemiluminescence [ms]
    Time difference from start of injection until high-temperature (rather than first-stage) ignition and combustion (the premixed burn). Defined as the time when luminosity reaches 50% of steady high-temperature chemiluminescence (not soot luminosity). See detailed description.
  78. igndlyLS – Ignition Delay Based on Luminosity Standard Deviation [ms]
    Ignition delay Standard deviation.
  79. igndlyLU – Ignition Delay Based on Luminosity Uncertainty [ms]
    Ignition delay mean Uncertainty.
  80. pressCV – Pressure Rise [MPa]
    Text file giving: time relative to start of injection [ms], speed of sound corrected time relative to start of injection [ms], raw pressure rise data, smooth pressure rise data, pressure rise standard deviation, pressure rise uncertainty, absolute pressure, ROHR, and total heat release. Detailed description.
  81. jetpen – Jet Penetration [mm]
    Text file giving the penetration distance of the jet/vapor boundary versus time. Detailed description.
  82. flamelength – Flame Length [mm]
    Axial length from injector to stoichiometric mixture of flame. For ECN3 defined as 10% of peak luminosity.
  83. spreadAngle – Spread Angle[degree]
    A text file called “spreadAngle.txt” could have SA versus time, description of definition/threshold for the angle, uncertainty, etc..
  84. mixing – Mixing
    2D data includes time ASI, F/A ratio, Uncertainty, Instantaneous images, whatever.
  85. velocity – Spray Velocity [m/s]
    Velocity and turbulence within spray.
  86. combSpecies – Combustion Species
    Mole or mass fraction of combustion products, radicals or intermediates. Planar images or other spatial distributions given as text files.
  87. liqVol – Liquid Volume
    Liquid volume fraction data, links.
  88. dropDia – Droplet Diameter [mm]
    Droplet diameter distribution vs time ASI.
  89. soot – Soot Volume Fraction [ppm]
    Three tab-delimited text files giving the soot volume fraction distribution of the jet cross-section. Soot volume fraction file has units of parts-per-million (ppm). Axial distance, x, and radial distance, y, files have units of mm. The dimensions of the soot volume fraction array match the axial and radial dimensions, respectively. Detailed description of soot measurement.
  90. movie – High-Speed Movies
    Links to movies. Examples include chemiluminescence, soot, schlieren, shadowgraph, liquid scatter or extinction. Scale should be included. Preferred in [mm].
  91. AddFiles – Additional Files
    Additional data and description for a given condition.