The high-speed movies available in this page are intended to provide support to the Atomization and Sprays paper entitled “Uncertainty in quantification of liquid penetration of evaporating sprays at diesel-like conditions” by Pickett, Genzale and Manin. The operating conditions for these movies are the Spray A conditions unless specified otherwise, using ECN Spray A injectors: 210677 for all the diagnostics but for the Long-distance microscopy (D8: LDM), in which 210675 was used. The axial and radial distances are given in millimeters and the time are with respect to the start of injection and are given in microseconds.

The different optical diagnostics presented and discussed in the Atomization and Sprays paper are based on two main optical properties: light scattering adn extinction. D1 (Mie scatter imaging) refers to the scattering of light by small particles. D7 to D9 are based on light extinction and rely on the extinction of light by the spray droplets to identify the liquid region and potentially quantify it. DBI stands for diffused back-illumination, while LDM stands for long-distance microscopy. The details of the diagnostics and experiments, as well as the results and discussions are available in the aforementioned Atomization and Sprays paper.

Diagnostic name Mie scatter imaging DBI LDM Schlieren
Label D1 D7 D8 D9
Injector 210677 210677 210675 210677
Frame rate [kfps] 66.6 150 50.0 38.1
Resolution [pix/mm] 21.5 10.5 129 4.32
Movies: Play or Save Mie scatter DBI LDM Schlieren

The high-speed LDM movie taken near the liquid length to show the structures detaching and the fact that no liquid droplets can be observed is available following this link: StructuresLDM. The conditions are the Spray A conditions, with a lower injection pressure of 500 bar and Injector 201370 was used in this case.