The following table is a complete collection of talks and presentations that were recorded since ECN1. Please use the built-in search function on the top-right corner of the table to find what you’re looking for.

MeetingDateLinksStart TimeTopicPresenterGroup
ECN 1.013-May-11Link#0Overview of Spray AGilles BruneauxIFPEN
ECN 1.013-May-11Link#0Vessel TemperatureMaarten MeijerTU/e
ECN 1.013-May-11Link#0Ambient CompositionJaclyn NesbittMTU
ECN 1.013-May-11Link#0Nozzle and Injector TemperatureLouis-Marie MalbecIFPEN
ECN 1.013-May-11Link#0Nozzle GeometryAlan KastengrenArgonne
ECN 1.013-May-11Link#0Hydraulic CharacterizationRaul PayriCMT
ECN 1.013-May-11Link#0Liquid LengthCaroline GenzaleGeorgia Institute of Technology
ECN 1.013-May-11Link#0Vapor PenetrationTim BazynCaterpillar
ECN 1.013-May-11Link#0CombustionLyle PickettSandia
ECN 1.013-May-11Link#0Spray ASibendu SomArgonne
ECN 1.013-May-11Link#0Baseline n-heptaneEvatt HawkesUNSW
ECN 1.525-Jan-12Link0:00:45Ignition and lift-off sub-groupEvatt HawkesUNSW
ECN 1.525-Jan-12Link0:05:35Ignition and lift-off length groupMichele BardiCMT
ECN 1.525-Jan-12Link0:22:12Spray A and Spray B combustion as a function of ambient temperatureLyle PickettSandia
ECN 1.525-Jan-12Link0:47:02Preparation for ECN2Evatt HawkesUNSW
ECN 1.525-Jan-12Link0:56:29Spray A Soot Formation for Seven Different FuelsSanghoon KookUNSW
ECN 1.525-Jan-12Link1:25:36Soot formation modeling of n-Heptane spraysMichele BollaETH
ECN 1.525-Jan-12Link1:43:21Soot Data Collection NeedsDan HaworthPenn State
ECN 1.525-Jan-12Link1:51:54Soot MeasurementsEmre CenkerIFPEN/DUE
ECN 1.525-Jan-12Link2:01:48ECN websiteLyle PickettSandia
ECN 1.526-Jan-12Link0:00:00Gasoline SprayScott ParrishGM
ECN 1.526-Jan-12Link0:36:17Engines for the Engine Combustion NetworkSebastian KaiserUDE
ECN 1.526-Jan-12Link1:14:07Chamber Upgrade for Spray A/B of ECNMaung Maung AyeRWTH Aachen University
ECN 1.526-Jan-12Link1:28:13Boundary condition experimentationMaarten MeijerTU/e
ECN 1.526-Jan-12Link1:49:22Logistics for ECN2Gilles BruneauxIFPEN
ECN 2.07-Sep-12Link#0Overall SummaryN/AN/A
ECN 2.07-Sep-12Link#0Introduction PresentationN/AN/A
ECN 2.07-Sep-12Link0:00:32Engine FlowsSebastian KaiserDuisburg-Essen
ECN 2.07-Sep-12Link#0Engine Flows SummaryN/AN/A
ECN 2.07-Sep-12Link1:06:07Generating CFD Nozzle Geometries from Experimental Measurements: Spray A InjectorsCaroline GenzaleGeorgia Institute of Technology
ECN 2.07-Sep-12Link1:21:19Internal Injector ModelingDavid SchmidtUMass-Amherst
ECN 2.07-Sep-12Link#0Internal Nozzle Flow: Summary and PresentationN/AN/A
ECN 2.07-Sep-12Link1:45:50Internal FlowMarco ArientiSandia
ECN 2.07-Sep-12Link0:09:40Spray Development and Vaporization SessionJulien ManinSandia
ECN 2.07-Sep-12Link#0Spray Development and Vaporization Summary pdfN/AN/A
ECN 2.07-Sep-12LinkN/ASpray Development and Vaporization: Presentation zip fileN/AN/A
ECN 2.07-Sep-12Link0:00:00Mixing and VelocityLouis-Marie MalbecIFPEN
ECN 2.07-Sep-12Link#0Mixing and Velocity Summary pdfLouis-Marie Malbec/Gianluca D'EriccoIFPEN/Politecnico di Milano-Italy
ECN 2.07-Sep-12LinkN/AMixing and Velocity: Presentation zip fileN/AN/A
ECN 2.07-Sep-12Link1:34:46Gasoline SpraysScott ParrishGM
ECN 2.07-Sep-12Link#0Gasoline Sprays: Summary and presentationN/AN/A
ECN 2.08-Sep-12Link0:00:20SootEmre CenkerDuisburg-Essen/IFPEN
ECN 2.08-Sep-12Link#0Soot: Summary and presentationN/AN/A
ECN 2.08-Sep-12Link0:00:00Ignition and Lift-off LengthMichele BardiCMT
ECN 2.08-Sep-12Link#0Ignition and Lift-off Length Summary pdfN/AN/A
ECN 2.08-Sep-12LinkN/AIgnition and Lift-off Length: Presentation zip fileN/AN/A
ECN 2.08-Sep-12Link0:00:00Soot and Future DirectionsN/AN/A
ECN 2.08-Sep-12Link#0Future Plans PresentationN/AN/A
ECN 2.325-Mar-13Link0:00:00Presentation of the agendaRaul PayriCMT
ECN 2.325-Mar-13Link0:01:45ESRF geometry experimentsPeter HutchinsInfineum
ECN 2.325-Mar-13Link0:12:00High-speed schlieren visualization of the Lift-off LengthFrancisco BriceñoCMT
ECN 2.325-Mar-13Link0:26:35Lift-off length and ignition delay databaseMichele BardiCMT
ECN 2.325-Mar-13Link0:39:20Ambient temperature characterization at Spray AMaarten MeijerSandia
ECN 2.325-Mar-13Link0:53:00PIV measurementsLouis-MarieIFPEN
ECN 2.325-Mar-13Link1:05:30Soot Particle sizingEmre CenkerIFPEN
ECN 2.325-Mar-13Link1:14:30Extinction-based imaging of soot process over a range of diesel operating conditionsScott SkeenSandia
ECN 2.325-Mar-13Link1:32:50Single-hole diesel injector activity at IM/MTULuigi AlloccaMTU/Instituto Motori
ECN 2.325-Mar-13Link1:41:55Spray B hydraulic measurementsJuan Pablo VieraCMT
ECN 2.325-Mar-13Link1:53:30ECN measurement campaign TU/eMaarten MeijerTU/e
ECN 2.325-Mar-13Link2:04:40KAIST ECN chamber setup/planChoongsik BaeKAIST
ECN 2.325-Mar-13Link2:13:10New chamberLuigi AlloccaMTU/Instituto Motori
ECN 2.325-Mar-13Link2:19:30Spray A nozzle simulations accounting for needle transienceSibendu SomArgonne
ECN 2.325-Mar-13Link2:26:35Spray development and vaporization modetingJose Manuel PastorCMT
ECN 2.325-Mar-13Link2:34:40Soot modeling paperMichele BollaETH Zurich
ECN 2.325-Mar-13Link2:44:00Preliminary ECN3 University of Michigan meeting PlanDavid ReussUniversity of Michigan
ECN 2.325-Mar-13Link2:47:42ECN3 technical plan/GDI statusLyle M. PickettSandia
ECN 2.325-Mar-13Link3:07:25Spray B and spray A injectors distributionLyle M. PickettSandia
ECN 2.411-Jun-13Link0:00:00Introduction: ECN2.4 mechanicsGilles BruneauxArgonne
ECN 2.411-Jun-13Link0:14:49High Energy Tomographic Imaging of Fuel Injector Deposits and ECN Fuel Injector Geometry MappingPeter HutchinsInfineum
ECN 2.411-Jun-13Link0:24:06Spray A.2 characterizationLouis-Marie MalbecSandia/IFPEN
ECN 2.411-Jun-13Link0:34:12Overview of Three IC Engine Data Sets Available for PostingDavid ReussUniversity of Michigan
ECN 2.411-Jun-13Link0:44:40ECN3 Survey Google SheetSibendu SomArgonne
ECN 2.411-Jun-13Link0:55:57ECN Spray A PIV measurementsRaul PayriCMT
ECN 2.411-Jun-13Link1:07:14Ballistic Imaging in the Spray Formation Region at Spray A ConditionsMark LinneAvancez
ECN 2.411-Jun-13Link1:15:50Ramping rate of injection effects on Spray A penetrationLyle PickettSandia
ECN 2.411-Jun-13Link1:26:42Constant Volume Chamber (CVC) for Fuel Spray StudiesJoshua LaceyUniversity of Melbourne
ECN 2.411-Jun-13Link1:32:08Modeling Spray A and H (FGM)Bart SomersTU/e
ECN 2.411-Jun-13Link1:41:41A Study of Grid Resolution and SGS Models for LES under Non-reacting Spray ConditionsSibendu SomArgonne
ECN 2.56-Aug-13Link0:00:00Spray experiments and data access plans leading up to ECN3Lyle PickettSandia
ECN 2.56-Aug-13Link0:13:20Analysis of Spray A from modelled results using the TPDF methodEvatt HawkesUNSW/argonne
ECN 2.56-Aug-13Link0:34:00X-Ray phase contrast Investigation of ECN Spray B injectorsAlan KastengrenArgonne
ECN 2.56-Aug-13Link0:50:00Droplets in turbulence, imaging jet breakup using phosphorescent dyeDennis van der VoortTU/e
ECN 2.56-Aug-13Link1:03:30Gas temperature Measurements in MTU Combustion VesselAnqi ZhangMTU/Instituto Motori
ECN 2.56-Aug-13Link1:18:00Diffused back lighting standarization considerationsScott SkeenSandia
ECN 2.56-Aug-13Link1:28:35Modeling Spray A internal flow with compresible HRMFoamMaryam MoulaiUMass-Amherst
ECN 2.56-Aug-13Link1:41:00Gasoline Spray SessionScott ParrishGM
ECN 2.61-Oct-13Link0:00:30Comparison of near-field structure of Spray A using light-based optical microscopy and x-ray radiographyLyle PickettSandia
ECN 2.61-Oct-13Link0:21:00Soot particle sizing using LII imaging and TEMEmre CenkerIFPEN
ECN 2.61-Oct-13Link0:52:45Coupled nozzle flow and spray simulations of Spray A: validation against x-ray radiography dataQinghuan XueArgonne
ECN 2.61-Oct-13Link1:03:50Turbulence -Chemistry interactions in Spray H and Spray A flamesDan HaworthPenn St.
ECN 2.61-Oct-13Link0:44:10Modeling Spray AMaryam MoulaiUMass-Amherst
ECN 2.61-Oct-13Link1:12:30DICOM: A 1D Spray ModelJose Maria GarciaCMT
ECN 2.61-Oct-13Link1:31:35ECN topic planningLyle PickettSandia
ECN 2.61-Oct-13Link1:44:40Spray B progressChongsik BaeKAIST
ECN 2.73-Dec-13Link0:00:00ECN3 Preparation Meeting: Topic 2: Mixing/chemistry interactionJose M. Garcia-OliverCMT
ECN 2.73-Dec-13Link0:58:16ECN3 Topic 3: Coupled Nozzle Flow and Spray Simulations: Guidelines and DeadlinesChawki HabchiIFPEN
ECN 2.73-Dec-13Link1:09:00Parametric Studies: Guidance on Experiments and Simulations to be PerformedAlessandro MontanaroCNR
ECN 2.73-Dec-13Link1:23:13ECN3 Topic 1 Session 4c: An attempt to understand the relation between spray and combustionYuanjiang PeiArgonne
ECN 2.73-Dec-13Link1:28:44ECN3 Signup ProcessGilles BruneauxArgonne
ECN 2.73-Dec-13Link1:30:46Gasoline Spray (Spray G) ECN3 PlanningScott ParrishGM
ECN 2.73-Dec-13Link1:41:48ECN3 Engine Flow and Combustion TopicsDavid ReussUniversity of Michigan
ECN 2.84-Feb-14Link0:00:30Plans for ECN3Lyle M. PickettSandia
ECN 2.84-Feb-14Link0:17:44Combined POD of LES and PIV Measurements identifying sources of In-cylinder CCVDave ReussMichigan
ECN 2.84-Feb-14Link0:32:37Decoupling LES from Large-Error-Simulation (LES)Satbir SinghCarnegie Mellon
ECN 2.84-Feb-14Link0:43:28Spray G rate and duration of injectionScott ParrishGM
ECN 2.84-Feb-14Link0:57:30OH/formaldehyde LIF measurementsHubert Baya TodaIFPEN
ECN 2.84-Feb-14Link1:10:09High speed OH* measurements at spray A conditionsMaarten MeijerTU/e
ECN 2.84-Feb-14Link1:18:55Spray A radiationScott SkeenSandia
ECN 2.84-Feb-14Link1:33:19LES of Spray A: mesh resolution and droplet breakupArmin WehrfritzAalto
ECN 2.84-Feb-14Link1:46:08On the Validation of Global and Local Spray Behavior in Modeled Vaporizing DieselGina MagnottiGeorgia Tech.
