Please reference SAE paper from Jung et al. (2015) for the data/movies provided above.

High-speed long-distance microscopy of the Spray B injector 211201 is given as supporting data for the SAE paper by Jung et al. 2015. Conditions are the Spray A operating condition Other injector and ambient conditions are the Spray A conditions, except the ambient temperature is 440 K (compared to 900 K). The temperature is intentionally made low to ensure that the edge of the spray is detectable by extinction from liquid. A fuel-vapor mixing layer forms at high-temperature conditions making it more difficult to define this edge.

High-speed long-distance microscopy
Light source is 460 nm LED with diffused back lighting, offered at 50 ns pulses
Camera and lens is Photron SA-X2 CMOS with K2 infinity lens. 54,000 fps. Scale in mm is marked on image.
Long-distance microscopy movie (.mp4)

Liquid penetration under evaporating (900 K) conditions measured by two techniques. The same camera was used but the lighting was alternated between Mie-scatter and diffused back-illumination. The techniques are thereby comparable on the same injection. Lens and camera settings: 50 mm f/1.2 lens, 0.1 mm / pixel, 50,000 fps effective for each diagnostic, 100,000 fps for camera.

Mie-scatter imaging Diffused back-illumination imaging
520 nm LED directed at the injector axis, 0.001 ms pulses 460 nm LED with diffused back lighting, offered at 50 ns pulses
Mie-scatter movie (.mp4) DBI movie (.mp4)