The movies on this page are supplementary to the paper by Maes et al. titled “Simultaneous High-speed Formaldehyde PLIF and schlieren imaging of multiple injections from an ECN spray D injector”. In the movies, an injection strategy with a 700-µs injection, 280-µs dwell, and 800-µs second injection of 150 MPa are shown at various ambient temperatures with a density of 22.8 kg/m3 and an oxygen percentage of 15%. PLIF images are normalized by the maximum formaldehyde signal found during ignition. Afterwards, a gamma correction of 0.5 was used for both schlieren and PLIF images to improve visibility of low-light regions. See the related publication for more details.

MovieTemperature [K]
AJMLDD Movie854*K
AJLLDD Movie899*K
AJKLDD Movie935*K