ECN 2.84-Feb-14Link1:57:45Spray A RIF modelingYuanjiang PeiArgonne
ECN 3.04-Apr-14Link#0Overall SummaryLyle Pickett/Gilles Bruneaux/Raul PayriSandia/IFPEN/CMT
ECN 3.04-Apr-14Link0:00:00Introduction/Diesel 1.1-1.2Lyle Pickett/Gilles Bruneaux/Raul PayriSandia/IFPEN/CMT
ECN 3.04-Apr-14Link#0Introduction presentationLyle Pickett/Gilles Bruneaux/Raul PayriSandia/IFPEN/CMT
ECN 3.05-Apr-14Link2:45:00Future plansLyle Pickett/Gilles Bruneaux/Raul PayriSandia/IFPEN/CMT
ECN 3.05-Apr-14Link#0Future Plans PresentationLyle Pickett/Gilles Bruneaux/Raul PayriSandia/IFPEN/CMT
ECN 3.04-Apr-14Link0:00:00Topic 1.3: Evaporative spray and parametric studiesTommaso Lucchini/Alessandro MontanaroPolitecnico di Milano-Italy/CNR
ECN 3.04-Apr-14Link0:46:30Topic 1 SynthesisSibendu SomArgonne
ECN 3.04-Apr-14Link#0Intro & Synthesis of Topic 1Sibendu SomArgonne
ECN 3.04-Apr-14Link0:34:50Topic 1.1: Internal Flow ExperimentChris Powell/David SchmidtArgonne/UMass-Amherst
ECN 3.04-Apr-14Link#0Topic 1.1: Internal Flow Experimental PresentationChris Powell/David SchmidtArgonne/UMass-Amherst
ECN 3.04-Apr-14Link1:06:00Topic 1.1: Internal Flow ModelingChris Powell/David SchmidtArgonne/UMass-Amherst
ECN 3.04-Apr-14Link#0Topic 1.1: Internal Flow Modeling PresentationChris Powell/David SchmidtArgonne/UMass-Amherst
ECN 3.04-Apr-14Link1:34:00Topic 1.2: Near Nozzle ExperimentAlan Kastengren/Qingluan Xue/Julien Manin/Chawki HabchiArgonne/Sandia/IFPEN
ECN 3.04-Apr-14Link#0Topic 1.2: Near Nozzle Experimental PresentationAlan Kastengren/Qingluan Xue/Julien Manin/Chawki HabchiArgonne/Sandia/IFPEN
ECN 3.04-Apr-14Link2:04:00Topic 1.2: Near Nozzle ModelingAlan Kastengren/Qingluan Xue/Julien Manin/Chawki HabchiArgonne/Sandia/IFPEN
ECN 3.04-Apr-14Link#0Topic 1.2: Near Nozzle Modeling PresentationAlan Kastengren/Qingluan Xue/Julien Manin/Chawki HabchiArgonne/Sandia/IFPEN
ECN 3.04-Apr-14Link0:00:00Topic 1.3: Evaporation and ParametricsTommaso Lucchini/Alessandro MontanaroPolitecnico di Milano-Italy/CNR
ECN 3.04-Apr-14Link#0Topic 1.3: Evaporation and Parametrics PresentationTommaso Lucchini/Alessandro MontanaroPolitecnico di Milano-Italy/CNR
ECN 3.04-Apr-14Link#0Diesel Topic 2: Mixing/Chemistry Interactions IntroductionJose M. Garcia-OliverCMT
ECN 3.04-Apr-14Link#0Topic 2 synthesisJose M. Garcia-OliverCMT
ECN 3.04-Apr-14Link0:57:00Topic 2 synthesisJose M. Garcia-OliverCMT
ECN 3.04-Apr-14Link#0Topic 2.1: Combustion Indicators PresentationGianluca D'Errico/Olawole Kuti/SY Lee/Michele BardiPolitecnico di Milano-Italy/KAUST/MTU/ETH-Zurich
ECN 3.04-Apr-14Link0:06:00Topic 2.1: Combustion Indicators ExperimentGianluca D'Errico/Olawole Kuti/SY Lee/Michele BardiPolitecnico di Milano-Italy/KAUST/MTU/ETH-Zurich
ECN 3.04-Apr-14Link0:33:00Topic 2.1: Combustion Indicators ModelingGianluca D'Errico/Olawole Kuti/SY Lee/Michele BardiPolitecnico di Milano-Italy/KAUST/MTU/ETH-Zurich
ECN 3.04-Apr-14Link0:58:00Topic 2.2: Flame Structure ExperimentBart Somers/Hubert Baya-Toda/Evatt Hawkes/Louis-Marie Malbec/Maarten Meijer/Yuri WrightTU/e/IFPEN/UNSW/ETH-Zurich
ECN 3.04-Apr-14Link#0Topic 2.2: Flame Structure Experimental PresentationBart Somers/Hubert Baya-Toda/Evatt Hawkes/Louis-Marie Malbec/Maarten Meijer/Yuri WrightTU/e/IFPEN/UNSW/ETH-Zurich
ECN 3.04-Apr-14Link1:12:18Topic 2.2: Flame Structure ModelingBart Somers/Hubert Baya-Toda/Evatt Hawkes/Louis-Marie Malbec/Maarten Meijer/Yuri WrightTU/e/IFPEN/UNSW/ETH-Zurich
ECN 3.04-Apr-14Link#0Topic 2.2: Flame Structure Modeling PresentationBart Somers/Hubert Baya-Toda/Evatt Hawkes/Louis-Marie Malbec/Maarten Meijer/Yuri WrightTU/e/IFPEN/UNSW/ETH-Zurich
ECN 3.04-Apr-14Link0:00:00Topic 2.3: Soot Field ExperimentScott Skeen/Michele BollaSandia/ETH-Zurich
ECN 3.04-Apr-14Link0:27:00Topic 2.3: Soot Field ModelingScott Skeen/Michele BollaSandia/ETH-Zurich
ECN 3.04-Apr-14Link#0Topic 2.3: Soot Field PresentationScott Skeen/Michele BollaSandia/ETH-Zurich
ECN 3.05-Apr-14Link0:00:00Bridging the gap: How Spray Details Affect CombustionYuanjiang Pei/Sibendu Som/Jose M. Garcia-OliverArgonne/CMT
ECN 3.05-Apr-14Link#0Bridging the gap: How Spray Details Affect Combustion PresentationYuanjiang Pei/Sibendu Som/Jose M. Garcia-OliverArgonne/CMT
ECN 3.05-Apr-14Link#0Topic 3: Spray G Gasoline Direct-Injection IntroductionScott ParrishGM
ECN 3.05-Apr-14Link#0Topic 3: Spray G Gasoline Direct-Injection DiscussionScott ParrishGM
ECN 3.05-Apr-14Link0:00:00Topic 3: Spray G Gasoline Direct-Injection Spray GScott ParrishGM
ECN 3.05-Apr-14Link#03.1: Injector Geometry PresentationYongjin Jung/Peter HutchinsKAIST/Infineum/ESRF
ECN 3.05-Apr-14Link0:17:003.1: Injector Geometry Spray GYongjin Jung/Peter HutchinsKAIST/Infineum/ESRF
ECN 3.05-Apr-14Link0:26:403.2: Rate of Injection Spray GRaul Payri/Scott ParrishCMT/GM
ECN 3.05-Apr-14Link#03.2: Rate of Injection PresentationRaul Payri/Scott ParrishCMT/GM
ECN 3.05-Apr-14Link0:42:003.3: Spray Visualization Spray GJulien Manin/Gilles Bruneaux/Scott Parrish/Luigi Allocca/Josh LaceySandia/IFPEN/GM/IM/Melbourne
ECN 3.05-Apr-14Link#03.3: Spray Visualization PresentationJulien Manin/Gilles Bruneaux/Scott Parrish/Luigi Allocca/Josh LaceySandia/IFPEN/GM/IM/Melbourne
ECN 3.05-Apr-14Link1:21:003.4: Drop Size Measurements Spray GScott ParrishGM
ECN 3.05-Apr-14Link#03.4: Drop Size Measurements PresentationScott ParrishGM
ECN 3.05-Apr-14Link1:34:303.5: Internal Flow Modeling Spray GRon GroverGM
ECN 3.05-Apr-14Link#03.5: Internal Flow Modeling PresentationRon GroverGM
ECN 3.05-Apr-14Link1:52:103.6: Spray Modeling Spray GNoah Van Dam/Tommasso Lucchini/Sibendu SomUW/Politecnico di Milano-Italy/Argonne
ECN 3.05-Apr-14Link#03.6: Spray Modeling PresentationNoah Van Dam/Tommasso Lucchini/Sibendu SomUW/Politecnico di Milano-Italy/Argonne
ECN 3.05-Apr-14Link#0Topic 4: Engine Flows and Combustion IntroductionDavid ReussUM
ECN 3.05-Apr-14Link#0Topic 4: Engine Flows and Combustion DiscussionDavid ReussUM
ECN 3.05-Apr-14Link0:41:00Topic 4: Engine Flows and Combustion EnginesDavid ReussUM
ECN 3.05-Apr-14Link0:45:45Topic 4.1: Measurements EnginesBrian PetersonTU Darmstadt
ECN 3.05-Apr-14Link#0Topic 4.1: Measurements PresentationBrian PetersonTU Darmstadt
ECN 3.05-Apr-14Link1:21:30Topic 4.2: Simulations (LES, RANS) EnginesCecile PeraIFPEN
ECN 3.05-Apr-14Link#0Topic 4.2: Simulations (LES, RANS) PresentationCecile PeraIFPEN
ECN 3.05-Apr-14Link0:00:00Topic 4.3: Benchmarking: Comparisons, Analysis, and Validation EnginesDavid ReussUM
ECN 3.05-Apr-14Link#0Topic 4.3: Benchmarking: Comparisons, Analysis, and Validation PresentationDavid ReussUM
ECN 3.05-Apr-14Link0:25:30Topic 4.4: SI Engine Simulation EnginesCecile PeraIFPEN
ECN 3.05-Apr-14Link#0Topic 4.4: SI Engine Simulation PresentationCecile PeraIFPEN
ECN 3.13-Jul-14Link0:00:00Transcritical Mixing Layers in ECN Spray A and Realistic Diesel ConditionsZachary FalgoutIFPEN
ECN 3.13-Jul-14Link0:09:272D Soot absorption experimentsNicholas DronniouIFPEN
ECN 3.13-Jul-14Link0:34:25Spray B in enginesLouie-Marie MalbecSandia
ECN 3.13-Jul-14Link0:59:28Spray B experiment Penetration, vaporization, ignition and lift-off stablizationYongjin JungKAIST
ECN 3.13-Jul-14Link1:23:30Single cylinder optical engine benchEzio MancarusoCNR
ECN 3.13-Jul-14Link1:35:02Introducing new injectors Spray C & DLyle PickettSandia
ECN 3.13-Jul-14Link1:41:30Requirements for using injectorsLyle PickettSandia
ECN 3.24-Sep-14Link0:00:15Spray C & Spray D Internal GeometryLyle M. PickettSandia
ECN 3.24-Sep-14Link0:15:25Immediate plansLyle M. PickettSandia
ECN 3.24-Sep-14Link0:18:05Multiple injection case ECN4Lyle M. PickettSandia
ECN 3.24-Sep-14Link0:37:49Measuring transient entrainment rates of a confined vaporizing diesel jetW. Ethan EagleSandia
ECN 3.24-Sep-14Link0:55:54Comparing entrainment in reacting and non-reacting casesLouie-Marie MalbecIFPEN
ECN 3.24-Sep-14Link1:08:42Topic 5: CombustionJose M Garcia-OliverCMT
ECN 3.24-Sep-14Link1:15:48Guidance on Experiments and Simulations to be PreformedSibendu SomArgonne
ECN 3.24-Sep-14Link1:23:01Reactions that lead to ignitionEvatt HawkesUNSW
ECN 3.24-Sep-14Link1:29:17Topic 6 GuidelinesLyle M. PickettSandia
ECN 3.24-Sep-14Link1:35:15Topic 7 : Spray B in enginesLouie-Marie MalbecIFPEN
ECN 3.24-Sep-14Link1:46:19Topic 8: Spray G Nozzle Geometry and Internal Nozzle FlowChris PowellArgonne
ECN 3.24-Sep-14Link1:52:54Topic 9: Evaporative Spray GRaul Payri & Daniel VaquerizoCMT
ECN 3.24-Sep-14Link1:58:09Topic 10: Spray G in EnginesWei Zeng & Brian PetersonSandia
ECN 3.32-Oct-14Link0:00:18Meeting startLyle M. PickettSandia
ECN 3.32-Oct-14Link0:03:41TU/e UpdatesNoud MaaesTU/e
ECN 3.32-Oct-14Link0:20:29Influence of combustion models on the flame structure based on Spray A from SandiaBart SomersTU/e
ECN 3.32-Oct-14Link0:41:27Topic 5: Reacting jet penetration and volumetic expansionJose M Garcia-OliverCMT
ECN 3.32-Oct-14Link1:07:40Internal and near-nozzle Flow in multi-hole gasoline injector under flashing and non-flashing conditionsMaryam MoulaiUMA
ECN 3.32-Oct-14Link1:18:50Spray A: internal and external flowMarco ArientiSandia
ECN 3.32-Oct-14Link1:35:37Comparison of Spray G xray tomography and optical microscopyLyle M. PickettSandia
ECN 3.46-Nov-14Link0:01:17A novel approach to assess spray models using joint visible and xray extinction measurementsGina MagnottiGA Tech
ECN 3.46-Nov-14Link0:16:24Liquid and vapor jet penetration with a variable spreading angleYongjin JungKAIST
