Reported quasi-steady liquid length is from 1 ms to 4 ms.

Datafiles is the mean of runs 97:101 collected on 6 May 2015 with an adequate diffused backlit imaging setup NOT sensitive to vapor-phase beam steering, as described in Westlye SAE 2016-01-0806. For example datasets at ( are affected by beam steering.

This experiment was run with red LED and shading off on photron camera to understand true background on camera with no illumination.

A processed PLV for single injection for time-resolved PLV map is included here. Pixel resolution was 0.1064 mm / pix. Edges of plume at nozzle and in near-field are not resolved and likely biased by a large collection that creates spatial bias in measured extinction (see M. P. B. Musculus and L. M. Pickett. Diagnostic considerations for optical laser-extinction measurements of soot in high-pressure combustion environments. Combust.Flame 141 (4):371-391, 2005.)