ECN 3.46-Nov-14Link0:35:46A novel approach to assess spray models using joint visible and xray extinction measurementsGina MagnottiGA Tech
ECN 3.46-Nov-14Link0:49:42Testing of avaliable chemical mechanisms for dodecaneAlessio FrassoldatiPolitecnico di Milano-Italy
ECN 3.46-Nov-14Link1:06:30Closed homogeneous reactor evaluation of n-dodecane mechanismsScott SkeenSandia
ECN 3.46-Nov-14Link1:17:13Combustion recession after end of injection in Diesel SpraysBenjamin KnoxGA Tech
ECN 3.54-Dec-14Link0:00:00Spray G internal geometryJulien ManinSandia
ECN 3.54-Dec-14Link0:16:44Topic 7: Spray B in engines vapor penetration: LIF vs SchlierenLouis-Marie MalbecSandia
ECN 3.54-Dec-14Link0:32:13Visualization of ignition processes in high-pressure sprays with multiple injections of n-dodecaneScott SkeenSandia
ECN 3.54-Dec-14Link1:16:55Spray C and Spray D injector distribution and short term workRaul PayriCMT
ECN 3.54-Dec-14Link1:22:33Current and planned injector locationsScott ParrishGM
ECN 3.54-Dec-14Link2:06:25ECN nozzle ball assemblyLyle M. PickettSandia
ECN 3.65-Feb-15Link0:00:00IntroductionLyle PickettSandia
ECN 3.65-Feb-15Link0:05:04Transition to "miscible mixing" near Spray A operating conditionsCyril CruaBrighton
ECN 3.65-Feb-15Link0:36:13Spray C&D hydraulic measurementsRaul PayriCMT
ECN 3.65-Feb-15Link0:56:40Nozzle flow characterization of ECN InjectorsBen KnoxGA Tech
ECN 3.65-Feb-15Link1:11:02Spray G liquid/vapor characterisationJoshua LaceyMelbourne
ECN 3.65-Feb-15Link1:35:35Investigation of the mixing process and the fuel mass concentration fields for Spray GLama ItaniIFPEN
ECN 3.65-Feb-15Link2:01:05ECN Spray G Nozzle Meshing in GridProSamuel JamesGrid Pro
ECN 3.65-Feb-15Link2:52:49Concluding statementsLyle PickettSandia
ECN 3.75-Mar-15Link0:00:00Near Nozzle Flow UpdatesSibendu SomArgonne
ECN 3.75-Mar-15Link0:10:54Evaporative Diesel SprayCaroline GenzaleGeorgia Tech
ECN 3.75-Mar-15Link0:21:20CombustionJose M Garcia-OliverCMT-UPVLC
ECN 3.75-Mar-15Link0:32:43Topic 4 Combustion, LOL Flame StructureRaul PayriCMT
ECN 3.75-Mar-15Link0:34:20Topic 4 ContinuedScott SkeenSandia
ECN 3.75-Mar-15Link0:45:53Topic 7: Spray B in enginesLouis-Marie MalbecIFPEN/Sandia
ECN 3.75-Mar-15Link0:57:34Topic 8: Spray G Nozzle geometry and Internal Nozzle flowChris PowellArgonne
ECN 3.75-Mar-15Link1:08:16Topic 9: Evaporative Spray GDaniel Vaquerizo SanchezUPV
ECN 3.75-Mar-15Link1:17:49Topic 10: Spray G in enginesBrian PetersonTU Darmstadt
ECN 3.75-Mar-15Link1:27:00Discussion & AnnouncementsN/AN/A
ECN 3.97-May-15Link0:00:00General InformationLyle PickettSandia
ECN 3.97-May-15Link0:04:07Spray C & D measurementsRaul PayriCMT
ECN 3.97-May-15Link0:19:11Sub-grid Scale Momentum coupling applied to Spray AFederico PeriniUniversity of Wisconsin
ECN 3.97-May-15Link0:34:34Internal Nozzle Flow Simulations: Spray B vs Spray AQinglaun XueArgonne
ECN 3.97-May-15Link0:44:59Extinction imaging of Spray C and Spray DFredrik WestlyeDTU
ECN 3.97-May-15Link0:55:37Large Eddy Simulation of a Reacting Spray Flame with Multiple Realizations under Compression Ignition Engine ConditionsYuanjiang PeiArgonne
ECN 3.97-May-15Link1:13:38Rate of momentum. Evaporative & Internal Flow for Spray GDaniel Vaquerizo SanchezUPV
ECN 3.97-May-15Link1:24:23Spray G Liquid and Vapor characterization at different Ambient ConditionsAlessandro MontanaroIstituto Motori
ECN 3.97-May-15Link1:35:52Temperature and mixing measurments of Spray GLama ItaniIFPEN
ECN 3.97-May-15Link1:51:57X-ray Measurements of ECN Spray GDaniel DukeArgonne
ECN 3.97-May-15Link2:03:26Concluding StatementsLyle PickettSandia
ECN 3.104-Jun-15Link0:00:00Presentation of the agenda and webex connectionRaul PayriCMT
ECN 3.104-Jun-15Link0:00:56Topic 3: Spray B Results of evaporative experimentsAlberto Viera SotilloUPV
ECN 3.104-Jun-15Link0:18:07Topic 5: CombustionJose M Garcia-OliverCMT-UPVLC
ECN 3.104-Jun-15Link0:24:52Topic 5 & 6: Predictive Simulations of Spray Combustion & EmissionsChitral NaikANSYS
ECN 3.104-Jun-15Link0:52:35Topic 7: Spray B in enginesLouis-Marie MalbecIFPEN/Sandia
ECN 3.104-Jun-15Link1:02:37Topic 8: Flash BoilingKaushik SahaArgonne
ECN 3.104-Jun-15Link1:22:20Concluding Statements & RemindersN/AN/A
ECN 3.1130-Jun-15Link0:00:00AgendaGilles BruneauxIFPEN
ECN 3.1130-Jun-15Link0:07:42Topic 2: Primary atomization (near-nozzle flow)Cyril CruaUniversity of Brighton
ECN 3.1130-Jun-15Link0:27:39Topic 1: Internal Nozzle Flow for Cavitating Spray CSaeed JahangirianANSYS
ECN 3.1130-Jun-15Link0:46:10Topic 2: Spray A primary atomization Modelling under sub-critical conditions using an Eulerian-Eulerian Two-Fluid Model coupled to a Lagrangian-Eulerian approachChaouki HabchiIFPEN
ECN 3.1130-Jun-15Link1:03:28Topic 1: Modeling of spray C/D internal and near nozzle flowMichele BattistoniUniversity of Perugia
ECN 3.1130-Jun-15Link1:15:50Topic 3: Evaporative diesel spray (aka ECN France project)Michele Bardi & Gilles BruneauxIFPEN
ECN 3.1130-Jun-15Link1:30:01Topic 8: VOF-LES injector internal flow and spray primary breakup studyBizhan BefruiDELPHI
ECN 3.1130-Jun-15Link1:50:07Concluding statementsGilles BruneauxIFPEN
ECN 4.05-Sep-15Link0:00:00ECN4 IntroLyle Pickett/Gilles Bruneaux/Raul PayriSandia/IFPEN/CMT
ECN 4.05-Sep-15Link#0Introduction presentationLyle Pickett/Gilles Bruneaux/Raul PayriSandia/IFPEN/CMT
ECN 4.05-Sep-15Link0:00:00Spray G Gasoline Direct-Injection IntroScott ParrishGM
ECN 4.05-Sep-15Link#0Spray G Gasoline Direct-Injection Intro PresentationScott ParrishGM
ECN 4.05-Sep-15Link0:00:00Spray G Gasoline Direct-Injection ExperimentChris Powell/Daniel Duke/Ron GroverArgonne/GM
ECN 4.05-Sep-15Link#0Spray G Gasoline Direct-Injection Nozzle Geometry and near-nozzle experiments PresentationChris Powell/Daniel Duke/Ron GroverArgonne/GM
ECN 4.05-Sep-15Link0:00:00Spray G Gasoline Direct-Injection ModelingRon GroverGM
ECN 4.05-Sep-15Link#0Spray G Gasoline Direct-Injection Modeling PresentationRon GroverGM
ECN 4.05-Sep-15Link0:00:00Spray G Gasoline Direct-Injection LaceyJoshua Lacey/Daniel Vaquerizo SanchezMelbourne/CMT
ECN 4.05-Sep-15Link#0Spray G Gasoline Direct-Injection Lacey PresentationJoshua Lacey/Daniel Vaquerizo SanchezMelbourne/CMT
ECN 4.05-Sep-15Link0:00:00Spray G Gasoline Direct-Injection MixingLama Itani/Lyle PickettIFPEN/Sandia
ECN 4.05-Sep-15Link#0Spray G Gasoline Direct-Injection Mixing PresentationLama Itani/Lyle PickettIFPEN/Sandia
ECN 4.05-Sep-15Link0:00:00Spray G Gasoline Direct-Injection SummaryN/AN/A
ECN 4.05-Sep-15Link#0Spray G Gasoline Direct-Injection Summary PresentationN/AN/A
ECN 4.05-Sep-15Link0:00:00Non-Reactive Diesel Spray ArientiMarco ArientiSandia
ECN 4.05-Sep-15Link#0Non-Reactive Diesel Spray Internal nozzle flow PresentationMarco ArientiSandia
ECN 4.05-Sep-15Link0:00:00Non-Reactive Diesel Spray CruaCyril CruaBrighton
ECN 4.05-Sep-15Link#0Non-Reactive Diesel Spray Droplet and liquid size measurements PresentationCyril CruaBrighton
ECN 4.05-Sep-15Link0:00:00Non-Reactive Diesel Spray SomSibendu SomArgonne
ECN 4.05-Sep-15Link#0Non-Reactive Diesel Spray Near-nozzle mixing PresentationSibendu SomArgonne
ECN 4.05-Sep-15Link0:00:00Non-Reactive Diesel Spray GenzaleCaroline GenzaleGeorgia Tech
ECN 4.05-Sep-15Link#0Non-Reactive Diesel Spray Vaporizing diesel spray: A and B PresentationCaroline GenzaleGeorgia Tech
ECN 4.05-Sep-15Link0:00:00Non-Reactive Diesel Spray WestlyeFredrick WestlyeTech. U. Denmark
ECN 4.05-Sep-15Link#0Non-Reactive Diesel Spray Experimental methodology for liquid penetration measurements: C and D PresentationFredrick WestlyeTech. U. Denmark
ECN 4.06-Sep-15Link0:00:00Diesel Combustion GarciaOliverJose Garcia-OliverCMT
ECN 4.06-Sep-15Link#0Diesel Combustion Reactive flow PresentationJose Garcia-OliverCMT
ECN 4.06-Sep-15Link0:00:00Diesel Combustion HawkesEvatt HawkesUNSW
ECN 4.06-Sep-15Link#0Diesel Combustion Ignition PresentationEvatt HawkesUNSW
ECN 4.06-Sep-15Link0:00:00Diesel Combustion SomersBart SomersTU/e
ECN 4.06-Sep-15Link#0Diesel Combustion Flame Development PresentationBart SomersTU/e
ECN 4.06-Sep-15Link0:00:00Diesel Combustion SkeenScott SkeenSandia
ECN 4.06-Sep-15Link#0Diesel Combustion Soot & Multiple Injections PresentationScott SkeenSandia
ECN 4.06-Sep-15Link0:00:00Diesel Combustion MalbecLouis-Marie MalbecIFPEN
ECN 4.06-Sep-15Link#0Diesel Combustion Spray B: test rigs vs. engines PresentationLouis-Marie MalbecIFPEN
ECN 4.06-Sep-15Link0:00:00Diesel Combustion Spray C CombustJose Garcia-OliverCMT
ECN 4.06-Sep-15Link#0Diesel Combustion Spray C and Spray D PresentationJose Garcia-OliverCMT
ECN 4.15-Nov-15Link0:00:00Neutron Imaging of Gasoline Fuel InjectorsTodd ToopsORNL
ECN 4.15-Nov-15Link0:13:07Spray G preliminary PIV results on inter-plume aerodynamics and plume collapsePanos SphicasSandia
ECN 4.15-Nov-15Link0:24:03Engine Spray B Sensitivity Analysis with a Propagation Approach to Uncertainty Quantification for ECNEthan EagleCRF
ECN 4.15-Nov-15Link0:38:58Spray B in Diesel Engines: Extensive Spray Combustion Simulations at Well Controlled Boundary ConditionsRaul PayriLib-ICE, ICE Group, Politecnico
ECN 4.23-Dec-15Link0:00:00X-ray Needle Lift and Tomography Measurements of ECN Spray GDaniel DukeArgonne
ECN 4.23-Dec-15Link0:21:41Characterization of a set of 10 new ECN Spray A injectorsGilles BruneauxIFPEN
ECN 4.34-Feb-16Link0:00:00IntroductionLyle PickettSandia
ECN 4.34-Feb-16Link0:05:05Large Eddy Simulation of n-dodecane spray flames using Flamelet Generated ManifoldsArmin WehrfritzAalto
ECN 4.34-Feb-16Link0:20:13Computing Statistical Averages from LES of Spray FlamesMuhsin AmeenArgonne
ECN 4.34-Feb-16Link0:37:22Eulerian Compressible LES of Spray AEd KnudsenBOSCH
ECN 4.34-Feb-16Link0:53:20Radiative heat transfer in Spray A simulationZongyu YueWisconsin
ECN 4.34-Feb-16Link1:12:21Soot Experiments and ModelingScott SkeenSandia
ECN 4.34-Feb-16Link1:14:40Development of a Novel Tabulated Flamelet Model for Non-Premixed FlamesPrithwish KunduArgonne
ECN 4.34-Feb-16Link1:34:09The effect of radiation heat transfer under ECN Spray A conditions using TPDFMichele BollaUNSW
ECN 4.34-Feb-16Link1:46:56Soot Experiments and ModelingScott SkeenSandia
ECN 4.43-Mar-16Link0:00:00Presentation of the agenda and checking webex connectionRaul PayriCMT
ECN 4.43-Mar-16Link0:03:02Presentation of new experimental hardware (high pressure vessel) for ECN activitiesChristine RousselleOrleansPRISME
ECN 4.43-Mar-16Link0:15:30Spray A & B: Spray axis angle fluctuationsAlberto VieraCMT
ECN 4.43-Mar-16Link0:36:51Tomography results for Spray GKatarzyna E. MatusikArgonne
ECN 4.43-Mar-16Link0:59:15Inter-plume aerodynamics for Spray G collapsePanos SphicasSandia
ECN 4.43-Mar-16Link1:17:55Simulations results for Spray G flashing and non-flashing injection including transient needle motionEli BaldwinMassachusetts-Amaherst
ECN 4.57-Apr-16Link0:00:00Presentation of the agenda and webex connection checkGilles BruneauxIFPEN
ECN 4.57-Apr-16Link0:01:49Penetration and combustion characterization: C and DFredrik Ree WestlyeDTU
ECN 4.57-Apr-16Link0:25:18Latest updates on the analysis of the flame structureNoud MaesTU/e
ECN 4.57-Apr-16Link0:46:14Latest updates on the analysis of the interaction between local flow and flame structureJose Maria Garcia OliverCMT
ECN 4.65-May-16Link0:00:00Understanding the transition to dense-jet dynamics near Spray A operating conditionsRainer N. DahmsSandia
ECN 4.65-May-16Link0:19:30Ignition and Lift-off Mechanisms in n-Dodecane Split Injection Spray-FlamesAhmed Abdul MoizArgonne
ECN 4.65-May-16Link0:37:31Scaling Combustion Recession After End-of-Injection in Diesel SpraysBenjamin KnoxGeorgia Institute of Technology
ECN 4.65-May-16Link0:55:30Application of an unsteady flamelet model in a RANS framework for Spray A simulationEduardo J. Perez-SanchezCMT
ECN 4.65-May-16Link1:11:38Characterization of Diesel Spray Models Using Visible and X-Ray Extinction MeasurementsGina M. MagnottiGeorgia Institute of Technology
ECN 4.65-May-16Link1:37:20The role of chemistry in predicting pressure-bassed ignition delay in constant volume combustion chamberOmid Samimi AbianehGeorgia Southern University
ECN 4.72-Jun-16Link0:00:00ECN4.7 mechanics and update on ECN5 calendarLyle PickettSandia
ECN 4.72-Jun-16Link0:07:06On the elusive scaling of Spray C and Spray D wireframe geometryLyle PickettSandia
ECN 4.72-Jun-16Link0:18:35Improved geometry accuracy of Spray C and Spray D using high-resolution x-ray CTDaniel Duke, Katie MatusikArgonne
ECN 4.72-Jun-16Link0:42:48Evaporative diesel spray guidelines for ECN5 (topic 3)Michele BardiIFPEN
ECN 4.72-Jun-16Link0:56:48Diesel combustion guidelines for ECN5 (topic 5)Jose M. Garcia-OliverCMT
ECN 4.72-Jun-16Link1:10:11Diesel emission (soot) guidelines for ECN5 (topic 6)Scott SkeenSandia
ECN 4.87-Jul-16Link0:00:00IntroductionRaul PayriCMT
ECN 4.87-Jul-16Link0:03:49Effects of Chemical Mechanism Choice on Predictions of Combustion Recession for Spray A in OpenFOAMDorrin JarrahbashiGeorgia Institute of Technology
ECN 4.87-Jul-16Link0:22:22An experimental and numerical comparison of chemical mechanisms for n-dodecane under ECN conditionsDario LopezCMT
ECN 4.87-Jul-16Link0:42:29Topic 7 - Spray BLouis-Marie MalbecIFPEN
ECN 4.87-Jul-16Link0:58:14Topic 1 - Proposals for ECN 5Marco ArientiSandia
ECN 4.87-Jul-16Link1:12:34Topic 2 - Primary atomization (near-nozzle flow)Michele BattistoniUniversity of Perugia
ECN 4.91-Sep-16Link0:00:00ECN4.9 mechanics and update on ECN5 calendarLyle PickettSandia
ECN 4.91-Sep-16Link0:01:23Application of Tabulated Flamelet Combustion Models to Low Temperature ConditionsPrithwish KunduArgonne
ECN 4.91-Sep-16Link0:24:49Spray G External Spray visualization and Spray Collapse description through penetration and morphology analysisDaniel VaquerizoCMT
ECN 4.91-Sep-16Link0:46:15ECN 4.9 Spray G collapse at elevated temperature with longer injection durationPanos SphicasImperial College
ECN 4.91-Sep-16Link1:02:19ECN 4.9 Topic 7 - Spray B Preparations for Spray B engine experimentsMing ZhaoUniversity of Duisburg-Essen
ECN 4.91-Sep-16Link1:16:01Time-Resolved Planar Laser Rayleigh Scattering in Evaporative Diesel SpraysJulien ManinSandia
ECN 4.113-Nov-16Link#1ECN4.11 mechanics and update on ECN5 calendar/registrationGilles BruneauxIFPEN
ECN 4.113-Nov-16Link#3Educated injection rate for Spray C/DRaul PayriCMT
ECN 4.113-Nov-16Link#19Multi-component vapor-liquid equilibrium model and application to ECN Spray AJan MatheisTUM
ECN 4.113-Nov-16Link#37Lift-off and soot characterization of Spray C and DNoud MaesIFPEN / TUE
ECN 4.113-Nov-16Link#54Study of ECN-spray A under inert and reacting conditions in a Rapid Compression MachineBen-Houidi, Sotton, Strozzi, and BellenouePPRIME Institute
ECN 4.113-Nov-16Link#68On- and Off-Resonant CH2O Imaging and Transient Flame Development in Multiple InjectionsNoud MaesTU/e
ECN 4.113-Nov-16Link#88Soot and spectral radiation modeling for Spray ADan HaworthPSU
ECN 4.121-Dec-16Link0:00:00ECN4.12 mechanics and update on ECN5 calendarLyle PickettSandia
ECN 4.121-Dec-16Link0:04:44ECN4.12 - Spray and Nozzle Tomography of 8 Nominally Duplicate Spray G InjectorsKatie MatusikArgonne
ECN 4.121-Dec-16Link0:13:40Numerical modelling of spray and combustion processes using the Euler Eulerian multiphase approachZvonimir PetranovicUniversity of Zagreb
ECN 4.121-Dec-16Link0:27:07Standardization of Inversion TransformationsNoud MaesTU/e
ECN 4.121-Dec-16Link0:43:21Preparations for Spray G Experiments at University of IllinoisWayne ChangUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
ECN 4.121-Dec-16Link0:51:45Understanding the ignition mechanism for Spray ARainer DahmsSandia
ECN 4.132-Feb-17Link0:00:00Presentation of the agendaRaul PayriCMT
ECN 4.132-Feb-17Link0:05:00Neutron Imaging of Intra-nozzle Fluid Dynamics in Fuel InjectorsTodd ToopsORNL
ECN 4.132-Feb-17Link0:18:42Study of ECN-spray A under inert and reacting conditions in a Rapid Compression Machine - Analysis of discrepanciesMoez Ben-HouidiPPRIME Institute
ECN 4.132-Feb-17Link0:43:45Topic 1/2/3 - topics' agendaMichele BattistoniUniversity of Perugia
ECN 4.132-Feb-17Link0:51:35Topic 3Michele BardiIFPEN
ECN 4.132-Feb-17Link1:01:40ECN5 logistics, preliminary agenda, and different topics that will be covered in Detroit each day including social activitiesRaul PayriCMT
ECN 4.142-Mar-17Link0:00:00ECN4.14 mechanics and update on ECN5 calendarLyle PickettSandia
ECN 4.142-Mar-17Link0:04:11ECN5: Topic 6 SOOTScott SkeenSandia
ECN 4.142-Mar-17Link0:12:47Soot formation with and without water vapor in the charge gasSushant PandurangiETH zurich
ECN 4.142-Mar-17Link0:27:11Diesel Spray Penetration into a Non-quiescent EnvironmentTiemin XuanCMT
ECN 5.031-Mar-17Link#0Overall SummaryN/AN/A
ECN 5.031-Mar-17Link0:00:00ECN5 IntroLyle Pickett/Gilles Bruneaux/Raul PayriSandia/IFPEN/CMT
ECN 5.031-Mar-17Link#0Introduction PresentationLyle Pickett/Gilles Bruneaux/Raul PayriSandia/IFPEN/CMT
ECN 5.031-Mar-17Link0:11:30Non-Reactive Diesel Spray ArientiMarco ArientiSandia
ECN 5.031-Mar-17Link#0Non-Reactive Diesel Spray Internal nozzle flow PresentationMarco ArientiSandia
ECN 5.031-Mar-17Link0:40:50Non-Reactive Diesel Spray BattistoniMichele BattistoniUniversity of Perugia
ECN 5.031-Mar-17Link#0Non-Reactive Diesel Spray Near-nozzle mixing PresentationMichele BattistoniUniversity of Perugia
ECN 5.031-Mar-17Link0:24:20Non-Reactive Diesel Spray BardiMichele BardiIFPEN
ECN 5.031-Mar-17Link#0Non-Reactive Diesel Spray Spray mixing and evaporation PresentationMichele BardiIFPEN
ECN 5.031-Mar-17Link0:00:30Non-Reactive Diesel Spray ManinJulien ManinSandia/Artium
ECN 5.031-Mar-17Link#0Non-Reactive Diesel Spray High-speed mixing measurements PresentationJulien ManinSandia/Artium
ECN 5.031-Mar-17Link0:00:00Diesel Combustion GarciaOliverJose Garcia-OliverCMT
ECN 5.031-Mar-17Link#0Diesel Combustion Combustion Introduction PresentationJose Garcia-OliverCMT
ECN 5.031-Mar-17Link0:52:00Diesel Combustion HawkesEvatt HawkesUNSW
ECN 5.031-Mar-17Link#0Diesel Combustion SprayCD Experiment PresentationEvatt HawkesUNSW
ECN 5.031-Mar-17Link1:30:30Diesel Combustion SomersBart SomersTU/e
ECN 5.031-Mar-17Link#0Diesel Combustion Topic #4 Hawkes Chemistry PresentationBart SomersTU/e
ECN 5.031-Mar-17Link0:00:00Diesel Combustion MaesNoud MaesTU/e
ECN 5.031-Mar-17Link#0Diesel Combustion Topic #5 Somers Flame Structure PresentationNoud MaesTU/e
ECN 5.031-Mar-17Link0:10:00Diesel Combustion SkeenScott SkeenSandia
ECN 5.031-Mar-17Link#0Diesel Combustion Topic #6 SootScott SkeenSandia
ECN 5.031-Mar-17Link1:00:00Diesel Combustion MalbecLouis-Marie MalbecIFPEN
ECN 5.031-Mar-17Link#0Diesel Combustion Spray B PresentationLouis-Marie MalbecIFPEN
ECN 5.01-Apr-17Link0:00:00Spray G IntroScott ParrishGM
ECN 5.01-Apr-17Link#0Spray G Intro PresentationScott ParrishGM
ECN 5.01-Apr-17Link0:11:56Nozzle geometry and near-nozzle experimentsKatie MatusikArgonne
ECN 5.01-Apr-17Link0:55:20Internal and near-nozzle flow modelingDavid SchmidtUMass-Amherst
ECN 5.01-Apr-17Link#0Internal and near-nozzle flow modeling PresentationDavid SchmidtUMass-Amherst
ECN 5.01-Apr-17Link0:02:20Liquid and Vapor Spray; Visualization Experiments and ModelingDaniel VaquerizoCMT
ECN 5.01-Apr-17Link#0Liquid and Vapor Spray; Visualization Experiments and Modeling PresentationDaniel VaquerizoCMT
ECN 5.01-Apr-17Link0:38:50Liquid and Vapor velocity measurements in Spray GPanos SphicasImperial College
ECN 5.01-Apr-17Link#0Liquid and Vapor velocity measurements in Spray G PresentationPanos SphicasImperial College
ECN 5.01-Apr-17Link0:54:02Spray G Lagrangian ModelingLyle PickettSandia
ECN 5.01-Apr-17Link#0Spray G Lagrangian Modeling PresentationLyle PickettSandia
ECN 5.01-Apr-17Link#0Future Direction: Multiple InjectionsScott ParrishGM
ECN 5.01-Apr-17Link#0Future Direction: Flash BoilingJoshua LaceyMelbourne
ECN 5.01-Apr-17Link#0ECN Standardization Quantitative Extinction ImagingFredrik WestlyeDTU
ECN 5.01-Apr-17Link#0ECN Standardization Experimental Temperature/Velocity ControlMoez Ben Houidi/Koji Yasutomi/Russ FitzgeraldPPRIME Institute/Hino/Caterpillar
ECN 5.11-Jun-17Link0:00:00Quantification of Sauter Mean Diameter in Diesel Sprays using Scattering-Absorption Extinction MeasurementsGabrielle MartinezArgonne
ECN 5.11-Jun-17Link0:15:35Effect of Fuel Injection Strategy on the Formation of Particles in a Disi Engine Fueled with ButanolAdrian IrimescuCNR
ECN 5.11-Jun-17Link0:32:43Impact over wall of a Spray GMichela CostaCNR
ECN 5.11-Jun-17Link0:52:55Modeling the Influence of Nozzle-Generated Turbulence on Diesel SpraysGina MagnottiArgonne
ECN 5.11-Jun-17Link1:13:28A Large Eddy Simulation of the n-heptane Spray ASimon Gallot-LavalleeImperial College, London
ECN 5.33-Aug-17Link0:00:00ECN5.3 mechanics and update on ECN6 calendarLyle PickettSandia
ECN 5.33-Aug-17Link0:03:40Analytical Modeling of Diesel Spray Penetration after the End-of-InjectionLong LiuHarbin Engineering University
ECN 5.33-Aug-17Link0:29:32Application of a Novel MMC Mixing Model to ECN Spray AAchinta VarnaUNSW
ECN 5.33-Aug-17Link0:48:45The transition to dense fluid mixing and atomization suppression at Spray A conditions and beyondJoshua LaceyUniversity of Melbourne
ECN 5.33-Aug-17Link1:08:26Multiple mapping conditioning simulations of a high-pressure n-dodecane reacting jetFatemeh SalehiUniversity of Sydney
ECN 5.33-Aug-17Link1:30:26Test bench setup and first measurements for Spray B in a light-duty optical engineMing ZhaoUniversity of Duisberg Essen
ECN 5.47-Sep-17Link0:00:00Implementation of Detailed Chemistry Mechanisms for Low Temperature Combustion SimulationsPrithwish KunduArgonne
ECN 5.47-Sep-17Link0:20:13Experimental Estimation of Mixture Fractions at the Ignition SiteLouis-Marie MalbecIFPEN
ECN 5.47-Sep-17Link0:40:45Gasoline injector spray collapse when varying injection duration or number of injectionsLyle PickettSandia
ECN 5.55-Oct-17Link0:00:00ECN-related research at the University of OxfordJoseph CammOxford University
ECN 5.62-Nov-17Link0:01:59Searching For and Referencing Past Presentations on the ECN WebsiteLyle PickettSandia
ECN 5.62-Nov-17Link0:09:33Soot Temperature Characterization of Spray A Flames by Combined Extinction and RadiationTiemin XuanCMT
ECN 5.62-Nov-17Link0:28:04Quantitative LIF Imaging of Multicomponent Fuel Evaporation at Spray G ConditionMatthieu CordierIFPEN
ECN 5.78-Dec-17Link0:04:00Welcome and ECN 5.7 mechanicsScott SkeenSandia
ECN 5.78-Dec-17Link0:05:12Fuel temperature in a Diesel InjectorPedro MartiCMT
ECN 5.78-Dec-17Link0:25:53ELSA of Spray AShaoping QuanConvergent Science
ECN 5.78-Dec-17Link0:44:46Spray G flash boilingWayne ChangUniversity of Illinois
ECN 5.78-Dec-17Link1:00:07Hot Spray C and DShane DalyOregon State University
ECN 5.78-Dec-17Link1:18:21Asymmetry of Spray C cavitationBrandon SforzoANL
ECN 5.81-Feb-18Link0:00:00Welcome and ECN 5.8 mechanicsGilles BruneauxIFPEN
ECN 5.81-Feb-18Link0:02:53Topic 1-3: Towards ECN6Michele BattistoniUniversity of Perugia
ECN 5.81-Feb-18Link0:18:33Spray G Lagrangian ModelingDavide ParediPolitecnico di Milano-Italy
ECN 5.81-Feb-18Link0:33:25Modeling Dynamic Coupling of Nozzle Flow and Spray for Spray GKaushik SahaArgonne
ECN 5.81-Feb-18Link0:55:31LES Stochastic Field Modelling of Cavitation in Spray G2Boxiong ChenChalmers University
ECN 5.91-Mar-18Link0:00:00Presentation of the Agenda and Description of ECN6 Inscription LinkRaul PayriUPV
ECN 5.91-Mar-18Link0:06:21Ducted Fuel Injection: A New Approach for Lowering Soot Emissions from Direct-Injection EnginesChuck MuellerSandia
ECN 5.91-Mar-18Link0:21:16Experimental Characterization of Diesel and Gasoline SpraysCarlo CoratellaUniversity of Burmingham
ECN 5.91-Mar-18Link0:38:06Update on Neutron Diagnostics of Transportation TechnologiesMartin WissinkORNL
ECN 5.91-Mar-18Link0:53:02Preliminary Spray A Simulations with Detailed Chemical MechanismsNick KillingsworthLLNL
ECN 5.91-Mar-18Link1:07:21Spray Characterization at Start of Injection for a Gasoline Direct InjectorZongyu YueANL
ECN 5.91-Mar-18Link1:21:31Development of a Transient Spray Cone Angle Correlation for CFD Simulations at Diesel Engine ConditionsMeng TangMTU
ECN 5.91-Mar-18Link1:38:45Liquid Extinction Analysis Compared to CFDLyle PickettSandia
ECN 5.104-Apr-18Link0:00:00IntroductionLyle PickettSandia
ECN 5.104-Apr-18Link0:04:45Investigating the Spray Combustion Characteristics of Multi-Component Diesel Surrogate FuelsKoji YasutomiSandia
ECN 5.104-Apr-18Link0:26:54Mixture Fraction Measurements of Spray D using High-Speed Extinction Imaging with C70 Fullerene DopingShane DalyOregon State University
ECN 5.104-Apr-18Link0:42:39SJTU Capabilities for ECN Spray ResearchXuesong (Sean) LiShanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU)
ECN 5.104-Apr-18Link0:55:00Direct Numerical Simulation of a Spatially Developing Jet Flame under Spray A ConditionsDeepak DalakotiUniversity of New South Wales (UNSW)
ECN 5.113-May-18Link0:00:00Presentation of the Agenda and Description of ECN6 Inscription LinkRaul PayriUniversitat Politencia de Valencia
ECN 5.113-May-18Link0:01:16ECN6 Unified guidelines for Topics 4-5-6-7-8 - Diesel CombustionJose Maria Garcia-OliverUPV
ECN 5.113-May-18Link0:18:55Comparison of Transient Diesel Spray Breakup Between Two CFD CodesLouis NicholsonOxford University
ECN 5.113-May-18Link0:33:39Simulation of ECN Sprays with an LES Turbulent Dispersion ModelHongjiang LiWISC
ECN 5.113-May-18Link0:46:29A Coupled Design of Experiment Approach with RANS for High Pressure Spray Injection ModellingDaniel NsikaneRicardo Innovation/University of Brighton
ECN 5.113-May-18Link1:05:53Numerical Study of the Cone Angle Effect on Spray "A" Ignition DelayS. Hadi SeyediWayne State
ECN 5.113-May-18Link1:21:25Effect of Nozzle Geometry on Diesel Spray and Combustion: Experimental and Modeling InvestigationKhanh CungSouthwest Research Institute
ECN 5.127-Jun-18Link0:00:00Presentation of the Agenda and Description of ECN6 Inscription LinkGilles BruneauxIFPEN
ECN 5.127-Jun-18Link0:02:40Spray G in Optical Accessible IC EnginePatrick KranzUniversity of Duisburg-Essen
ECN 5.127-Jun-18Link0:22:00Comparison of LOL determination methodologies in Spray A ConfigurationChristine RoussellePRISME
ECN 5.135-Jul-18Link0:00:00IntroductionLyle PickettSandia
ECN 5.135-Jul-18Link0:02:51Gasoline Spray (Spray G) Droplet Sizing under Flash-boiling G2 ConditinosXuesong "Sean" LiShanghai Jiao Tong University
ECN 5.135-Jul-18Link0:19:42Atomization of Spray B with dodecane and xME FuelsYakup KayaRWTH Aachen University
ECN 5.135-Jul-18Link0:35:16High-Fidelity LES of Reacting Spray AMathis BodeRWTH Aachen University
ECN 5.135-Jul-18Link0:50:48Methodology and Experimental Uncertainty of Spray B Measurements in University of Duisburg-EssenMing ZhaoUniversity of Duisburg-Essen
ECN 5.135-Jul-18Link1:20:38Effects of Engine Speed on Spray GLuis GutierrezUniversity of Michigan
ECN 5.135-Jul-18Link1:39:42DNS of a turbulent, self-igniting n-dodecane jetGiulio BorghesiSandia
ECN 5.135-Jul-18Link2:07:24International Journal of Engine Research - Call for PapersTodd FanslerUniversity of Wisconsin
ECN 5.135-Jul-18Link2:10:08Closing Comments about the Plan for ECN6Lyle PickettSandia
ECN 6.010-Sep-18Link0:00:00ECN6 Introduction PresentationLyle Pickett, Gilles Bruneaux, Raul PayriSandia, IFPEN, CMT
ECN 6.010-Sep-18Link0:32:52X-Ray Diagnostics of ECN Spray GChristopher PowellANL
ECN 6.010-Sep-18Link0:58:00Internal and Near-Nozzle Flow Gasoline SprayDavid SchmidtUmass
ECN 6.010-Sep-18Link1:55:48Evaporative Spray G (External, Plume Interaction, Flash Boiling)Tommaso Lucchini/Alessandro MontanaroPolitecnico di Milano
ECN 6.010-Sep-18Link3:01:32Spray G in EnginesJoaquin De la MorenaCMT
ECN 6.010-Sep-18Link0:00:45Diesel Internal and Near-Nozzle Flows; Presentation 1Mathis BodeAachen University
ECN 6.010-Sep-18Link0:26:13Diesel Internal and Near-Nozzle Flows; Presentation 2Mathis BodeAachen University
ECN 6.010-Sep-18Link1:01:26Primary Atomization (Near-Nozzle Mixing)Michele BattistoniUniversity of Perugia
ECN 6.011-Sep-18Link0:00:00Topic Flame StructureLouis-Marie MalbecIFPEN
ECN 6.011-Sep-18Link0:57:16Diesel Combustion - Heat ReleaseJose M Garcia-OliverCMT
ECN 6.011-Sep-18Link0:00:00Spray B in EnginesLouis-Marie MalbecIFPEN
ECN 6.011-Sep-18Link0:30:31Emissions: SootScott SkeenSandia
ECN 6.18-Nov-18Link (Audio Only)0:00:00A conceptual model of the flame stabilization mechanisms for a lifted Diesel-type flame based on Direct Numerical Simulation and experimentsFabien TaglianteIFPEN
ECN 6.18-Nov-18Link (Audio Only)0:14:37Preparation for Spray D study at KAUSTJianguo DuKAUST
ECN 6.18-Nov-18Link (Audio Only)0:25:31The Role of Linear Stability in Primary Atomization using High Fidelity Spray A SimulationsMario TrujilloUniversity of Wisconsin—Madison
ECN 6.18-Nov-18Link (Audio Only)0:43:50After ECN6, how to archive selected experimental and modeling data?Lyle PickettSandia
ECN 6.18-Nov-18Link (Audio Only)1:08:14Presentation of a Special issue related to ECN topic on International Journal of Engine ResearchRaul PayriUPV
ECN 6.26-Dec-18Link0:00:40Cavitation sources for Spray DKoji YasutomiHino Motors
ECN 6.26-Dec-18Link0:18:50Comparison of Spray C & D reacting experimental dataNoud MaesTU/e
ECN 6.26-Dec-18Link0:30:59Presentation of Agenda for "CFD-archive" ECN committee meetingLyle PickettSandia
ECN 6.26-Dec-18Link0:39:24Discussion items for "CFD-archive" ECN committee meetingMathis BodeAachen University
ECN 6.37-Feb-19Link0:06:50Development of limited-view tomography for measurement of Spray-G plume direction and liquid volume fractionLukas WeissErlangen-Nuremberg
ECN 6.37-Feb-19Link0:24:43Spatially and temporally resolved liquid volume fraction at G2 and G3 conditions with different fuelsJoonsik HwangSandia
ECN 6.37-Feb-19Link0:42:42New Denso Supplied ECN "Spray A" InjectorsScott SkeenSandia
ECN 6.37-Feb-19Link0:49:50Detailed soot modeling of the Spray A injectorTyler StricklandUniversity of Wisconsin—Madison
ECN 6.37-Feb-19Link1:05:19Sharp-interface simulation of Spray G primary atomization for iso-octance and an oxygenated fuel blendMarco ArientiSandia
ECN 6.47-Mar-19Link0:02:04Gasoline-like fuel compression ignition under near Spray A conditionsMark ZhaiUNSW
ECN 6.47-Mar-19Link0:19:50Diesel Injector (Spray A and C/D) Elasticity Effects on Start of InjectionKoji YasutomiHino Motors
ECN 6.47-Mar-19Link0:48:09Numerical Studies on Spray A/D Ignition and Flame StabilizationLeonardo PachanoCMT
ECN 6.54-Apr-19Link0:01:58Towards ECN7 Detroit area (exact location to be defined)Gilles BruneauxIFPEN
ECN 6.54-Apr-19Link0:13:303D Imaging of Spray C #37 Using X-Ray Micro-CTAniket TekawadeANL
ECN 6.62-May-19Link0:01:48CFD Analysis of Heat Release in ECN-Type VesselsJose M. Garcia-OliverCMT
ECN 6.62-May-19Link0:20:42Effects of the Ambient and Injection Conditions on the Spray Structure and Evaporation of the ECN Spray GAlessandro MontanaroInstituto Motori
ECN 6.62-May-19Link0:39:25Real-Fluid Injection Modeling and LES Simulation of the ECN Spray A Injector Using a Fully Compressible Two-Phase Flow ApproachSongzhi YangIFPEN
ECN 6.62-May-19Link0:57:07Modeling Sub-Grid Scale Energy Dissipation Rate in Large-Eddy Spray SimulationsHongjiang LiUniversity of Wisconsin-Madison
ECN 6.62-May-19Link1:13:21An Investigation of Soot Evolution in High-Pressure Spray CombustionKhaled Mosharraf MukutMarquette University
ECN 6.62-May-19Link1:30:06Presentation of ECN7 to be held in Detrait in April 2020Raul PayriUPV
ECN 6.76-Jun-19Link0:02:08Imaging of tip wetting at Spray G2 conditionsJoonsik HwangSandia
ECN 6.76-Jun-19Link0:16:14Les Studies of Split-Injection for Spray AWanhui ZhaoTianjin University
ECN 6.811-Jul-19Link0:02:51Effect of residual gases on soot production of SPRAY A conditionsChetan PatelUniversity of Orleans
ECN 6.811-Jul-19Link0:26:25Effect of diagnostics on ignition delay measurements for ECN Spray BMing ZhaoUniversity of Duisburg-Essen
ECN 6.811-Jul-19Link0:42:38A multispectral, extinction-based diagnostic for high-pressure spray field quantificationFarzad PoursadeghGeorgia Institute of Technology
ECN 6.811-Jul-19Link1:01:52Spray break-up/propogation of synthetic fuels for CI-EnginesMathis BodeInstitute for Combustion Technology
ECN 6.811-Jul-19Link1:17:02Examination of diesel-spray combustion in supercritical ambient fluid using large-eddy simulationsWai Tong ChungStanford University
ECN 6.95-Sep-19Link0:03:57Multi-component Fuel Spray Modeling for Vaporization and Flash BoilingAndy Yan and Suya GaoUniversity of Illinois
ECN 6.95-Sep-19Link0:25:04In-Nozzle Flow Large Eddy Simulations of ECN Spray C Under Realistic Operating Conditions with N-Dodecane and Iso-Octane FuelsHengjie GuoArgonne
ECN 6.95-Sep-19Link0:43:26Modeling Spray A with non-spherical dropletsTuan M. NguyenSandia
ECN 6.95-Sep-19Link0:57:35An update on Spray G measurements in a constant flow vesselJoonsik HwangSandia
ECN 6.95-Sep-19Link1:13:58The Effect of Chemical Kinetic Mechanism Size on CFD Simulations of ECN Spray ANick KillingsworthLLNL
ECN 6.95-Sep-19Link1:31:42DNS of Spray A multi-injection mixing and ignitionMartin RiethSandia
ECN 6.117-Nov-19Link0:01:52Validation measurements of OptiVeP with ECN DSALukas WeissErlangen-Nuremberg
ECN 6.117-Nov-19Link0:15:02Virtual Diagnostics - How to compare experiments and simulationsChristian HasseTech. U. Denmark
ECN 6.117-Nov-19Link0:41:13Re-assessment of Spray G penetration measurementJoonsik HwangSandia
ECN 6.125-Dec-19Link0:02:54Two-Phase Flow and Turbulence Models Parameter Sensitivity Analysis and Optimization using "Spray A" as reference caseDamien Aubagnac-KarkarIFPEN
ECN 6.125-Dec-19Link0:22:19Topic 10: A Newborn Topic; UpdatesMichele BardiIFPEN
ECN 6.125-Dec-19Link0:28:54Spray Impingement Experiments - Wall DesignLyle PickettSandia
ECN 6.125-Dec-19Link0:33:41Development of Quantitave Experimental Diagnostics for the Characterization of Pool Fires at Engine-Like ConditionsMichele BardiIFPEN
ECN 6.125-Dec-19Link0:43:25Simultaneous High-Speed Formaldehyde PLIF and Schlieren Imaging of Spray AHyung Sub SimSandia
ECN 6.136-Feb-20Davidovic's Presentation-LES of Spray A using the Hybrid Method of Moments Soot ModelM. DavidovicRWTH Aachen University
ECN 6.136-Feb-20Tagliante's Presentation-Evaluation of hybrid LLNL 65 species mechanism including formaldehyde and OH*, and lift-off length definitionFabien TaglianteSandia
ECN 6.136-Feb-20Battistoni's Presentation-Simulations of fuel spray transients in single (spray A & C/D-like) and multi-hole (spray B) injectorsMichele BattistoniUniversity of Perugia
ECN 6.145-Mar-20Link0:02:50CFD Predicted Characteristics of Two-Pulse Injection Jet Interactions [Evaporating-only (non-combusting) jets]Randy HesselUniversity of Wisconsin
ECN 6.145-Mar-20Link0:16:46A New Wireframe Geometry for Spray D Internal Flow CalculationsLyle PickettSandia
ECN 6.145-Mar-20Link0:29:28Thermal Effects in Diesel Injection: Application for the Spray-D InjectorFoivos KoukouvinisSandia
ECN 6.145-Mar-20Link0:46:16High-speed formaldehyde and PAH imaging of Spray C and DNoud MaesSandia
ECN 6.145-Mar-20Link1:02:13Spray G experiments with E00 3-component fuelJoonsik HwangSandia
ECN 6.145-Mar-20Link1:20:48Preliminary Examination of Spray G - Wall Impingement with X-Ray Diagnostics and CFDBrandon SforzoArgonne
ECN 6.145-Mar-20Link1:39:17Development of Quantitative Experimental Diagnostics for the Characterization of Pool Fires at Engine-Line ConditionsKamal ShwayIFPEN
ECN 6.157-May-20Link0:03:28Importance of LES subgrid modeling in a spray combustion and its effect on soot modelingHesheng BaoTU/e
ECN 6.157-May-20Link0:22:05The Effect of Chemical Kinetic Mechanism on CFD Simulations of ECN Spray ANick KillingsworthLLNL
ECN 6.157-May-20Link0:46:54High-speed Formaldehyde and High-Temperature Reaction Structure of Spray A using PRF80Hyung Sub SimSandia
ECN 6.157-May-20Link1:02:53Experimental characterization of gas temperature at Spray A conditionsNoud MaesSandia
ECN 6.157-May-20Link1:21:42Considerations for the temperature stratification in a pre-burn constant-volume cumbustion chamber: Impact of stratified initial gas temperature on predicted auto-ignition delay and flame stabilization of Spray AFabien TaglianteSandia
ECN 7.0.110-Jun-20Link0:00:12ECN7 Introduction PresentationLyle Pickett, Gilles Bruneaux, Raul PayriSandia, IFPEN, CMT
ECN 7.0.110-Jun-20Link0:34:41Topic 7: Internal & Near-Nozzle FlowBrandon SforzoArgonne
ECN 7.0.110-Jun-20Link1:01:46Topic 8: Evaporative Spray G (external, plume interaction, flash boiling)Tommaso Lucchini/Louis-Marie MalbecPolitecnico di Milano
ECN 7.0.110-Jun-20Link1:29:40Topic 9: Spray G in EnginesBenjamin BohmTU Darmstadt
ECN 7.0.110-Jun-20Link1:52:42Topic 10: Spray G wall impact and combustionMichele BardiIFPEN
ECN 7.0.110-Jun-20Link2:22:50Gasoline Sprays Panel DiscussionLyle Pickett, Gilles Bruneaux, Raul PayriSandia, IFPEN, CMT
ECN 7.0.217-Jun-20Link0:00:08Diesel Sprays IntroductionLyle PickettSandia
ECN 7.0.217-Jun-20Link0:11:31Internal and Near-Nozzle Synchrotron X-Ray Diagnostics for Spray CAniket TekawadeArgonne
ECN 7.0.217-Jun-20Link0:28:11Topic 1: Diagnostics for injection transients and gas exchangeJulien ManinSandia
ECN 7.0.217-Jun-20Link0:50:48Gas exchange and thermal effects during fast transients: application for Spray C/DFoivos KoukouvinisSandia
ECN 7.0.217-Jun-20Link1:05:52Internal Flow and Near-Field of Spray C & DMichele BattistoniUniversity of Perugia
ECN 7.0.217-Jun-20Link1:21:40Near-Field Evaporation of Spray D Under Hot ConditionsMathis BodeAachen University
ECN 7.0.217-Jun-20Link1:35:03Mixing of Spray C & D Downstream of the Liquid LengthRuss FitzgeraldCaterpillar
ECN 7.0.217-Jun-20Link2:01:39Diesel Sprays Panel DiscussionLyle PickettSandia
ECN 7.0.325-Jun-20Link0:00:20Diesel Combustion IntroductionRaul PayriCMT
ECN 7.0.325-Jun-20Link0:11:32Fuel Effect on Compression IgnitionYuanjiang Pei, Emma ZhaoAramco Americas, Argonne
ECN 7.0.325-Jun-20Link0:41:27Ignition ChemistryNick KillingsworthLLNL
ECN 7.0.325-Jun-20Link1:11:31Flame Structure TopicLeonardo PachanoCMT
ECN 7.0.325-Jun-20Link1:40:09Topic 6: Soot-Soot-SootNoud MaesSandia
ECN 7.0.325-Jun-20Link2:10:29Diesel Combustion Panel Discussion
ECN 7.13-Nov-20Link0:00:08COVID-19 Recap and Future ECN8 GoalsLyle PickettSandia
ECN 7.13-Nov-20Link0:08:59Tabulated flamelet models for split injections of Spray ACody NunnoArgonne
ECN 7.13-Nov-20Link0:24:10Rate of Injection Characterization of ECN "Chicken Foot" InjectorsVictor MendozaCMT
ECN 7.13-Nov-20Link0:31:51Proposed Surrogate Fuel for Gasoline Spray and Combustion featuring Spray G MeasurementsFoivos KoukouvinisCity U
ECN 7.13-Nov-20Link0:44:36Experimental Progress on Spray A Liquid Penetration Measurements Using Quantative Extinction ImagingLyle PickettSandia
ECN 7.13-Nov-20Link1:04:21Corrected Distortion Modeling Effects on Spray A VaporizationTuan M. NguyenSandia
ECN 7.32-Feb-21Link0:04:18Image Processing of Vaporizing Sprays: A Curvature Based ApproachMaurizio LazzaroCNR
ECN 7.32-Feb-21Link0:24:15Numerical Investigation of the ECN Spray GGiovanni TretolaUniversity of Brighton
ECN 7.32-Feb-21Link0:46:20Internal Nozzle Flow Modeling of ECN Spray G Injector Using Surrogate FuelsMaria MartinezCMT
ECN 7.32-Feb-21Link1:08:47Spray Collapse Analysis Through MIE Frontal ViewAbian BautistaCMT
ECN 7.32-Feb-21Link1:28:22Measurement of Plume to Plume variations for Spray G with implications on CFD comparisonsLogan WhiteSandia
ECN 7.44-Mar-21Link0:01:40Using physics-informed enhanced super-resolution generative adversairal networks (PIESRGAN) for subfilter modeling of Spray AMathis BodeAachen University
ECN 7.44-Mar-21Link0:20:54NEK5000 Simulations of Spray A and GJuan Diego ColmenaresArgonne
ECN 7.44-Mar-21Link0:37:24Spray G and G2 Simulations using a thermally limited bubble growth modelMarco ArientiSandia
ECN 7.44-Mar-21Link0:55:01Fuel pyrolysis, PAH, and soot formation using Spray A-3 injectorKevin WanSandia
ECN 7.44-Mar-21Link1:10:47Application of an optimized mechanism to Spray A with Primary Reference FuelsJose Marie GarciaCMT
ECN 7.66-May-21Link0:00:14Investigation of the Engine Combustion Network Spray C Characteristics using Eulerian ModelMoaz AllehaibiKAUST
ECN 7.66-May-21Link0:19:11Large-Eddy Simulation of Tri-Fuel Combustion: Diesel Spray Assisted Ignition of Methanol-Hydrogen BlendsMahmoud GadallaAalto
ECN 7.66-May-21Link0:36:04ECN Spray G injector: numerical modelling of flash-boiling breakup and spray collapseFrancesco DuronioUDSDA, STEMS
ECN 7.66-May-21Link0:52:42ECN - Spray Chicken Foot Characterization/Momentum Flux MeasurementVictor MendozaCMT
ECN 7.66-May-21Link1:06:36Spray A, C, and D: an FGM-LES study with a LES-specific dispersion modeling approachHesheng BaoTU/e
ECN 7.66-May-21Link1:24:23Development of Heavy-Duty LPG Engine with Near-Diesel Engine EfficiencyBret WindomU.S. DOE, Argonne
ECN 7.66-May-21Link1:44:12Numerical investigation of the free and ducted fuel injection strategies fueled with n-dodecaneXinlei LiuKAUST
ECN 7.74-Jun-21Link0:01:16ECN 8 Diesel Spray GuidelinesJose Maria Garcia, Michele Battistoni, Noud Maes, Yuanjiang Pei, Julien Manin-
ECN 7.74-Jun-21Link0:33:20Development of Quantitative Experimental Diagnostics for the Characterization of Pool Fires at Engine-Line ConditionsKamal ShwayIFPEN
ECN 7.74-Jun-21Link0:54:13Spray G Lagrangian Simulations Utilizing Injector Tip Geometry and Variable Mass Flow Rate Between PlumesTuan M. NguyenSandia
ECN 7.81-Jul-21Link0:01:30Spray Pyrolysis CFD Modeling: Preliminary AssessmentLeonardo Pachano, Damien Aubagnac-KarkarIFPEN
ECN 7.81-Jul-21Link0:19:50X-Ray Radiography of Spray B with Parametric VariationsAlan Kastengren, Christopher F. PowellArgonne
ECN 7.81-Jul-21Link0:42:00Development of a Merit Function, Applied to Spray G, Allowing Automated and Extensive Evaluation of CFD Results Against ExperimentsFabien Tagliante, Tuan Nguyen, Lyle Pickett, Logan WhiteSandia
ECN 7.107-Oct-21Link0:04:26End of Injection Studies of Spray G InjectorChinmoy MohapatraUMass-Amherst
ECN 7.107-Oct-21Link0:24:34Detailed Evaporation Modelling for Gasoline Direct Injection: Iso-Octane vs. E30Marco Arienti, Everett WenzelSandia
ECN 7.107-Oct-21Link0:41:12Spray D, Spray A-3, and Spray A Mixing Measurements via Rayleigh ScatteringKevin Wan, Julien ManinSandia
ECN 7.114-Nov-21Link0:02:30Shot to Shot Variations and Fuels Effect in a Constant Pressure Test Facility Using Synchronized Color Schlieren, OH* Chemiluminescence, and 2-Color PyrometryAjay K Agrawal, Joshua BittleUniversity of Alabama
ECN 7.114-Nov-21Link0:20:20Large-Eddy Simulations of OME Spray Flames at ECN Spray A Nominal ConditionsDaniel Mira, Anurag Surapaneni, Eduardo J. Perez-Sanchez, Ambrus Both, J.M. Pastor, J.M. Garcia-OliverBarcelona Supercomputing Center
ECN 7.114-Nov-21Link0:34:03Internal & Near-Nozzle Flow/Evaporative SpraysBrandon Sforzo, Tommaso LucchiniANL/CNR
ECN 7.114-Nov-21Link0:42:34Spray G in EnginesBenjamin BohmTu Darmstadt
ECN 7.114-Nov-21Link0:49:06Spray G Wall Impact and Combustion: Guidelines IntroductionMichele BardiIFPEN
ECN 7.133-Feb-22Link0:01:45ECN8 DetailsLyle PickettSandia
ECN 7.133-Feb-22Link0:11:35ECN CFD Data ArchiveTuan Nguyen, Fabien Tagliante, Nathan Prisbrey, Lyle Pickett, Tyler StricklandSandia
ECN 7.133-Feb-22Link0:23:35A New CVCC for High Pressures and DensitiesAkhmad Alhikami, Jianguo Du, Bassam Aljohani, Moez Houidi, Balaji Mohan, William RobertsKAUST
ECN 7.133-Feb-22Link0:37:35The Influence of Unwanted Scattering Effects on DBI MeasurementsBastian LehnertErlangen-Nuremberg
ECN 7.133-Feb-22Link0:54:11Bulk Spray and Individual Plume Characterization of LPG and Iso-Octane Sprays at Engine-like ConditionsManav SharmaColorado State University
ECN 7.133-Feb-22Link1:07:16Numerical Modeling of Transcritical Liquid Break up at ECN Spray A ConditionsDorrin JarrahbashiTexas A&M
ECN 7.133-Feb-22Link1:24:45The Role of Cool-Flame Fluctuations in High-Pressure Spray Flames, Studied Using High-Speed Optical Diagnosticts and Large-Eddy SimulationsFabien Tagliante, Tuan Nguyen, Meghna Dhanji, Hyung Sim, Lyle Pickett, Julien Manin, Goutham Kukkadapu, Russell Whitesides, Kevin WanSandia
ECN 7.143-Mar-22Link0:03:00Spray A-3 Measurements Using OME3-5Kevin Wan, Julien Manin, Hyung Sub Sim, Noud Maes, Lyle PickettSandia
ECN 7.143-Mar-22Link0:19:37eSpray - Injection, Mixing and Autoignition of e-Fuels for CI EnginesFrederik WiesmannIFA
ECN 7.143-Mar-22Link0:33:30Injection, Mixing, and Autoignition of OME in the Optical Engine Using the Spray B InjectorEsra BauerDuisburg Essen
ECN 7.143-Mar-22Link0:52:54Towards Full Injector/Engine Simulations with Advanced Subfilter ModelsMathis BodeRWTH Aachen University
ECN 7.143-Mar-22Link1:08:50Spray A Double-Injection DNS and OME Flamelet AnalysisMartitn Rieth, Jackie Chen, Marc Day, Christian HasseSandia
ECN 7.143-Mar-22Link1:19:26Update of Sandia Experimental 3D Liquid Volume Fraction Spray G DataJoonsik Hwang, Logan White, Lyle Pickett, Zachary BuenSandia
ECN 7.143-Mar-22Link1:32:05High-Speed Laser-Induced Fluorescence Measurements of Fuel Film Thickness in Impinging GDI SpraysLogan White, Julien Manin, Lyle Pickett, Tuan NguyenSandia
ECN 8.01-Apr-22Link0:00:00ECN Achievements and FutureLyle Pickett, Gilles Bruneaux, Raul PayriSandia, IFPEN, CMT
ECN 8.01-Apr-22Link0:05:00Topic 1: Internal Flow and Near FieldMichele Battistoni, Moaz AllehaibiUniversity of Perugia, KAUST
ECN 8.01-Apr-22Link0:00:55Topic 2: Vaporizing SprayNoud MaesEindhoven University
ECN 8.01-Apr-22Link0:00:30Topic 3: Ignition and FlameJose Garcia-OliverCMT
ECN 8.01-Apr-22Link0:01:10Topic 4: Flame Morphology and EmissionsJulien Manin, Tuan Nguyen, Fabien TaglianteSandia
ECN 8.01-Apr-22Link0:00:25Research Presentation and Explanation of Oakland U LaboratoriesDan DelVescovoOakland University
ECN 8.01-Apr-22Link0:00:00Future Directions--
ECN 8.02-Apr-22Link0:08:48Topic 7: Gasoline Internal and Near Nozzle FlowsBrandon Sforzo, Hengjie GuoANL
ECN 8.02-Apr-22Link0:00:10Topic 8: Gasoline EvaporationTommaso Lucchini, Zachary Buen, Joonsik Hwang, Fabien Tagliante, Tuan NguyenPolitecnico di Milano, Sandia, Mississippi State University
ECN 8.02-Apr-22Link0:00:15Topic 9: Spray G in Gasoline EnginesBenjamin BohmTU Darmstadt
ECN 8.02-Apr-22Link0:00:00Topic 10: Spray Impingement and CombustionMichele Bardi, Logal White, Meghnaa Dhanji, Tuan NguyenIFPEN, Sandia
ECN 8.12-Jun-22Link0:01:30Summary of the Minutes of ECN8 WorkshopRaul PayriUPV
ECN 8.12-Jun-22Link0:11:06A New High-Pressure and High-Temperature Facility for Spray and Combustion DiagnosticsJeremy Manus, Wesley Boyette, Jeffrey SuttonOhio State University
ECN 8.12-Jun-22Link0:24:10Detailed Evaporation Modeling for Gasoline Direct Injection: Iso-Octane vs. E30Marco Arienti, Everett WenzelSandia
ECN 8.12-Jun-22Link0:43:55Investigation of Formaldehyde and PAH Behavior Using LES of N-dodecane and OMETuan Nguyen, Fabien Tagliante, Julien Manin, Lyle Pickett, Hyung-Sub Sim, Kevin Wan, Angela WuSandia
ECN 8.12-Jun-22Link1:01:16Updates on the Combined Experimental and CFD Studies of Transient Heat Transfer Trends of Fuel Sprays Impinging on a SurfaceMeghnaa Dhanji, Tuan Nguyen, Logan White, Lyle Pickett, Julien ManinSandia
ECN 8.31-Sep-22Link0:00:00Plans for ECN9Lyle PickettSandia
ECN 8.31-Sep-22Link0:10:18Evaluation of the Unsteady Flamelet Progress Variable Approach in Large Eddy Simulation of the ECN Spray AP. Haspel, S. Gierth, A. Scholtissek, Z. Sun, S. Popp, C. HasseTU Darmstadt
ECN 8.31-Sep-22Link0:28:19Methanol and OME Spray D ExperimentsKevin Wan, Francesco Di Sabatino, Julien ManinSandia
ECN 8.31-Sep-22Link0:50:29LES of Spray A in a Ducted Fuel Injection ConfigurationJiun Cai Ong, Min Zhang, Morten Skov Jensen, Jens WaltherTechnical University of Denmark
ECN 8.46-Oct-22Link0:01:04Vortex and Cavitation Driven Atomization in Gasoline Direct InjectionJunmei Shi, Eduardo Santos, Ramesh Venkatasubramanian, Guy Hoffmann, Wolfgang BauerBorgwarner
ECN 8.46-Oct-22--Hydrogen Injection Results, Present Some Model Validations and Jet Penetration and Jet Volume CorrelationsJunmei ShiBorgwarner
ECN 8.46-Oct-22Link0:00:46The Argon Power Cycle: Characterizing Hydrogen InjectionsMax PetersTU/e
ECN 8.46-Oct-22Link0:19:18Computational Investigation on Auto-Ignition of Liquid Ammonia Spray under Engine ConditionsAhmad Bakir, Peng Zhao, Haiwen GeUniversity of Tennessee Space Institute
ECN 8.46-Oct-22Link0:38:04A Complete Workflow of Internal Nozzle Flow and Engine Combustion Simulation using PACE-20 Multi-Component Fuel at Flashing ConditionsB. Mandumpala Devassy, J. StruclAVL
ECN 8.53-Nov-22Link0:02:24Simulation of Ammonia Sprays Under Flashing and Evaporative Conditions in a Multi-Hole InjectorJacopo ZembiUniversity of Perugia
ECN 8.53-Nov-22Link0:25:37Multiple Scattering Suppression for Correct Light Transmission Measurements Through the ECN Spray G Running with EthanolMehdi StitiLund
ECN 8.53-Nov-22Link0:38:12Simulations and Corrections of Multiple Scattering Applied to Spray GBastian LehnertLTT Erlangen
ECN 8.61-Dec-22Link0:01:59Li-Ion Cells Thermal Runaway Investigations at IFPEN and New ECN Topic ConstructionMichele Bardi, Matthieu Lecompte, Vincent Brocchetto, Lucas RichardetIFPEN
ECN 8.61-Dec-22Link0:27:17Multispectral Imaging of Combustion (UV-VIS-IR) in the Optical Engine Using the Spray B InjectorEsra BauerDuisburg University
ECN 8.61-Dec-22Link0:46:10Analysis of Ducted Fuel Injection at High-Pressure Transcritical Conditions using Large-eddy SimulationsJack Guo, Davy Brouzet, Wai Chung, Matthias IhmeStanford University
ECN 8.72-Feb-23--Identifying Key Aspects of Thermal Runaway Modelling for Lithium-ion Battery CellsAntonio Garcia, Alvaro FogueCMT, UPV
ECN 8.72-Feb-23Link-Modeling and LES of High-Pressure Liquid Injection under Evaporating and Non-Evaporating Conditions by a Real-Fluid Model and Surface Density ApproachHesham Gaballa, Chaouki Habchi, Jean-Charles De HemptinneIFPEN
ECN 8.72-Feb-23--Spray Characteristics and Vaporization Process of Ammonia-Ethanol blends with a Current Bosch GDI Engine InjectorRoman Pele, Christine RousselleUniversity of Orleans
ECN 8.72-Feb-23--Flash Boiling Process for Ammonia with One Hole Spray G Injector Anthony Desclaux, Christine RousselleUniversity of Orleans
ECN 8.72-Feb-23Link-Hydrogen Spray Simulation with a Hollow-Cone InjectorAbdullah Zaihi, Hong ImKAUST
ECN 8.72-Feb-23Link-Using Artificial Neural Networks to Predict Synthetic Fuel Data from Limited Experimental DataBryn Richards, Nwabueze EmekwuruCoventry University
ECN 8.82-Mar-23Link0:05:31Spray Computed Tomography Using Methanol and the New ECN 8-Hole Injector Donated by BorgwarnerRafael Clemente, Zachary Buen, Meghnaa Dhanji, Kyungwon Lee, Joonsik Hwang, Lyle PickettFAU-Erlangen, Sandia
ECN 8.82-Mar-23Link0:22:18Hydrogen-Diesel Dual-Fuel Direct-Injection (H2DDI) Combustion under Compression-Ignition Engine ConditionsPatrick Rorimpandey, Shaun Chan, Shawn Kook, Evatt HawkesUNSW
ECN 8.82-Mar-23Link0:39:58Updates on High-Speed 355 nm PLIF and Schlieren Results for Spray A-3 InjectorHyung Sub Sim, Noud Maes, Lyle Pickett, Scott Skeen, Julien ManinSejong University
ECN 8.82-Mar-23Link0:58:37Introducing ECN Research at NPUHengjie GuoNPU Xi'An
ECN 8.96-Apr-23Link0:02:57Numerical Simulations of Ammonia Injection and Mixing Using the RFM ModelChaouki HabchiIFPEN
ECN 8.96-Apr-23Link0:26:48Li-Ion Battery Thermal Runaway Topic Update on Ongoing Work and Preliminary GuidelinesMichele Bardi, Antonio MartinezIFPEN, CMT
ECN 8.96-Apr-23Link0:46:36Characterization of SAF Combustion Characteristics Using the Single Hole AtomizerKevin Wan, Francesco Sabatino, Julien Manin, Lyle PickettSandia
ECN 8.111-Jun-23Link0:10:51Spray Computed Tomography Using Methanol and the New ECN 8-Hole Injector Donated By BorgwarnerRafael Clemente, Zachary Buen, Meghnaa Dhanji, Kyungwon Lee, Joonsik Hwang, Lyle PickettFAU-Erlangen, Sandia
ECN 8.111-Jun-23Link0:19:26New "Spray M" Injector Provided by Borgwarner with Identical Patternation Specs as Spray G, but with Injection Pressure Capability > 350 BarLyle Pickett, Chris Powell, Joonsik HwangSandia, Argonne, MS St
ECN 8.111-Jun-23Link0:33:33Single-Hole Atomizer Breakup, From Vacuum to 20 BarZachary BuenSandia
ECN 8.111-Jun-23Link0:38:51Trans-critical Mixing Processes for Jet-A and SAFJulien Manin, Francesco Di Sabatino, Kevin Wan, Alex Gander, Cyril Crua, Tyler Capil, Yolanda HicksSandia, U of Brighton, NASA
ECN 8.111-Jun-23Link0:53:55A Large-Eddy Simulation Model for Internal Cavitation Flows, Fuel Injection, and Mixing in Multi-Phase and Multi-Component Environments: Minimizing the Need for Tuning ParametersCarlos Rodriguez, R. Bellini, E. GeberCity University London
ECN 8.111-Jun-23Link1:05:09ECN9 Ammonia GuidelinesMichele BattistoniUNIPG
ECN 8.111-Jun-23Link1:23:24ECN9 Guidelines on Spray M and MethanolPaul LienTU Darmstadt
ECN 8.126-Jul-23Link0:04:04Accelerated Chemistry Solving for Combustion using Neural Network: Application to H2/air combustionDamien Aubagnac-KarkarIFPEN
ECN 8.126-Jul-23Link0:22:01Internal and Near-Nozzle Flow of Methanol and Ammonia using the ECN Spray G InjectorSampath RachakondaUMass-Amherst
ECN 8.126-Jul-23Link0:37:37Assessment of Breakup Modelling for Lagrangian Simulation of Ammonia Spray in Flash Boiling ConditionJacopo ZembiUniversity of Perugia
ECN 9.08-Sep-23Introduction0:01:21ECN 9 IntroductionLyle Pickett
ECN 9.08-Sep-23Ammonia
Ammonia Combustion in SI Engines
Diesel-like Ammonia Sprays


Topic 1: Ammonia Injection and CombustionMichele Battistoni
Jose Maria Garcia-Oliver

Christine Mounaim-Rousselle


University D'Orleans

ECN 9.08-Sep-23Part 1
Part 2

Topic 2: Intake-injection Spray G and Spray M research using methanol and PACE-20Lyle Pickett
Rafael Clemente Mallada
Paul Lien
ECN 9.08-Sep-23OME/Methanol0:00:00Topic 3: OME and Methanol Diesel CombustionJulien ManinSandia
ECN 9.09-Sep-23Part 1
Part 2

Topic 4: Hydrogen InjectionNoud MaesEindhoven
ECN 9.09-Sep-23Lithium-Ion Battery Thermal Runaway0:00:17Topic 5: Battery Safety and Thermal Runaway (Lithium-Ion)Michele Bardi
Antonio Garcia Martinez
ECN 9.09-Sep-23Future Directions0:00:00ECN 9 Future Directions--
ECN 9.130-Nov-23Link0:06:52Use of HDEV4 Injector for Future Hydrogen Injector ResearchLyle PickettSandia
ECN 9.130-Nov-23Link0:28:55Modeling Considerations for Supersonic Hydrogen InjectionSteven LunaSandia
ECN 9.21-Feb-24Link0:00:37High-speed 1-D and 2-D Raman Scattering Measurement for Quantitative Characterization of Transient Hydrogen JetsBin WuKAUST
ECN 9.21-Feb-24Link0:24:31Experimental characterizations of the Bosch HDEV4 outward-opening injector following the recommendations from ECNMoez Ben HouidiKAUST
ECN 9.21-Feb-24Link0:38:20Hydrogen jet characterization via negative LIF using different tracersHugo QuintensIFPEN
ECN 9.21-Feb-24Link1:01:42A Low Dissipative Solver for Simulating Under-Expanded Jets in Flash Boiling Conditions Using Real Fluid PropertiesFrancesco DuronioUniversity of L'Aquila
ECN 9.37-Mar-24Link0:03:01Fuel/Ambient/Wall Temperature Variation Using Methanol Spray MRafael ClementeFAU-Erlangen
ECN 9.37-Mar-24Link0:18:54Methanol and ethanol with additive ignition using Spray DKevin WanSandia
ECN 9.37-Mar-24Link0:37:39Numerical investigation of ammonia spray autoignition enhanced by dissolved hydrogen in Spray D configurationAhmad BakirUniversity of Tennessee Space Institute
ECN 9.42-May-24Link0:02:40LES of diesel-spray assisted ignition of ammonia under reactivity-controlled conditionsMatthias IhmeStanford University
ECN 9.42-May-24Link0:22:13Effect of ambient pressure on ammonia sprays using a single-hole injectorLi ShenOxford University
ECN 9.42-May-24Link0:40:45Numerical Study of Liquid Ammonia Using Spray M GeometryAman KumarUMass-Lowell
ECN 9.56-Jun-24Link0:02:04Temperature Effects on Plume Dynamics of MeOH InjectionSteven LunaSandia
ECN 9.56-Jun-24Link0:26:41Spraylet: One-dimensional interactive cross-sectionally averaged Spray modelVinay KurapatiBrandenburg University of Technology